It Matters! Volume 1

Oct., 2010

Hello fellow family divers.

For those of you I have yet to meet, my name is Matt,  I’m the newest addition to the Kids Sea Camp team.  I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you this past summer in Belize and Grand Cayman.  I am a PADI dive instructor here at Kids Sea Camp/Family Dive Adventures. I’m very excited to be here and a part of this team. What I like most about my new adventure is getting to meet all the great kids and their family’s from all over the world.  Margo Peyton has asked me to share some of my “tips and info” that I have picked up over the years that will be good dive information for you and your family as you grow together as divers. Every month in our newsletter and blog, I will post a column entitled, “IT MATTER’S ”.  I love talking and interacting with both kids and adults, so if you pickup or read about something really cool or important in the marine world and you would like to share it with me or get it out there because it matters to you, then send it along and I will make sure it Matters.

I look forward to talking with you and diving with you.

Best Fishes,



Did you know, that it’s important to be both physically and mentally fit as a diver?
One of the most important factors in a good diving is to be in good shape. If you have been sick or had any recent accident or surgery, you need to check with your doctor prior to taking the plunge. SCUBA diving requires a lot from your body, so it is best to be prepared at all times.
Another important factor in being a good diver is learning how to take care of yourself underwater and know how to interact with the environment, marine life and your buddy, safely. This can make SCUBA diving safe and very enjoyable for the whole family.  If your current level is Open Water diver, consider “Continuing Education”: Peak Performance Buoyancy is a favorite and most helpful in becoming a comfortable diver.  This course helps you with weight placement and perfect buoyancy control.  This is the course that will teach you how to hover and look like a pro underwater.  Ever see those divers that look like helicopters underwater. They can sit upside down, right side up or even on their side, perfectly motionless.  That is Peak Buoyancy. This is a great next course for kids too. This course is included in our Bonaire weeks next summer for kids.Other Continuing Education courses we teach at our family weeks are Advanced Open Water and Rescue diver; These will boost your confidence both as a parent diver and a buddy diver. Be the best equipped with greater knowledge makes diving more fun, exciting and relaxing knowing that you not only can take care of yourself but also help your dive buddy.Gear: Make it a point to check that all of your gear is in good working order before you dive. Make sure the gear you are using is serviced regularly and rinsed well after each use. If you’re diving with a computer make sure batteries are fully charged. Check gauges and hoses are free of cracks or damage and are working and secure. Your gear should fit properly for safety and comfort reasons. If you don’t know when the last time you serviced your gear, it’s time to do so.  Make sure your inflators and deflators work properly.  Your fins still fit and are in good shape. Your mask should not leak and fit comfortably. Remember also to change your mouth piece from time to time as it can become old and hard or break off. A keep in mind to never dive alone and always do a buddy check!So the next time you go SCUBA diving, I hope these tips for will help guide you on your next adventure.

Matt Slaughter

Dive Travel Consultant/Dive Instructor


KSC Bonaire Parent Poems Wk 2 2010

Bonaire Kids Sea Camp 2010
Parent Poems
Week 2- August 7-14, 2010

Our family holiday at Kids Sea Camp


To Kids Sea Camp our family came     

On holiday for the week


The hidden treasures of Bonaire

Is what we all would seek


The kids first tried the swimming pool

A SASY and a Seal


But by the end of the very first day

Kids Sea Camp had them eating krill.


The kids jumped off the pier

And snorkeled all around


While meanwhile, we parents

To the wide blue waters were bound.


Aboard the Harbour Lady

It rained, and then it poured


But we jumped into the water

Right where the boat was moored.


Divemaster Luis showed us

Colorful fish and coral


Beautiful and serene

Nature’s underwater floral


The site was filled with lots to see


And was called Leonora’s reef.


When Luis showed us seahorses and leatherbacks

No one had a beef.



Day 2 featured a family treat




A special sunset cruise


Where we could sail on a pirate ship

And drink a lot of booze


Our kids enjoyed art with Ronnie “Rogest”

And learned to paint with a point


Who knew we’d have so much to learn

At this family scuba joint?


Dinners were quite delicious

At the casual poolside bar


We could eat, drink and be merry

Thank goodness our rooms weren’t far.


Day 3 we dove Mi Dushi

Which proved a cool dive spot


With seahorses, lionfish, sponges and corals

Disappoint us, it did not


Our children rode an innertube

Pulled by a speeding boat


They all enjoyed going bumpity bump

Across the waves as they stayed afloat


Tuesday night we had another thrill

A very cool night dive


Armed with our lights, we watched in awe

As the ocean came alive.


Our kids watched Kung Fu Panda

Followed by Monsters, Inc.


While waiting for parents, they hung out with friends

Had pizza and plenty to drink


Wednesday we dove at Rappel

Then drifted along at Small Wall


The currents picked up, our boat drifted away

Making the return trip quite a long haul


Our children heard the donkeys bray    

At the Donkey Sanctuary


They learned about this beast of burden

And what the animal could carry


We tried out painting with Rogest

It really was quite fun


A blob of paint here and there

Our masterpiece was done!


Our trip to Buddy Dive Resort

And Kids Sea Camp sure was great!


Leaving soon’s the only thing

That we sincerely hate


We made a lot of memories

Took photos, but left not a mark


One last dive and then we’re gone

How peaceful, how lovely



By: Kimberly O’Young- WINNER!



We started this adventure, this family of four

Off to Bonaire, who could ask for more

As soon as we landed we ran down the ramp

No one could wait for Kids Sea Camp!

We snorkeled and scuba’d, it was such a great start

And to boot, we created beautiful art.

The sunsets were awesome, the people divine

We didn’t want it to end but we knew it’d be fine.

Great memories with our family we’ll take and hold dear

But what we’ll look forward to most is meeting again next year!
By: Stacy Ward



If this is paradise, why do we have to get up so early?


Deplane at dawn, exhausted

Anticipation growing.

“When’s the last time you saw the sunrise?”

“Hawaii, jetlag.”

Bus to Buddy, hot, humid, welcome.

Breakfast, Thanks, we’re starving.

Dive orientation, air-conditioned room beckons.

Check-out dive done, let the fun begin!

9 o’clock 2 tank dives.

9 o’clock jr. certification classes.

Turtles and tests

Seahorses and skills

Underwater graduation, how cool is that?

New friends, new diver, proud parents.

Ron rocks, Margo rules, families win

At Kids Sea Camp


By: The Hughes/Larmour Family


Hunter’s Journey to Bonaire


I don’t like the icky, squishy sand beneath my feet.

Can we go now?


Sinking to the bottom

Isn’t swimming is it?


Goggles, nose plugs, mask,

Making progress


Touch the bottom, ditch the mask

Making friends with sand at last


Salty water makes me gag

Can we go now?


Big arm swimming, awesome kicking

I am ready now


Octopus and ocean floor

Pirate ship that I adore


Can we come again

Once more?





When I dive think only this of me

There are some bubbles in foreign ocean that are forever mine

There shall me in those simple bubbles richer thoughts concealed

Thoughts that dive buddies through the years bore, shaped and made aware.

From a body in Neoprene breathing Nitrox Enriched Air

Carried by the currents and blessed by the seas and foam

And thinks this heart all Nitrogen blown away

A beat in the eternal mind no less

Gives somewhere back its cove for all things ocean

Here sights, her sounds, dreams happy as the day

In hearts at peace in a diving heaven


By: Andy Hopkins

Ode to the Scuba Photographer  


Is this a fish I see before me

Swimming towards my lens

Come let me digitize thee

I have thee not

Yet I see thee still

Art thou not tormenting fish

Understanding my need to

Put thyself upon my shelf so

I can impress my breed


By: Andy “Shakespeare” Hopkins


I will arise and shuffle now

Clumsily off this brig

I’m suited up, weighted down

And sweating like a pig

The giant stride brings relief

As I enter the cool blue water

And had I turned my air on

There wouldn’t be so much laughter



By: Andy Hopkins



The Adventure begins….


Three kids from K.C.

Wanted to go to the sea

6 year old SASY, Rajai

with the name no one could say.

9 year old Seal, Ruben

who went a tubin’.

The oldest and boldest

Reyna jivin’ when she went divin’.

With dippin’ dots, Margo’s cargo and

Augusto’s gusto

Kids Sea Camp comes to Buddy Dive Resort

Worlds are opened

Opportunities abound

Dreams begin

So ends the adventure of

Three kids from K.C.

That went to the sea.



By: The Bowling/Cruz/Lopez Family 




Amongst the breaking foam

Is the most beautiful place

That I could call home


Amidst the aqua blue

Every sense is weightless     

And each bubble is alluring


Each dark hole has its

Enchanting history which

Captivates you in…


Due to the mystery



By: The Sisney Family 



Roses are red

Most oceans are still blue

Ronnie is a bloody artist

But even he wants to act cool too.



By: Jason Godelman






Kids Sea Camp, Kids Sea Camp

We had a great time

So much so I want to bust out in rhyme


Bonaire diving is wonderful, it has no peer

Day and night you can jump in without fear

Touch and take nothing, but have just a look

I promise the frogfish pictures I’ll post on Facebook


Pepe, Scott, Ebby, Francesca and Murph

In their blue Buddy Dive shirts they look like dive smurfs.

The staff here is great, the food is getting better

It’s so darned hot, why did I bring that sweater?


SASY & Seals that all had a blast

Laughing, playing, running, left, right and past

With Marianne, Fred, Tina and crew

They had so much fun that the week it just flew

Laughing and giggling, pizza night with a movie

One thing I won’t miss is being hit up for a smoothie.


Margo & crew, they work long and hard

It’s no wonder at night they end up at the bar


Ronnie Rogest, what can I say?

You are always there to save the day

Full of life and always with great zest

Even though often times quite a pest

Rogest, Oh Rogest, you are truly the best

You put my poor rhyming skills to the test


The kids are always loves and their ego’s warmly caressed

Dare I say, Dare I confess, I say with jest

I hate to by smart, nasty or crass

But everyone knows Rogest kicks Wyland’s A**!


Kids Sea Camp is awesome, no one can deny

Clearly we all will leave on a high

We don’t want to go and I’m sure we all agree

A quick return to Kids Sea Camp is in the cards for me


With all our new friends, parting is bittersweet of course

Perhaps before we go just one more visit to the seahorse

Kids Sea Camp next year? Where should be venture?

Regardless you know it will be an adventure.

We may have ended our week with rain

But we all will leave with Bonaire sun on our brain.


By: ? (Please email us at [genesis_email email=”” type=”full”] to let us know if this is your poem) 

Where I’m From


I am from

The silt,

The sand,

And the mud.


I am from

Fire, Seafan,

And tonque coral.


I am from     

High and

Low tides.

Red and

White tides.

I am from


Longshore and

Rip currents.


I am from

The fish that swim,

The crabs that crawl,

And the whales that breech.


I am from

The dolphins that jumps,

The octopi that glide,

And the seals that play.


I am from

the ocean,

the open water and

the reef.


I am from

Kids Sea Camp.

I am the diver.



By: Alexandra “Alluga” Gaither


Welcome to Bonaire

*To the tune of “Welcome to Atlanta, where the player’s play”


Welcome to Bonaire

Where the divers dive,

Just going underwater

Makes me feel alive.


Land on our plane,

See donkeys roaming

Kids Sea Camp won’t start

‘Til 8:30 in the morning.


Dot painting with Rogest,

Having lots of fun,

Can’t leave the room,

‘Less our painting is done.


Rope swinging off the side,

Of the sunset cruise,

Go on Monday or Tuesday,

Whatever you choose.


Having fun in Bonaire,

Hope it never ends,

We’ve had great dives,

And made new friends!


By: The Erickson Family




What do you mean I can’t Facebook?


We’re here in Bonaire having a blast,

But I still have no Facebook I just don’t understand, no texting, no emailing, not even

One call how was it that I was able to last?


Ohh I know it was the wonderful diving,

Hanging with Jen, my brother, my dad and all the new friends we made all week long.


Let’s not forget what I looked forward to most-

Art with Ron!

And almost as good-

The ridiculous donkeys, the sunset cruise and tubing the bay!

All which made Kids Sea Camp a blast each and every day.


So Facebook or not, the Cabans from Texas loved Kids Sea Camp so much they just can’t wait for number four in Palau.



By: The Caban Family 












KSC Bonaire Parent Poems Wk 1 2010


Parent Poems

Week 1- July 31- Aug 7, 2010


My true home- Week 1 winner!!!
Blue sky above, the water so clear
I descend into the ocean water enters my ears
I look all around and see a new world
Where an octopus lies, its tentacles unfurled
I love this place with all it’s sea foam,
From its creatures, biodiversity I treat it as home
It has much to offer, like a sunken ships mast
From oysters to nurse sharks the ocean is vast.
It holds secrets and legends of mermaids and whales,
Of monsters, of dragons all of them tales.
Nobody knows what you can discover
Where humpbacks leap and sea fans flutter
But we must make change our they will be in peril,
From our pollution it all starts with a barrel.
A barrel of oil turned their world upside down,
Leaving some the suffer and others to drowned
Us as humans must change on land
Their home is in danger. Please take a stand!!
Leave only bubbles and take pictures to share
Show how wonderful it all is and make people care!
By: Rebekah Hatherly, age 15


He flits, flutters and flies through the water,        
A turtle, the bird of the sea. 
Sometimes he’ll stop for a snack (like an otter)
And takes nibbles, usually 3.
He’s slow, graceful and beautiful too
Even with his hawk-like beak
Looking around for a friend old or new
Whether they’re strong bold or meals.
But what would be do without nibbles on sea grass
Or even clean water so he could fly
He would simply disappear not knowing he wouldn’t last
And we would all wonder why.

 By: Rebekah Hatherly, age 15


We came to this beautiful isle
For only a week, not a while
Great diving for us
From kids not a fuss
We love to live Kids Sea Camp style. 

“Farewell to our cares” said the Danks
And spend the week breathing from tanks
So to Margo and crew
And all Buddy Dive too
From all of us we say “Thanks!”


                                                           By: The Danks family


We came to Kids Sea Camp with great anticipation
Looking forward to our Bonaire vacation 

Now that it is time to go
We are all saying “Say it ain’t so”

Alas, there is always next year

What will it be? Australia, Cayman, so many options to choose
With Margo in charge I am sure we cannot lose.

The Reid family sends a big thank you
To Margo and her crew

For introducing us to Bonaire
For which nothing compares


By: The Reid Family


Today I received a request
“You must write a poem,” said Ron Rogest.

I mentioned that it ain’t my thing
So not because I’d win a prize
But because after three years, I feel obliged.

So now a poem, short and sweet
As we dive, and as in life

Take the time to look
Try to see what’s really there
There’s much to see, if you care

Those who see the eagle rays, or turtles far away
They’re the ones who took the time to see, and seized the day

A challenge to myself, to all
To find the detail, see it all

In life and every day we live
Don’t just look
Please see


By: The Schwartz Family


Inside jokes are a huge
Part of having fun
Spending time with family
Is golden
Seing the
Wonders under water,
Making a relaxing vacation
Tie it all together
And you get
Kids Sea Camp


By: The Dierksen Family




Beautiful Reefs
Ocean so clear
New Friends
I learned how to SCUBA
Really Fun
Everyone was great 

By: Izzy and Maddie Stookey


As we arrived in Bonaire we realized it was Dutch
And we were whisked off into the yellow bus
To have the driver say you will love our little island very much!!
Within a few minutes we arrived at the resort to start
One awesome week of Kids Sea Camp
All the familiar have come to know and enjoy
Margo, Ron and all the staff makes Kids Sea Camp a huge success
Speaking of Ron…
And now to Margo who is really fun
We will miss her and all she has done
The week went by as always so fast
So all we can do is look in the past
At all the new friends and say we had a blast
Now that the week is up
I have finally finished all the required forms
So now we can enjoy the last 24
And hope there is no more!
We bid farewell to all and can only hope
Everybody had as much fun as us.
So now we have to wave goodbye
We gotta run.


By: Will & Dani Travis


To Kids Sea Camp  we come to dive
For young kids- and old kids too
Who are SASY, Seal, or certified
Now- we’re here to ask you.


Who’s your Buddy? … Who’s your Buddy?


You can start out in the pool
Or off a boat- that’s cool
From the shore you can go down
But we don’t fool around


Find a buddy… Find a buddy…


Safety is first rule, you know
Keep your gauges close at hand
Test your gear and watch your flow
This will make you in demand


As a buddy… As a buddy…


When you’re down there in the deep
With the weightless cozy feel
Find a hole and take a peek
WHOA-  It’s a moray eel!

Show your buddy… Show your buddy…


When you’re finished blowin’ bubbles
And topside on Bonaire
Rinse and stow your gear, no troubles
Then eat and drink, as we all share


Hug your buddy… Hug your buddy


By: Betsey Royal


Many on land have no idea
The miraculous creatures below
Perhaps, they think, there are a few
Seahorses…. Or dolphins… and Nemo.
Once they jump in, eyes open wide
To the variety of life on the go.

They’ll see mighty tarpon and tiny blennies,
Though clowns and sharks they’ll see not any.
Filefish, bonefish, surgeonfish, wrasse,
Parrotfish, razorfish, squid, and bass,
Triggerfish, school master and trumpetfish,
(but please don’t find more lionfish.)

Now that they come and threaten the reefs,
It’s time to rethink the plan.
Introducing those oh so peaceful creatures
To the reckless curiosity of man.


By: Jennifer Vernon


Heavy thoughts like lead
Weightless under the ocean
Troubles float upward.


By: Mark Neidinger


We packed up our stuff,
Pushed it all out the door
“We’re going diving,”
My parents did roar.

But this time was different,
It’s back to Kids Sea Camp
Last time I was a Seal
This time, I’m an Open Water champ!

Thanks to Pepe, our leader
Michelle and German too,
They were the best,
Taught us exactly what to do.

They taught us our skills
And helped  us to grow,
And told us about the wonderful creatures
We would see down below.

It did not take long,
Before I understood, 
To be a good diver,
I had to be the best I could.

I mastered all my skills
And hit the big blue,
I dropped to the depths
With the rest of my crew.

I saw a big tarpon and fishes galore
Our dive was soon  over, leaving me wanting for more.
I know I’ll be back; Kids Sea Camp was the best.
You can never get enough of  diving, friends and Rogest!!


By: Meagan Ando


Margo said “Come to Bonaire”
We have the Kids Sea Camp there.
So to Buddy Dive we have come
To experience the wonders on the reef.

Seahorses, turtles, stingrays and eels.
Rockbeauties some cowfish.
A queen Angel who knew she was pretty.
Leatherback babies, just newly hatched.

Boat dives, shore dives, a night dive or two
And so much more to do.
Ron said “hand in by three!”
So here is my poem, so he is not disappointed in me.


By: Manness Family









KSC Grand Cayman Parent Poems Wk 2 2010

There once were twins named Sallee
Who returned to Kids Sea Camp with their Dadee

Liam and Eliza their name
Seal Team their game
Grand Cayman their home for a week

We awoke each day with a wonderful glow
Some even woke to a rooster’s crow

My wake up was even more of a gas
I awoke each morning to Cathy Wakely’s laugh

Liam and Eliza’s first ocean dive made daddy quite proud
He tried not to jump up and scream and shout

Though to his surprise they thought the dive a bit drab
and were more focused on collecting their personal
menagerie of hermit crabs

We embarked each day on a boat called Tenata
but were forced when diving to space ourselves
like a well written sonata

while we dove with our best enthusiasm and luster
we lived in constant fear of Pats dreaded sign for “cluster”

Dot art was once again in the air
even Laims face was adorned
Under the masterful guidance of Rogest
maritime masterpieces were born

Though he borrowed my daddy’s glasses to see
Kids Sea Camp was precisely where he wanted to be
And all the kids flocked to this pied piper from xon
For as Liam and Eliza say, everybody loves Ron

And so as we conclude a wonderful week
Affirm commitment is what we seek

We shout it out for all to hear
Please meet us again at Kids Sea Camp next year

By: Skip Sallee


The Time of our Lives

Come on kids lets go
It’s time to go see Margo

Lock the doors turn off the lamp
We’re going to Kids Sea Camp

It’s going to be a blast
We only wish it could last

We have all come by car, plane, and boat
I pray to God we will all float

It’s time to dive and what the heck
Let’s do it at DiveTech

Yes, Rogest
The Turtles think you’re the best

The Seals will always remember
The time they spent with September

The Adventure Divers will certainly miss
The time they spent diving with Chris

The Open Water Divers will definitely rally
Being certified by Sally

Lee will be beaming with glee
When the teens set him free

Happy Birthday Arie, you deserve a toast
As you are the kings of Cobalt Coast

We will all be sad when we say our goodbyes
But we want you to know, we had the time of our lives!

By: Josh & Wendy Smith


Grand Cayman or bust! Was the family cry
As we boarded the plan for the Caribbean idle

We loved Roatan and were ready to try
Kids Sea Camp again – SCUBA diving was high

Warm days, good food, and skills that are new
Jack and Tom don dive gear and shout “Scuba-do!”

Into the ocean they go for the buoyancy test
And on the dock leading the Turtles is Ronnie Rogest

Sea scooters at last…..don’t want to stop
Tarpon, turtles and Jack fish….the kids zip over the top

Beach party, tug of war and real pirates too
Class work, cameras….so much to learn and do.

Photo dive…awesome…big smile all around
The teens come ashore…happy chatter abound

Stingrays, Puffer fish…all try to flee
Kids Sea Camp rocks, that’s plain to see!

Night snorkeling, night diving…how can you top this?
Cobalt Coast and Dive Tech left nothing amiss

Thank you Margo and all for a wonderful trip
One day left, then we pack up, to home we’ll all go

By: The Olson Family


On a Cobalt Coast eve I awoke with a start
Looked out the door and saw Ron with his art

A squish, a splash, a dot and a squiggle
All added up to make me giggle

Eight canvases were started and all under way
They were for Margo, Robbie, Jen, and Richard
along with Arie, Dora, Nancy and Jay

with a twinkle in his eye,I heard Ron say
Happy Kids Sea Camp to all and to all a good night.

By: The Wolk Family


Were back at Kids Sea Camp for us #5
Every moment’s been great, it’s where
our kids learn to dive

When I tell people we go to a camp where kids dive
Some look at me and ask, “are you sure they’ll survive?”

They can’t believe our kids are in the ocean with sharks
And are shocked to find out that we dive in the dark

For my kids this attitude is really quite tragic
For them diving is something that is truly magic

After each trip they can’t wait to do it again
But I guess it’s because they were all certified at 10

For my kids the ocean is the best place to be
After each dive they are amazed by all that they see

They realize the ocean must be protected and saved
For all other creatures under the waves

Thanks to Kids Sea Camp, Margo, Tom and Rogest
For making our summer vacations the best!

By: The Sciortino Family


Barbara certified Tuesday at last
While the others had a blast
But to home fly she had
To be with her elderly dad
In our hearts we hold her there fast

Here we’ve dived twice a day
Drank smoothies like horses eat hay
Eat as we will, drink a good fill
Burned on our bottoms, they say!

By: John Fehan


  • On the first day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    one crazy artist painting with dots
  • On the 2nd day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    two fast dive boats
  • On the 3rd day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    three new Junior Open Water divers
  • On the 4th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    four times the fun and excitement
  • On the 5th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    five (50) fabulous dive sites
  • On the 6th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    six scooters scooting
  • On the 7th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    seven days of hermit homicides
  • On the 8th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    eight patient instructors
  • On the 9th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    nine turtles flopping
  • On they 10th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    ten fabulous years of KSC
  • On they 11th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    eleven squirrel fish posing
  • On they 12th day of KSC Margo gave to us:
    twelve stingrays gliding

By: Christina Dostal


The world is filled with oceans so vast, deep, and wide
A place the Gravelys love to go to swim, play, and dive

Mitch saw one swimming squid and then saw another
He got a little scared when he saw the squid’s big brother

Trevor found a rainbow fish so beautiful and big
It wasn’t like the hogfish who reminds him of a pig

Now Jordans hairs a frizzy mess and the sun has burned the rest
But she’ll always remember Kids Sea Camp in Cayman is the BEST

Sharee needed great dive instructors AND a push right off the boat
To figure out she best descend or spend too long afloat

Alans’ cuts and bruises couldn’t keep him from diving
So 7 days of saltwater plus 6 docs aboard kept him thriving

So we dive right in the water with our tanks so full of air
We know we’ll find so many friends with Kids Sea Camp helping us there

By: The Gravely Family



blue sea’s, calm water, sandy bottom

little cities made of coral, myriad fish, yellow,
blue, and black…..schools swimming in formation

Diving :
moray eels look out from a hole
green turtles glide gracefully by
regal lobsters snap their claws

Blue seas, calm water, sandy bottom


By: Diana Loo & Ted Chan


Dibble, dabble little dots
Make a fish of many spots

Thick globs of pushed paint
Sometimes a fish it ain’t

Good SCUBA, good foods
Makes many a happy dues

By: The Wolk Family