YAP Wow is all I can think right now.


Kids Sea Camp Yap & Palau


An amazing Whale shark in Yap on the surface with very happy Kids Sea Campers.


Julie Wettstein

Wow is all I can think right now.

We are a family of five, submerged in the beautiful turquoise waters of Yap: a tiny island, off the beaten path for sure, located in the Micronesia. You see, we live in Hawaii, so when I contacted Margo Peyton with Kids Sea Camp the bar was set pretty high for taking a family vacation. Margo guided us through a magical family adventure that we will, like her tag line said, remember forever.
I am surrounded by a pristine reef and schools of fish, many of which are large and pelagic. On the list in Yap was sailfish, reef sharks, manta rays and a whale shark. As I descend with my family into the sea below a euphoric feeling overcomes me. But what really is on my mind is the fact that all of my daughters are getting this experience along with my husband and myself together. It is amazing to have us all be experiencing this amazing, beautiful, untouched, unspoiled, majestic destination together.
Moments to remember forever: My youngest daughter, Emma, floats above my head and dives down for a high-five as she is only 7 right now and is still dreaming of the day she can officially dive with us. For now she is snorkeling with sharks and learning about the ocean. The view she is getting is fantastic. She is being circled by schools of fish and small white tip reef sharks. She shoots me a huge smile and a great big Shaka from the surface and an OK signal. She is totally stoked to be part of this!
Sierra is out in the blue, following in her dad’s footsteps with her camera just waiting for that chance to log the perfect shot. She is in the zone: perfectly focused and ready for the shot. She signals me a huge OK and I know all is good. Her wish is granted as a juvenile whale shark poses inches from her lens and she has the shot.
Jos is busy being Brad Holland’s photo model. The perfect fit: a teen diver that has her buoyancy and diving down like a master diver. She is so into the dive that she doesn’t even notice all of the attention she is getting from the photographer. During the one-hour time frame that she gets to spend with the loves of her life, manta rays and sharks she is in heaven. She’s soaking in the experience. These moments at Kids Sea Camp are magical.
Jeff is taking the opportunity to spruce up his photography skills and is loving it as well. He has been spoiled by having a professional photographer spend a week with him, sharing tips of the trade. He is stoked to be using his newly found skills, and I even have a few photos of him taking photos which is rare since he is always the one shooting the photos (thank Brad for that).
And me, I’m just thrilled to share this unforgettable journey to Yap and Palau with my family. This type of experience cannot be purchased in a store or found in some prepackaged deal online. It’s not going to be on a cruise ship or in a theme park. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity created and personally hosted by Kids Sea Camp for us to all connect and embrace the majesty of the underwater world. We don’t have to say a single word, we just look at each other and smile when we surface. We all know what each other feels, it’s written all over our faces.
This is the perfect family experience and one of many Kids Sea Camp offers. A trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much.



FIJI 2016: Here we go again!

3 new FIJI family weeks for 2016!

Sharsk, diving, kids diving,

The FIJI trip in 2015 has been very popular with our families this summer, in fact it’s almost sold out! We only have two Garden Bures left on the second week (Aug 1st to August 8th). So, Margo and I decided to look head into 2016 and for the first time in history of Kids Sea Camp offer family weeks two years ahead of time. We highly recommend booking ahead of time for the family weeks in FIJI. We expect the trip to be just as popular in 2016. We are also going to FIJI over the Thanksgiving holiday break!

Here’s the new dates for FIJI in 2016

Summer 2016: July 23rd to 30th
Summer 2016: July 30th to August 6th

Thanksgiving week: November 19th to the 26th

Galapagos weather report

Weather in the Galapagos

For all of you traveling with Margo and I to the Galapagos and have not looked at the weather forecast in Ecuador. Here’s our Kids Sea Camp weather report from Ecuador.

Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive Adventures, kids diving, diving, oceans, Galapagos, vacations, family vacations


Partly to mostly cloudy highs from 80 to a low of 70 degrees.  Please note it can get a bit chilly at night. Bring at least one piece of fleece.
There is a 10% to 20% chance of precip., all week.
7 day forecast: 100% chance of whale sharks, turtles, sharks, seals, blue-footed boobies and wild dolphins sightings.

It’s gonna be a great trip!

Family Divers new catalog

Our Family Divers new brochure for 2014

Family Divers Catalog FDAMAGCOVERfor some time now Margo has asked me to make a catalog for our KSC weeks. And with the creation of my new design firm, PCS, (Peyton Creative Solutions)Margo’s wish has finally been fulfilled.

I have always wanted to create a publication that celebrated our unique company.  The kind of publication that people might even keep on their coffee table for a little longer than normal. So here’s our Family Divers Catalog in PDF form.

It’s bit large, but in my opinion it’s worth the download time. There are many people involved in the making of our first ever publication. Anne Crawley, Jay Easterbrook created incredible images for us over the years. Our vendors, who work so hard with us to create the Kids Sea Camp weeks.

This is our way of honoring and celebrating the yearly effort it takes to produce our amazing family adventures.

Also included in the publication is a list of new destinations and resort we are working with on a  year-round basis.

We hope you enjoy the catalog. And again, we thank all of you for a decade of support of Kids Sea Camp and now, Family Dive Adventures.


Intelligent Travel (Kids Sea Camp Palau) by National Geographic author Rainer Jenns

Amazing traveling with your kids

Intelligent Travel (Kids Sea Camp Palau) by National Geographic author Rainer Jenns

Anyone with young kids certainly knows about the lifestyle modifications that need to be made in order to raise children. Among other things, you just can’t go out as much or stay up as late as you did BC (before children). And when it comes to traveling, most parents somehow feel obligated to forgo their dream trips or favorite vacation activities for more family-friendly destinations and accommodations that cater to kids.
This seems particularly true in the case of scuba divers, who too often take a complete sabbatical from the sport while bringing up their kids. After all, how are moms and dads supposed to go diving with young children in tow?

My wife and I found ourselves in this boat after our boys were born, and although I still managed to finagle my way back in the water every now and then, Carol and I rarely”‘buddied up” underwater, and we certainly weren’t planning vacations that revolved around diving like we once did.

I learned that compromising our love of scuba diving for the sake of our two young sons proved unnecessary. Not only was I enlightened to the fact that children as young as 10 years old can now become certified divers, I discovered a tour company that catered to families like ours: parents who want a family dive vacation and the kids get a chance to make new friends and participate in their own underwater adventures.  Kids Sea Camp (KSC) was started 14 years ago by Margo Peyton, a travel consultant, dive instructor and mother of two who wanted to bring together like-minded people who love the ocean, diving, beaches, snorkeling, and travel, and offer them the opportunity to share their passion as a family. After initially launching with just one trip and one other family, KSC now offers hundreds of kids and adults each year the opportunity to learn and enjoy scuba each year.  In honor of her dedication toward helping kids and adults gain a greater appreciation for our oceans and creating family diving events around the world, Margo was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2009 and has contributed to 5,000 certified divers to-date.

It didn’t take a lot of persuasion to get Carol and the boys on board. After perusing The Kids Sea Camp list of itineraries, which now include destinations like the Cayman Islands, Bonaire, Yap, Utila, Fiji, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Roatan, Australia, Greece, Florida and the Galápagos, we decided on Palau, which I had been told by the famous underwater photographer David Doubilet has some of the best diving on earth. We called Margo and booked the Palau family adventure.

One of the biggest draws to KSC is the fact that they can fully train and certify any adult or child ten years or older during their trip. Our original plan was to have the boys (who are now 11 and 13) go through the PADI certification program included on the trip. After all, how cool would it be for them to become certified in the waters of Palau, teeming with marine life and practically unlimited visibility?

We certified the kids over the summer so they could join the other teen divers on the trip and take full advantage of the amazing reefs surrounding this Micronesian island. Our kids had a fantastic time experiencing their first ocean water dives with their fellow certified teen divers; however, I did take note of the fact that the kids who were getting certified during the trip had done the PADI e: learning prior to arrival and didn’t miss a beat.

For children under ten, Kids Sea Camp also have programs there’s SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth) with lots of underwater pool adventures as well as fun educational in ocean activities. Children ages 8-10 can participate in the PADI SEAL Team Program, a course that only with Kids Sea Camp includes dive time in the ocean where they learn the basics of diving. But regardless of how old they are, the whole point is not just to supervise them, but get them exposed to scuba diving and have them share the experience with their parents and other children their own age.

Palau has some of the best diving in the world, and the good news is that the hassle of getting there is more than worth it. Since we were traveling with Kids Sea Camp, the long flights and three layovers allowed us to get acquainted with some of the other families in our group. Since KSC has been in operation for 14 years now, most of the dozen or so families represented had been on one of their trips before. It didn’t take me long to realize why they returned. The kids, regardless of age, seemed to bond immediately, while the adults shared a quick camaraderie. This really was the best of both worlds for Carol and me: fun with the kids combined with the freedom to pursue our passion for diving.

One of the beauties of Palau is that its premiere dive sites are not particularly challenging, in other words, you don’t need advanced open water training or Nitrox tanks to enjoy them.  The water temperature was a balmy 84 degrees while the visibility on most dives was easily 100 feet.  Even when it rained, which could happen quite suddenly in this tropical region, it didn’t bother us too much since we spent most of our time underwater.

We signed up to explore the islands with Sam’s Tours, and our first stop as a group was to Jellyfish Lake. The marine lake is the bizarre consequence of thousands of years of evolution–over time millions of golden jellyfish were isolated in its waters and they migrate horizontally across the lake each day following the sun’s rays to capture their nutrients. What makes these jellyfish so unique, however, is the fact that you can swim freely among them, since they lost their stingers from never having to fight off any predators.

But perhaps Palau’s most famous dive, and thus most visited site, is the Blue Corner. Before swimming out to the corner itself, we descended to about 90 feet (the kids were limited to 45 feet) to see some magnificent gorgonian fans, anemones, giant clams and soft corals along the sea wall, which stretches thousands of feet down.

We were immediately greeted by a cruising gray reef shark, a precursor of things to come. We floated with the current like a bunch of kites in a strong wind. The concentration of marine life, including large schools of jacks, trevallies, and barracuda swimming all around you was just incredible.

Perhaps the only downside to our first family dive trip was that it set the bar incredibly high for the kids.  With time to savor the wonderful week we shared together and remind them not to expect marine life like that every time we go diving, which we all hope thanks to Kids Sea Camp will become a regular family activity for us from now on.

To read more about  Rainer Jens family travel :http://intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com/2011/02/09/family_diving_palau_part_2/

2013 Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl

Controversial call changes the final score of the epic thanksgiving game.

(St. Vincent, December 8th) In an action-packed game from start to finish the Will Travis led Happy Campers edged the Kids Sea Camp Cowboys 24-21 in the second annual Turkey Bowl at Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week. That’s right, Kids Sea Camp families the final score has changed.

In a rare and unthinkable move the St. Vincent Football (soccer) Association stepped in to change a missed touchdown by the Cowboys center, Brandon Rustin. At the time of this article the St. Vincent football association could not be reached for comment.

Early in the second quarter, Tom Peyton KSC coach/ QB, found Brandon rumbling wide open over the middle of the field. Brandon grabbed the ball and twisted to the ground just short of the end zone, at least that was the ruling on the field by Margo Peyton, the unofficial referee of the Thanksgiving bowl game.

The Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl 2013 gallery

“It was clear he was short of the goal line,” Margo said after the game,” I’m surprised the Soocer association overruled me on the call. But they have the instant replay. It’s their field and their island. But I’m standing by my ruling. I don’t think they know the rules of American football. They probably work for Liat.”

” I was in! That’s just the facts,” Brandon Rustin responded after the game,” I have no doubt, I was in. I’m glad the St. Vincent Association stepped in. It was a bad call. Bad call.”

Brandon, the cornerstone of the aging Cowboy offensive line and won the first ever All-Teflon award later that evening. With rumors of his pending retirement, Brandon was clearly emotional after the hard fought game as he limped up to receive his award.

“I gave it my all,” Brandon said holding back the emotion as he was handed the award, “It’s how I roll. I’m glad the sponsors of the bowl saw how much the game still means to me.”

Even with the controversial call, the game was one of the highlights of a great week of vacation at Buccament Bay resort.  Kids of all ages played from 7 to 68. Football experience didn’t matter, kids and adults who had never played before, loved it. Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, sisters and brothers in truth, almost everyone played who was part of Kids Sea Camp week. Even, three Indigo Dive Masters could be found running up and down the field. Two of the Dive Masters had never even throw an American football before.

Buccament Bay was a marvelous host for the game and the entire KSC week. Under the guidance of the GM of the resort, Micheal Ibrigham, Buccament Bay had a before and after tailgating party and cooked up a halftime barbecue. Michael even contributed numerous photos to the KSC Turkey Bowl photo gallery. 

115x300-V-P_Ad-6The game was hotly contested, mainly because the blazing temperature on the artificial turf soccer field. It’s was a beautiful day to swim in the ocean not run around in the sizzling Caribbean afternoon heat, but that’s what almost 65 Kids Sea Campers did on Thanksgiving day. And with so many  families wanting to play, recruiting became an issue at the start of the game.

Although the teams were drafted by coaches Travis and Peyton it was clear some illegal recruiting was done by Tyler Durck during the days leading up to the game.

“Yeah, I recruited for Will. I don’t deny it,” Tyler defended himself, ” Where does it say I can’t. Show me the ruled book! Show me the rule book!”

When asked about the recruiting violations Happy Campers coach, Will Travis retorted,” Did you see the size of Cowboys offensive line? Come on man. They were huge! How did that happen? How did that happen? Somebody got paid, that’s all I’m saying. Both teams broke the rules.”

The younger and quicker Campers zipped up and down the field for three quarters taking a lead of 24-7 into the fourth quarter. The Campers used a west coast  system of short quick passes over the middle to dominate the game. The bigger,  but much older and slower Cowboys just could not stop the pinpoint accuracy of quarterback Will Travis.

The play of the game came in the middle of the second quarter when an errand pass thrown by Will Travis bounced off three Cowboys defenders and landing in the outstretched hands of Rachel Schmidt. Rachel later won the MVP award with the game changing catch. Rachel was all smiles after the game and was excited about winning the award.

” I remember Will saying in the huddle,” Rachel said,” I don’t know where the heck the ball is going half the time. So, everybody should be ready to catch the ball. It was good advice. He’s a great coach. I love playing for the Happy Campers.”

” Travis had it going. His team was ready to play. No doubt about it. ” Peyton responded,” Plus, he had the sun to his back almost the entire game. Did anyone notice how well our team moved the ball when the sun wasn’t in my eyes looking down field.”

In a rare Romo-ish day for the normally superior quarterback, Peyton threw three interceptions in the first three quarters. Time and again when Peyton need to make a play for his team he threw an interception, got sacked or had an errand pass fall aimlessly to the ground.

“He can blame the sun all he wants,” DE, Neil Seltz for the Happy Campers said during the post-game press conference,” We had him running scared. Our D-line had him running all over the field all afternoon.”

In fact the Happy Campers defensive during the first three quarters recorded two sacks, three interceptions and even had a safety. ” We had them cooked and fried,” Tyler Durck said who had two of the interceptions,” But I knew Peyton would try to make a comeback.”

Tyler was right with the change of field in the fourth quarter and with the sun now at the Cowboys backs, Peyton lead his team to two quick scores in the fourth quarter. Peyton used a new form of offensive called “Mayhem”. The offense appeared to work, but half the time his team looked confused by the hyper-speed chaotic no-huddle system.

Andy Snyder made a clutch catch on the second scoring drive.  Indigo Dive master Alex made a diving catch in the corner of the end zone on the final drive. And with the sun setting it looked like the Cowboys would come back to win the game. Then Margo stepped in and called the game because of darkness and the families desire to eat the Thanksgiving day feast.

“It’s clear if we had made the change of field after halftime the game it would have been a much closer game.” Peyton said  at the Turkey Bowl feast after the game at Buccament Bay,” Come on, Man!”

“The sun was not factor. It’s part of the game.” DE, Neil said,” If he can’t handle the pressure, Peyton shouldn’t play the game.”

After the game both teams gathered in the center of the field and took a group picture. There were tears of joy for the winners and tears of defeat for the losers. Both teams agreed they can’t wait for the third annual Turkey Bowl back at Buccament Bay in St, Vincent in 2014. The 2014 game has already been named TB3.

“I can’t wait for TB3,” Rachel remarked, ” Maybe next year I can play QB!”

“It was a great day for football,” Thor Erickson, the Cowboy’s mythical, H-Back said after the game, “People from all over the world gathered on this field and celebrated the fun and the beauty of not only football, but family.”


Remember the Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl in 2013

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It started as a dream. . .a Turkey Bowl

It started as a crazy idea. Lets play some football on Thanksgiving in St. Vincent at the lush Buccament Bay resort.  We only had a couple problems:

  1.  It’s a soccer island.
  2. There’s no American football field.
  3.  There’s was no American football.

We so adapted to conditions are it were and used a soccer field with a rugby ball and a new Kids Sea Camp tradition was born. We played in the afternoon before the feast at Buccament Bay resort. Their were mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and I think a couple grandfathers running up and down that super-wide soccer field that beautiful caribbean afternoon. We played with passion and smiles until the mountains of the island turned dark.

I, for one am looking forward to the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl at Kids Sea Camp this year. We have T-shirts for the event and Margo has promise to do some video. Which I planned to cut up and make into a keepsake video.

Here’s the gallery from last year:



Kids Sea Camp kids say the darnest things

Fun things kids say about learning to scuba dive at Kids Sea Camp

Diving is fun, exciting, and taste bad! It is cool to breath underwater.  I love looking at all the fish.  I also love to look at octopus and rays.   Diving is hard and easy.   It was hard because I had a little trouble getting my ears to work, but it was easy to do everything else.  The best thing was getting to see all the sea life!   I loved the camera I got from SeaLife.  My favorite picture was the one that won the contest.

I’m scared of jellyfish, they sting. Sea urchins only hurt if you step on them.  I’m looking forward to the sea turtle release.  Kids Sea Camp was my parents, aunt and uncles Christmas present.  I love diving at kids sea camp with my friends!  I have a new friend, Sophie!  My favorite thing about the hotel in Grand Cayman is the pool, and the pasta. I’m looking forward to the turtle! The Cayman Islands are really cool, awesome, and fantastic. I think everyone should go to Kids Sea Camp! – Noah Stiber, age 9, PADI seal team 

Scuba diving feels good, looks beautiful, and amazing!  There are so many fish in the ocean.  My favorite animals are octopus, eels, hermit crabs, and regular crabs. When I went diving I saw a really cool puffer fish that was my first time ever seeing one.  The only challenging thing was diving against the current.  My favorite thing was learning how to scuba dive!  I learned about a lot about the underwater world.  I got a SeaLife camera and took a picture of a yellow and black fish.  I am scared of great white sharks.  I’m looking forward to going on the boat in the ocean. I’m happy I came to Kids Sea Camp with my mom, dad, Jill, Jason, Debbie, and Scott for vacation.  My favorite activity is diving. My favorite thing about the hotel in Grand Cayman is hanging with my friends. I say thank you mom and dad I saw the most amazing stuff in the coral reefs of Grand Cayman with Kids Sea Camp! — Weston Bodle, age 9, PADI seal team

 Scuba diving is very very fun! It is amazing when you can breathe underwater.  When you in seal team you get to have fun and learn a lot of cool things. I love diving and I hope I can dive more because it is fun to see fish and plants underwater.  I think that everybody should try scuba diving.  It is very fun and easy! The best thing about scuba diving is seeing all the beautiful colors underwater.  The SeaLife cameras are the best thing because it shoots very good pictures and videos on land and in water. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything because if you don’t bother it, it won’t bother you. My parents, friend and grandparents brought me to Kids Sea Camp because they thought it would be a good experience and my grandpa taught us how to dive. I’ve met a new friend named Jacob and he lives in Wisconsin. My favorite part about the hotel is probably the cool dives. I am looking forward to taking pictures in the ocean. I’d like to thank my parents for bringing me here. The best thing to tell you friends at home is what diving is like. — Noah Stiber, age 9, PADI seal team

  1. I love diving it taste like salt water, the equipment is heavy, the fish are adorable and the salt water burns….a lot! Every cut on my body, but it’s worth it! its weird breathing under water, because technically that’s not supposed to be possible, also don’t get water in your mask.
  2. In Grand Cayman so far I have seen/met a British person  I also saw water and tons of fish
  3. Something hard that I am having trouble with is buoyancy, I accidently kicked Sebastian in the face…OOPS! Also getting use to breathing with the regulator because I’m a nose breather.
  4. The best part was pretending I was a mermaid with Zoe and seeing all the cute fish! I like listening to all the British people talk, I the way they talk I think its cool. I also like fish… looking at them…not eating them!
  5. I got my SeaLife camera and it is really cool. I want to take a picture of Zoe because she’s gorgeous.
  6. September and Joe taught me not to take my mask off because you will get water in your eyes, and it will burn because of the salt.
  7. My family loves diving
  8. I enjoy Zoe and Sebastian, he is British and I like the way he says turtle, and Zoe is just Awesome!

Erin Preston, age 15 JOW:

Kids Sea Camp is…….cool, fun, and entertaining!

Grand Cayman is…… the best Island ever it has the best waster to dive in.

Scuba diving is……. Fun and exciting

I would tell my friends back home that they should start diving.

— Austin Guarino, age 13,  Advanced open water

Being underwater feels like you can fly. It sounds like nothing but bubbles. I feel like my regulator is to small for my mouth sometimes because I’m trying to talk underwater. My mask always fogs up, so I need to put more spit in it. Something I learned this week was how to scuba dive with Kids Sea  Camp.— Quint Wegner, age 10, JOW


-It’s feels weird but cool for me to scuba dive underwater

-It sounds like me breathing underwater and listening to my bubbles is fun

-I never was really a fan of snorkeling, I always want to scuba dive with fishes

-I see many cool things in the ocean but I’m more of a free diver!

Grand Cayman:

“-I’ve learned that people here didn’t really like lion fish, it’s so warm here every day and that’s why I like to be underwater with my friends.

Kids Sea Camp

-My mom brought me to Grand Cayman Kids sea Camp to do some fun things with my family. She brought my sister with us to, she can scuba dive with my mom.  I didn’t really want to come here in the first place but I’m glad I did because I made lots of new friends.  Well, I didn’t really get to choose anyway. I’m very happy I came! My favorite animal is a turtle, and I have seen them every day.

What I’m looking forward to:

-I’m looking forward to go snorkeling in the ocean and go to stingray city and dive with my mom and dad together as a family.

– A challenge to overcome is try to go snorkeling more because I don’t really like snorkeling all that much.

My favorite memory so far:

-The scavenger hunt was my favorite thing so far because it was really fun to try and find the clues and the treasure.

Kids Sea Camp is:

-Fun, fantastic, great, awesome, terrific and fabulous, thank you for inventing a place for me.

Grand Cayman is:

-Hot, wonderful, and exciting and full of turtles and pirates

What I would tell my friend:

-My trip was great

– I had a great time

-You should go to Kids Sea Camp  some time with me.

— Katie Hubka, age 10, sassy

I am in the turtle program and it feels like I’m a turtle, I like to Explore!! I’m looking forward to getting in the pool my favorite memory is swimming in the ocean. My friend that I met Is Skylar! Kids Sea Camp is fun! Grand Cayman is very fun!!! Scuba diving is my Favorite and fun! — Madi Banks, age 7, sassy

 Scuba diving is weird but fun, the regulator feels hard in my mouth, I see lots of fish and other kids.  I learned that I need to come up slow on assent. I hear water rushing around my ears when I go in the ocean. I taste a little salt water in the ocean. I’m excited to try the scooters. My mommy and daddy brought me to kids sea camp because they want my brother, sister and I to learn how to dive together as a family. It was challenging to get in the water but I feel better now and want to come again

— Andrew, age 4, sassy

Great videos of the Kid Sea Camp Utila

These videos highlight Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures

Dolphins, Utila, Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive Adventures These two videos really do a wonderful job of describing and showing what Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures is all about. Sun, fun, diving, zombies and families connecting to not only the ocean but to other families.

Special thanks to “Travel with Kids” for the great work on the videos. The “Travel with Kids” crew worked well with not only Margo but all the other Kids Sea Campers in Utila this summer.

Also it would be remiss not to mention how open and generous The staff at the Laguna Beach Resort

Please note: there are other unrelated videos in the stream. Simple go to the gallery icon in the left hand corner of the video and point and click to the Kids Sea Camp videos.

St. Vincent on our mind

St. Vincent daydreams of sun, fun and diving

Days away from St. Vincent and Buccament Bay resort and you can feel the excitement building for your vacation. You can count the number of daydreams of the sand, the sun, the warmth and the sea breezes in the middle of those long meetings.

It’s normal. It happens to us all, even Margo and I before a Kids Sea Camp. As we are processing the endless forms and double checking the flights and diver information, we drift. We drift to the sound of the ocean lapping upon the St. Vincent shores. Margo lingers in the feeling of warmth from the Caribbean sun. While I prepare for some football, diving and singing.

 The St. Vincent Thanksgiving week is one of the best weeks of the year for Kids Sea Camp, the diving is excellent and Margo and I believe a bit underrated. The resort offers so many other things to enjoy; from learning cricket, to playing soccer with professionals, to learning new technical skills from west end theater professionals and don’t forget the 2nd annual KSC Turkey bowl.

There is also tennis courts and a basketball court on the resort. Although there is no basketball professional on island, maybe my 30 years on the playgrounds in the Midwest could be of assistance. The Pat Cash tennis facilities are topnotch for any island resort.  There is always a tennis pro on island who is ready to improve your serve.

So this message is to prompt you to start preparing for your well earned vacation with Kids Sea Camp to the wonderful 5-star Buccament Bay Resort in St. Lucia.

Here’s a list of important things to bring:

  1. Passports
  2. E-tickets or airline tickets
  3. C-cards
  4. The forms have you completed all the forms and returned them to Nanette?
  5. Sunscreen
  6. Double check your dive gear. Make sure you have it all!
  7. Tennis, basketball or cross-trainers shoes (This trip is more than just about diving)
  8. A smile
  9. A large appetite
  10. Guitar (for Lloyd Kaufman)
  11. Music (reminder for me)
  12. Gratitude, I for one feel quite blessed to travel to amazing islands with such wonderful families and it is Thanksgiving week with Kids Sea Camp!

Let’s go dive!

Tom Peyton, Vice President of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures