Galapagos weather report

Weather in the Galapagos

For all of you traveling with Margo and I to the Galapagos and have not looked at the weather forecast in Ecuador. Here’s our Kids Sea Camp weather report from Ecuador.

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Partly to mostly cloudy highs from 80 to a low of 70 degrees.  Please note it can get a bit chilly at night. Bring at least one piece of fleece.
There is a 10% to 20% chance of precip., all week.
7 day forecast: 100% chance of whale sharks, turtles, sharks, seals, blue-footed boobies and wild dolphins sightings.

It’s gonna be a great trip!

Fiji diving with Kid Sea Camp

So what sort of diving can you expect at Beqa Lagoon in Fiji?

Here’s a quick summary of the top ten dive sites at Beqa Lagoon.

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  1. 1. SHARK DIVE: 95 to 105 ft.; Rated as one of the best shark dives in the world. 
  2. FANTASEA: 70 ft.;  Amazing colors, soft corals and acres of Gorgenian Fans in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and colors.
  3. CARPET COVE: 100 to 110 ft.;  A carpet of anemones filled with clown fish. Also 80ft Chinese trawler wreck at 100 ft.
  4. JOHN TUNNEL: 80 ft.; A 30 foot tunnel, 5 to 8ft. wide lined with rich and colorful soft corals. There’s also a wreck at 80 feet.
  5. JOE’S BEST: 90 ft.; A 40ft. by 90ft. coral head with a giant swim through in the middle.
  6. SOFT CORAL PLATEAU: 90 ft.; A reef sitting right in the middle of the north passage to Beqa Lagoon, eagle rays, blue ribbon eels and miles of healthy soft corals.
  7. SHINING GLORY: 70ft.; Three coral heads, one of which is cracked at the very top offering spectacular light reflections.
  8. SEVEN SISTERS: 70 ft.; Seven coral heads lined in a row each with it’s own unique features.
  9. BLUE WALL: 130 ft .plus; The wall on the south east side of Beqa Lagoon rises amazingly from 150 ft to 15 ft. Sharks, mantas, eagle rays abound and the dive always has at least 100 feet of visibility.
  10. FRIGATE WALL: 130 ft. +; Similar to the Blue Wall. Lots of cracks and alleyways in the wall. Also home to the “Fiji Pipeline” a world famous surf spot.


The dive map

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More Kids Sea Camp photos from Utila!

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We love photos at Kids Sea Camp, its true.

This blog is to show, not tell you, how cool a Kids Sea Camp week truly is. Here’s just a few taken by Margo and friend’s over the last few days in Utila. Here’s the link to our new revamped gallery with more image from the Utila weeks.

2014 Utila Kids Sea Camp

The dolphins are back for Kids Sea Camp Utila

Part of an email Margo sent to me last night. All those who booked Utila are having some of the best diving of the year, already!

Dear Tom,

We had a great first day in Utila! We did get awaken up by a huge school of dolphins that surrounded the boat.

I had asked the captain if he would allow us to jump in with them. Josh, the first mate and dive instructor said, no these dolphins were spinners and they do not stay around the boat at all.  As soon as you get in the water they will leave.

I said, I’ve been coming here for almost 19 years and I have been in the water with these dolphins for years. I really think they will stay around.  Is there any harm in trying? I mean if they don’t, then, Oh well.

So everyone got in the water and snorkeled with the dolphins for hours and just had a ball.  Then we did 2 dives that were fantastic,  We had a big nurse shark and amazing reefs, eels and even saw an eagle rays.

I am truly relaxed and just soaked up being in the ocean.  Even if it was 8 a.m. in the morning.   That afternoon we had a very nice lunch of shrimp bisque and salad.

Diving in Utila is some of the best diving in the world. I’m lucky to know it’s one of the best kept diving secrets in the Caribbean. Miss you and wish you were here with us.

How’s the girls?

Love, Margo

A better gallery for Family Dive Adventures

Evolution in our website’s gallery presentation

With the new Kids Sea gallery we will see more zombie dancing.

Kids Sea Camp has begun. Margo is down in Utila on the Caribbean Pearl II and then a week at Laguna Beach, with all those cool Zombies.

We know every one of our families loves seeing themselves diving on their KSC adventure. We know everyone looks for images from our gallery every year to show their family and friends what they did on their summer vacation. Mainly because some of our friends and families sometime don’t believe we saw a whale shark in Utila, or saw Manta everyday in Yap.

Our gallery is proof of what real adventurers do with their vacation time, they go and experience this wonderful big blue marble.

We also know the gallery has been in the past a bit slow and cumbersome in the presentation and uploading. So we made it better.

In 2014 we are making the slow migration to our new Smugmug gallery.  All the KSC weeks this year will have there own folder, like the old gallery, but it will look a heck of a lot better. Here’s the link to the new gallery.

New features for the KSC gallery

  • Faster upload
  • Better presentation
  • Easy of use
  • Image can be made into  cards
  • You can purchase large-format images for posters or photos.

We hope you enjoy the better and bigger gallery with Smugmug. We are looking forward to seeing all the happy smiles and great marine photos from our families, Margo and our SeaLife friend Fraser Purdon.

Have a great summer shooting!