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Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures is proud to announce Wakatobi Resort, Indonesia has joined our stable of outstanding family-friendly dive resorts around the world.

Bali, wakatobi, family dive vacations, kids and divingWe are expecting another unique and off the beaten path for the average vacationer. This wondrous resort is completely surrounded a beautiful white sand beach completely protected by one of the healthiest reefs in Indonesia. Exotic Bali as possible stopovers that are easy to arrange before or after your one or two-week Kids Sea Camp adventure at Wakatobi.imgres-3

Wakatobi Resort is a true 5-Star resort set on the secluded within peaceful Wakatobi National Park. Since 2005 the park has been listed as a World Heritage site. The park is the third largest marine park in Indonesia. Jacques Cousteau is said to have called the Wakatobi Islands an “Underwater Nirvana.”

Wakatobi may have as many as 943 fish species and 750 coral reef species from a total of 850 of world’s collection

The resort is located in southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia. With no other for 100 miles the resort boast of some of the finest diving in the world and with the pairing of the diving the five-star amenities, divine creatures comforts with a pristine environment, Wakatobi is considered one of the best dive resorts in the world.

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Pushing the boundaries of what is a ‘dive resort’

Wakatobi’s location was selected for one reason – because the world’s best coral reefs are found here. The isolated nature of the location is, of course, a hurdle to any operator not prepared to deal with the inherent challenges, and we are still the only resort for many miles around. From this uncompromising start point, we have approached every other aspect of the operation with the same single-minded determination to move beyond what is commonly expected of a ‘dive resort’.

Infrastructure to negate our isolated location

Wakatobi was built from scratch, we generate our own power and our own fresh water; we built our own airstrip to make us easily accessible (previously an overland and local ferry trek of several days were required to get here). An unseen logistics operation coordinates guests’ transfers to and from Bali, the bringing in of food and supplies, such that our guests often forget that they are totally ‘off the grid’. And we continue to develop our infrastructure to give added facilities and convenience to our guests.

A vital part of our ‘infrastructure’ is, of course, the coral reefs. We have set in place extensive conservation efforts including the creation of a unique reef-lease conservation program to protect and enhance the coral reefs for the long term benefit of the island and its communities.

Service and facilities a level above

One area where we continue to innovate with great effect is in the area of service. Why should a dive holiday be less luxurious, relaxing and enriching than any other resort stay? We provide fine dining for all guests, an agreeable wine list and an abundance of culinary choices. Numerous non-diving activities are available to entertain and enrich, from kitesurfing to local cookery classes, and personalization is our forté – we pride ourselves on creating itineraries and packages to make the guest’s stay with us truly memorable.