The new 2016-17 Magalog is available

It’s time to start planning for 2017

Every year we produce a magazine/ catalog for the coming year. We call it a “Magalog” — half magazine, half catalog. The KSC “Magalog” this year is over 60 pages with great photos, heart-felt personal stories and a little bit of marketing  — or a whole lot of marketing depending on your point of view.
The Magalog is a little old school and really looks great in the printed form with all the amazing photos from Margo’s SeaLife camera or images we receive from our clients. This year we were very honored to have amazing photos from Brad Holland and Allard Van Der Graaf gracing the pages of the publication. Both are excellent photographers, a big “Thank You” from the entire KSC team to Brad and Allard.
We also have KSC articles from Alyson Herzig, Julie Wettstein and Zebedee Wakely. We love having our clients so inspired by their Kids Sea Camp experiences that they feel a need to sharing with us. It just making doing all the work a little bit easier know our little company is more than a vacation or maybe more than a business.

The Magalog has a major improvement from last year as we have included 2017 dates. We have learned over the year’s that families that dive plan ahead — way ahead. As we are already taking bookings for the Wakatobi (almost sold out) and our new weeks at Dominica with Buddy Dive and Fort Young.

Look for an updated version of the Magalog in mid May as we are adding two new clients in 2017.
  1. Mexico: Liveaboards, the Quino El Guardian and the Rocio Del Mar to our family-friendly diving companies for FDA and Kids Sea Camp. We are working on adding the weeks as we speak.
  2. Dominica: Buddy Dive has teamed up with Fort Young in Dominica and we are headed to this tropical paradise in Spring Break and one summer week.
  3. Sallie: We will be adding a wonderful story written by Liam Sallie about the impact Fiji had on him last year.
  4. Grenada: We are sending a special KSC team to check out True Blue Bay Resort in Grenada. Expect news about KSC adding Grenada in 2017 or 2018.

Here’s the PDF’ for your viewing enjoyment