Perfection is easy desired but rarely achieved A most enjoyable vacation.

Aug 2018 Dear Margo: I rarely write letters of recommendation, I hate the constant solicitation from Amazon to write reviews, but it is with great pleasure that I write this note to you.  First, thank you for sharing your wonderful husband with us here in Palau, especially at this time.  He is warm and generous and made our first days at Palau Kid’s Sea Camp a very pleasant affair. I have rarely seen so many people work so hard to make a vacation work well for my family.  I know that some look...[ read more ]

Top 10 list for world’s favorite family experience 2018

Kids Sea Camp is top 10 in world  Kids Sea Camp client comments sent to Scuba Diving Magazine Top 10 list of Worlds Best for their favorite family experience 2018 readers choice awards. A family experience like no other. Amazing to see teenagers sharing their experiences with other young divers. As a dive instructor, I have certified many boy scouts destined to go to sea camp. They do an amazing job educating kids and their families. They are absolutely an amazing outfit for dive travel, second to none, and I...[ read more ]

Jane’s Palau Journal

Palau November 2009, Thanksgiving Kids Sea Camp journal Jane Colon-Bonet’s Adventure Journal created during her Kids Sea Camp trip in Palau of 2009. November 20 & 21, 2009 (Friday and Saturday- crossing international date line) The flight seemed to last an eternity. 20 hours from Denver and four flights later we finally arrived in Palau.   Even though it was 10 pm Palauan time we were greeted by some native girls and boys dressed in native attire. They placed lays on us made of local flowers interlaced in palm fronds.   It...[ read more ]

A decade of excellence

Kids Sea Camp creates decade of growth for family The Wakely family have done over 20 Kids Sea Camp trips in the past decade. This is a short note expressing their joy in the diving skills in their family.  Dear Margo and Tom, We’re here in Maui – and it is absolutely stunning and magnificent. We’ve done a couple of dives – the lava tubes of Lanai (stunning), just amazing – and saw so much life, so much colour, dolphins on the way home in their hundreds, and whales –...[ read more ]

A diving family, Thank you mom!

How Kids Sea Camp changed my life By Robbie Peyton  1. I loved traveling with my mom and being apart of Kids Sea Camp!  It kept me far away from TV the nd video games for most of the summer, and I made friends in many countries around the world. I’ve kept in touch with most of them through Facebook, and some have become my closest friends. Growing up at Kids Sea Camp (KSC) has shaped my life in so many ways and contributed to who I am today. I enjoy diving with...[ read more ]