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Question:  Can I put my kids in the program and book my rooms direct with Buddy Dive. I do not want to have adult meals in my package, and only want to put my kids in the program and stay either at Buddy Dive or another property.

Answer: Kids Sea Camp is a family diving event; we do not under any circumstances accept children to be sent to camp with out their families present. This is for two very important reasons. First in order to create and host this wonderful event around the world and at Buddy Dive, we have to block a large amount of rooms in order to provide the package for all our families that attend. We have x amount of rooms, that equates to x amount of adult divers and boats blocked and x amount of kid spaces for each programs which equates to the number of dive instructors we have to hire to accommodate all.

Kids Sea Camp is not a day program, we have scheduled many events and meals for adults and kids in the evenings too. Such as, a Sunset Sail for families and kids, Pizza Movie night and night dive, several meals and also we have brought in an amazing guest artist a diver hall of famer as well to paint and entertain both adults and kids during the week at designated times. We include breakfast, lunch and dinner in our package because of the activities and time frames that we host those activities so Kids Sea Camp works very hard with Buddy Dive each year to create this very special package that is offered to families during these 2 weeks each year. It can not be broken apart. We can not sell room only because then we would not have enough kids in the programs. We can not sell Kids only, because then we would fill the program with kids from all over the island and other resorts or other groups and we would not be able to fill the rooms we request from Buddy Dive in order to create the event. We do not take out the meals for adults, because kids can not eat alone by them selves for breakfast or dinner. The meal package is a very good value that Buddy Dive has special created based on adults and kids. If you would like to book this entire package through us yes we are happy to do that. Kids Sea Camp does not book Kids only. It is the full package Hotel, meals for adults and kids. If you do not wish to book the adult dive program with our Kids Sea Camp group that is allowed. We have many non diving parents that come and stay with us and snorkel etc and you can book the diving directly with Buddy dive.

Understand you see a bigger price difference if you book the your room with Buddy Dive and not with Kids Sea Camp, but that is only due to the fact that we have included 2 dives per day, 3 meals per day, all taxes and transfers and several family events with adults and kids. For example we have a family day on Friday. This is for the families not just for kids, parents are diving with kids or snorkeling what ever it may be its family day.

As you know, Buddy Dive is very popular and did not have any space last August for any kids or divers, so  rooms must be confirmed with Kids Sea Camp in order to provide the package. I thank you all very much and we will do everything in our control to accommodate your family. I hope they will join us this summer. I can guarantee your family would not be disappointed with our Kids Sea Camp family week.

Kind regards,

Founder of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures, Margo Peyton

REMINDER: ALL US PASSPORTS MUST BE VALID FOR UP 6 SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO EXPIRATION DATE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY. All schedules, itineraries and package inclusions are subject to change.