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1. Where is Palau? The Republic of Palau is 900 miles southwest of Guam and 400 miles south of Yap at the western-most edge of Micronesia. Palau is north of New Guinea and east of the Philippines. We fly from LAX or HNL to Guam and then a quick stop in YAP and onto Palau. Its a long way to go, but well worth it when you get there. My suggestion would be to extend your stay by a few days if you can.

2. What is included in my Kids Sea Camp package? Your Kids Sea Camp package includes 7 nights accomodations at Palau Royal Resort, 5 days of diving with Sam’s Tours, Rock Island Tour, Jellyfish Lake snorkel, 3 meals daily, roundtrip airport transfers, marine art painting program, rental gear & course materials for kids, and kids program of choice. For more information, please visit the What’s Included section. Also, Kids Sea Camp has booked group air space for this reservation departing out of LAX.

3. Are there any taxes or fees not included in the price? Yes. The airport departure tax is $35 US and is paid upon departure. These fees are levied by the Palau Government and are subject to change without notice. They are not included in the charter rate.

4. Do I need a passport? U.S. citizens are required to have a passport for international travel. For details on travel requirements for U.S. citizens, please visit the U.S. State Department’s web site. Non-U.S. citizens should check with the appropriate consulate.

5. What is unique to diving in Palau? Palau’s waters are considered the #1 Underwater Wonder of the World. Its rich, pristine marine environment is famous for its drop-offs, currents and pelagic activity. Palau’s protected inner reefs offer an abundant, extensive variety of marine life. Most dives are drift dives.

6. What is the water temperature? Will I need a wet suit? The water temperature averages between 82 to 85F year round. A 3mm wetsuit or lycra suit is recommended.

7. Is there a night dive included in the package? Yes, there is a night dive for adults and kids age 12 and over. Everyone else can enjoy a fun pizza/movie night.

8. Is it customary to offer the dive staff gratuity? We believe gratuities should be voluntary and based upon the quality of the service provided.

9. Where is the nearest recompression chamber? Palau has a new two-man recompression chamber in Koror.

10. When is the best time to visit Palau? Anytime of year is good for a visit to Palau and diving is great year round. Palau is close enough to the equator to be considered outside of the typhoon belt. Best time of year is between November and June.

11. Is Palau for advanced divers only? No. There is great diving in Palau for divers of all skill levels. Sam’s has many newly certified divers who dive with us (and many who come to Palau to get certified). While there are indeed dive sites that may require more advanced skills, there are over 70 dive sites to choose from and lots of fantastic diving for divers of all skill levels. Sam’s Tours dive guides choose the dive sites based on a variety of factors, including: surface conditions, weather, tides, diver skill level and diver preference. We offer a full range of PADI dive certification courses.

12.What type of wetsuit do I need? The water around Palau is warm about 84-86 degree Fahrenheit. Many people dive with just a swimsuit. Most who wear wetsuits in Palau choose a 3mm suit either short or full. Sam’s  has a good selection of both short and full suits available for rental.

13. Do I need to rent a car? Not really. Sam’s provides complimentary shuttle service every morning and late in to the evening to all hotels in town.

14. What kind of tanks and valves do you use? For sport diving Sam’s uses only aluminum tanks in a variety of sizes. Our most common tank size is 80cu. feet / 12 Litre. We also have larger 100 cu. feet / 15Litre tanks and some small 50cu. feet tanks for junior divers. Our tanks are equipped with multi-purpose valves that support DIN or US Yoke style regulators.

15. How big are your dive groups? Sam’s observes a maximum of 6 divers per guide although most of our dive boats are set up for 8 divers. We do have some larger boats designed for up to 12 divers however, we still observe a maximum of only 6 divers per guide for safety and more pleasant diving.

16. If I book diving with Sam’s Tours through Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp will I pay more? No. There is no surcharge for booking our services through our professional travel partner.  Booking through Kids Sea Camp can save you money on air/hotel/diving packages and help you plan a good itinerary. Please refer to our Agent Partner list.

17. Is there a store in town? Yes. There are two large and very well stocked supermarkets and department stores in the center of town. There are also lots of convenience stores all around town. The stores stay open until 9:00 pm.

18. What type of electrical power do you have? Palau uses 110 Volt electricity with the same type of outlets as U.S. At the dive center, we also have 220 Volt service.

19. Is there really a “Sam” in Sam’s Tours? Yes! The company was founded by Sam Scott whose residence is right at the dive center. He’s around every day and still leads dive trips and fishing trips. Chances are you’ll meet him at Bottom Time Bar and Grill chatting with customers around sunset.  Sam loves to bring his family to Kids Sea Camp Family weeks, so you may just get to dive with him and meet all the little ones too.


What is the difference between Palau and the Philippines for a family of 4?

Q & A: Palau for a family of 4, all divers.

Thank for your interest in Kids Sea Camp.
Your question in regard to your two children just being certified and possibly not wanting to do allot of diving is a great concern and good question.
First off, all of our weeks include many other activities outside of diving and we are happy to customize as much as we can with individual families as needed.
We charter the resorts and their dives staff around the world to suit our curriculum and educational and cultural wants and needs.
We do have families with family members that do not dive we understand that new diving kids are not always wanting to just dive.  Most kids and even some adults are not avid divers and do maybe one trip or two a year and that is often with Kids Sea Camp. Our first couple days of diving are generally refreshing for the kids what they need to remember.  We go over gear, how to set up and use, and also buoyancy, navigation, signals underwater and any concerns.   As the week progresses, we move on to having fun and improving confidence and diving.   We can and will do the same as a refresher for adults when requested.
Each of our destinations has the same core programs, we offer SASY, Seal Team, certification classes and even DSD is most land based destinations.  For kids that are already certified, we can do digital photography, Fish ID, Adventure Diver and even Advanced Open Water certifications as well as many other specialties and depending on the destination, different courses are offered or available.  We also have family time together and apart with cultural activities, presentations, and tours in all locations around the world we operate.
In the Philippines, we have village tours, spa, daily volley ball and basket ball, zip line, snorkeling with whale sharks, photography presentations, other land tours to see chocolate hills and the monkeys etc.  Of course some of the best diving in the world as far as I am concerned.  There are options to both snorkel or dive with the whale sharks and this is a major highlight for the kids as well as the adults.  The resorts in Dumaguete and Cabilao are 5 stars and have great food and service.  Wifi is available and free, we have a large pool and gym in Dumaguete and so much to do top side.  There is a mountain school adventure towards the end of the week before we head off to Cabilao.
The rates are based on your choice of the room really. All meals are included along with transfers, tours, and diving.
In the Philippines at Dumaguete we use Pura Vida Homes, we have 2 bedroom luxury villas that have large ocean view balconies, one room with 2  beds and one room with a king bed, large living area, fully furnished with large spacious bathrooms, and kitchen.  These run$3100 pp x 4 persons, plus tax.   So your savings with our early booking would be $310 pp a total of $1240.  Dumaguete is a 7-night stay arriving July 10 into DGT Dumaguete. I believe you would need to go through Manila from most international destinations, and we do have a meet and greet arranged and ready for arrivals in Manila that will escort you through to Dumaguete.  I feel it’s best to fly on Philippine airlines if possible as they will not charge an additional baggage fee from MNL to DGT.  There are less expensive rooms at the Pura Vida Resort, that are not the Villas.  They would be the regular rooms and the rate would be $2900 pp.  The rooms would be two separate rooms but would be next to each other.  That is just a less expensive option.  We have a room block to keep the Kids Sea Campb families together using the villas.
In Palau we have added, other island tours such as Peleliu and Babeldoab that are more geared to history and WW1 and WW11 artifacts, tours, etc.  We have Rock Island kayaking tours, beach fun, snorkeling, city tours, Marine life presentations and arts and crafts daily.  The diving here for both kids and adults in exceptional.  There is a manta dive in 30ft of water, there are sunken wrecks for the kids to do and amazing walls etc.  The marine life is abundant and the kids are generally very excited to be diving and do not wish to miss out at all.  We have daily private beach lunches in between diving so kids and their parents meet up and share adventures, a lunch time beach game of volley ball takes place on most days and we are back in time to relax and get ready for dinner and presentations.
I think either of those locations would be very well suited for your family.  We are offering a 10% discount until Aug 31st.
Palau rates: Here you have more choices of rooms as we use the Palau Royal Resort.  Our block is with the Ocean View or Harbour View rooms.  Both are the same size, have great views, can’t go wrong with either, their harbor is the Rock Islands.  They have a beautiful beach and lagoon and huge salt and fresh water pools.  These rooms have a big bathroom and either 2 queen beds or a king bed.  Both have the ability to be connecting forming 2 bedrooms.   So the rates reflect the choice of one or two bedrooms.  For the sake of your request, I will quote you for the 2 bedrooms for the family of 4.   There are also suites.  These are very nice and quite large.  They are considerably more expensive but have a large living area and a private bedroom with 2 queens or king bed and private bathroom with both a tub and a shower.  There is a TV in the living area and the bedroom and two balconies off each room.  This is called the Premier suite and can fit a family of 4 but is better suited for a family of 3.  The couches in the living room can be made up as a bed, but they are not as wide as a single bed would be.  Our rates page has the rates for the rooms.   The adult’s rates are different from the kids and again for Palau, you have a choice of 10 days or 2 weeks.  Please let us know which you prefer.  They both include diving, meals, tours, juices, tea, and coffee as well as all dive rental gear for kids.
Deluxe ocean views 2 rooms $4932 per diver 10 nights.  Premier suite 2 adults would pay $5825each diver rate and kids would pay rate below.  You would deduct $490pp or $582 pp for the early booking discount.  Again huge saving.  The two week rates are slightly more, and you can click on the rates link to see the difference or just email me and I will happily provide you the information.
Certified Kid Divers (ages 10-17): $2,500 -10 nights    $2,900- 14 days
All kids sea camp weeks have 1 PADI pro in the water with each 5 kids diving, In the Philipines its 1 with 4 kids diving and with kids age 11 and under, its 1 PADI pro with each 2 kids.   We provide Kids Sea Camp staff on each event as well as fully charter the PADI 5 star staff we host with in each location.  We offer education, instruction, and fun in a very personal way.  We are traveling with you and want your families vacation to be the best you have ever taken.  We have an excellent reputation to date, over 7, 000 youth certification and zero dive accidents.  75 repeat client base. 
I hope you will join us this coming summer.   Please keep in mind that we do customize individual family vacations to suit your dates and needs as well.  
Kindest regards
Margo Peyton