Poems by Jennifer Peyton


Photo credit: Barry Brown

Barking mad is not mad at all
the turtles, fish, dolphins, sharks and whales are barking a call.
They swim tall, swim small
swim one and all.
I adore THE SEA
what more can you ask from me?
The sea the sea is were I want to be.
So bark, bark and bark some more.
I’m not mad, I’m barking mad crazy
You see I’m barking for the dolphins, whales and fishes in the sea
Don’t be mad, be barking mad
And remember the beautiful time we all just had.  


   By: Jennifer Peyton 

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The fish itch
There once was a very wet fish
who always had an itch
He scratched all day
Now can’t go and play
And is now in a quite big stitch.

Jennifer Peyton