“The Shark Lady” dies

Shark pioneer, Dr. Eugenie Clark, “The Shark Lady” leaves a legacy of ground breaking research

By Anne Doubilet

Dr. Eugenie Clark passed away yesterday February 25, 2015. “The Shark Lady” was and will continue to be an outstanding role model for all of us. She impacted the lives of so many. She was my teacher and mentor for over half my life. She taught me the value to never accept no and continually ask why. She made science come alive and an integral part of our daily life. Her science coupled with her sense of humor and fun made her a person from whom one learned and with whom one couldn’t wait to embark on adventures. She carried a twinkle in her eye and a compelling sense of mischief – there are many Genie stories from all over the world! She possessed a rare talent for communicating science to the lay person as well as the professional. Whenever she spoke we listened.

Shark Lady 1She published more than 175 articles in scientific journals (up to the just published years long study of sand fishes in AQUA) and popular magazines, conducted over 70 submersible dives—the deepest to 12,000 feet—and led more than 200 field research expeditions to the Red Sea, Caribbean, Mexico, Japan, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Thailand and Borneo. She wrote two popular bestsellers that were reprinted in many languages—Lady with a Spear (1951) and The Lady and the Sharks (1969.) She was a pioneer in the use of SCUBA diving for research and paved the way for women in a male-­‐dominated world of sharks and fishes. In the early 1950’s she started Mote Marine Lab as the Cape Haze Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida in a shack on the beach. Today Mote is a world-­‐class research institution with classrooms, programs and an aquarium that continues her groundbreaking lifelong research.

Genie’s research with sharks started in the 1950’s when she began working with experiments proving that sharks can learn. Lemon sharks were trained to push targets and ring bells for food. In the Steinitz Marine Lab in Eilat, Israel, Genie conducted experiments with sharks that unlocked the secret of a shark repelling poison emitted by the Moses sole. This complex toxin proved to be both a hemo and neuro toxin that passes simultaneously through the circulatory and neurological systems.

Genie was the recipient of numerous awards and honorary degrees including The Explorers Club Medal; Medal of Excellence from American society of Oceanographers; Underwater Society of America; Society of Women Geographers; the National Geographic Society; International SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame; Women Divers Hall of Fame; Legend of the Sea from Beneath the Sea; NOGI Award from the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

Shark Lady 2I am so fortunate to have been part of Genie’s sphere and worked worldwide with her on eight of the dozen stories she authored for National Geographic Magazine as well as participating in many of her expeditions. She so inspired me and influenced my life. Genie Clark’s lifelong work and her unique voice set the foundation for all the shark and ocean conservation programs now in the forefront of today’s world. She is a legend.

And another special tribute from WDHOF member Cathy Church: “Genie was my personal idol. I admired her more than anyone else in this industry because she stayed true to her passion. I never heard a bad word about her. She did not ride on anyone else’s coattails. She did it all on her own. She never took advantage of who she really was. She kept her feet in the water and kept her head out of the clouds. I hope I am not wrong on all of that but if so, she would still be my hero.”

May Genie rest in peace and her memory be honored and cherished by all who knew and loved her.

Joan Forsberg, Chair / Bonnie Toth, President
Women Divers Hall of Fame

The Kids Sea Camp Diver!

Big news for our company: The Kids Sea Camp Diver!

Margo Peyton founder of Kids Sea CampPADI has approved it’s first Kids Sea Diver Specialty course. The certification developed with PADI and KSC founder Margo Peyton is designed to make families that dive together to become better dive buddies.
The certification is to assist parents and other adult family members that want to uKids Sea Camp Diverpdate and refresh some of the basic skill divers learned during previous dive training. Also part of the program is education and becoming more aware of the environmental issues and concerns impacting regions they are currently diving.
A KSC reboot, by going through the course a new Kids Sea Camp Diver will show mastery in both diving and being a well-trained and confident parent and child buddy team. Divers will have training and education in environmental stewardship and waterman ship. There will be a emphasis throughout the course of safety, teamwork and conservation.

The goals of the Kids Sea camp Diver distinctive specialty training:

  • Reinforcement of the “Good Buddy” principles and practices.
  • Refresh basic signs and skills learned in their open water courses as well as update any skill changes or updates since their certification.
  • Educate students about the benefits of continuing education.
  • Encourage interest in leadership roles that promote responsible diving.
  • Discuss local eco-issues and concerns, customs and traditions and how this has impacted the environment.
  • Indentify local environmental issues, discuss solutions and create awareness.

After fifteen years of helping and caring for your families diving needs — we are encouraged that PADI see the value all our families have seen for more than a decade.

Franko Maps joins Kids Sea Camp!

Franko maps loves Kids Sea CampFranko-logo copy

On behalf of Franko Maps Ltd. I would like to say how happy we are to be a KSC sponsor.  We feel that this program will place our product line to markets that working buy ourselves we couldn’t have achieved.  We are looking forward to building a long time business relationship with the team at KSC in the coming months and years.

Look for your ID card for your trip this year with Kids Sea Camp.


Mike Kline
VP / National Sales Director
Franko Maps Ltd.