Little Cayman 2015

Little Cayman: Southern Cross Club

Little Cayman, diving, coral reefs, Kids Sea camp

The first ever week at the Southern Cross Club in Little Cayman has been a huge success. The diving has been amazing with pristine reefs and viz that seems to last for miles. The reefs in Little Cayman on the famous Bloody Bay wall are, in my opinion, some of the best in the Caribbean.

The resort: Southern Cross Club, an old fishing club in the 1950’s, turned into a dive resort in the 90’s is oozing with the  gentle, lazy island feel we all romance about in our mind for a vacation. With the endless white sand beach and the thousands of hues of blue that travels of into the horizon, you can’t help but feel a deep relaxation.

Something new: The afternoons have had time for a new event for KSC: “Parents versus Kids”  volleyball tourney. So far, after five games the parents are leading 5-2, but the kids are hard at work developing new schemes to defeat their taller, older and heavier opponent. Next year we will have the daily first ever KSC “Smoothy Bowl” volleyball tournament, Kids vs. Parents.

2015: We expect to announce tomorrow new dates for next year’s Little Cayman Kids Sea Camp week. We will have limited space and expect it to sellout quickly.


Galapagos Poem

Title: Galapagos  by Marie Eve Leclerc 2014

When the plane first landed in the Galapagos,
I had tears in my eyes
I couldn’t believe that I was here
Breathing the same air as the Galapagos’s animals
That I would walk on those mythical islands
Following the steps of so many explorers before me
That I would dive with whale sharks and other giants of the sea
Tracking back the evolution of life to their roots
Those tears were just the beginning
Of something amazing and incredible
And now that I look back on what I’ve seen
I consider myself lucky
Lucky to have lived this adventure
Lucky to have seen that much in my life at such a young age
Lucky to have dived into those seas
Lucky to have met all of you
Those tears were meant to be
When I will leave
Those tears will be in my eyes again
But I will be smiling
Thinking about all those moments passed with great people
Those tears aren’t sad tears
But nostalgic tears
This another Kids Sea Camp  trip will be sealed in my memory forever
And all of this because of those tears.

Galapagos Turtles

Turtles were everywhere

Every dive we dove in the Galapagos it seemed like we had sea turtles. Note I said sea turtles, normally there were at least two or three per dive. I also want to note there were almost zero jellyfish on the dives. So were the waters too cold for the jellyfish or were the sea turtles spending their days in the Galapagos eating jellys, I don’t know.

Here are some amazing sea turtles images Margo took, believe it or not, on a snorkel trip, at Vincent Roca Point on Isabela Island. On the same snorkel trip I saw the biggest sea turtles of my dive career resting on a sandy bottom in ten feet of water.  There had to be around twenty just sleeping in the shallow, cold and green tinted water.

You can also see more images on our website gallery

Galapagos Hammerheads

Hammerheads were everywhere

Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing the hammerheads in a school moving in a oceanic rhythm. So what better way to not talk about it, but show it. Maybe the feeling I had in the Galapagos on this dive will overtake you which was  a mix of awe, wonder and a little bit of fear.

Hammerheads in the Galapagos

Video: Hammerheads in The Galapagos