Cayman Islands

Divetech with Lighthouse Point Dive Resort

June 18-25; 7 nights PADI FAMILY DIVING EVENT.

 Lighthouse Point Ocean
ACCOMMODATIONS: Lighthouse Point luxury condos 
  • 7 x 2-bedroom condos Ocean Front.
  • Condos 1, 6 and 7 have a King, 2 full beds & queen sleeper sofa – 1500 sq. feet
  • Condo 9 has a King, Queen & queen sleeper sofa – 2400 sq. feet
  • Each condo can accommodate up to 6 people (or less, depending on the make up of families).
DIVING: 6 day dive package Adult  (dbl $2975) (Trpl  $2575 ) (Quad $2399)
  • 6 days of adult diving including Stingray City, Kittiwake and unlimited shore diving
  • Coral Nursery Gardening for adults – class, dive to tend the nursery
  • 6 days of Kids Sea Camp activities for Seal, JOW, AOW and teen divers – 7:30am until 3:00pm
  • Coral nursery gardening for ages 12 and up – class, dive to tend the nursery.
Light House Point Resort
All MEALS: VIVO is the on site restaurant.
  • 7 days of dine around – Sat arrival and Friday departure – BBQ on site in Condo 1 for group; 2 nights at VIVO, 3 nights offsite at different West Bay Restaurants (Note: On night dive evening, parents will dine at VIVO, kids will have pizza and movie night)
  • 7 breakfasts at VIVO
  • 6 days of morning snacks for kids
  • 7 self-catered lunches in condo, provisioning by Divetech to stock condos with juices, snacks, luncheon items, drinks, milk, teas, coffee (we will provide item list for guests to choose from and shop in advance) Welcome assortment of red and white wine, local beer, sodas and water in condo for arrival (complimentary)

Other activities

  • 2 morning Yoga at sunrise 6:30 – 7:30amSeveral afternoon environmental presentationsBoatswain Beach water park and turtle, shark, predator, crocodile, aviary tour (for kids and non diver adults)AV / screen / projector for an evening slide show by MargoGraduation with certificates for all coursesNew Sea Pool swimming, diving, snorkelingGroup photosOther activities as organized by Margo PeytonAirport TransfersNON DIVER INCLUSIONSYoga 2 morningsStingray City snorkel tripKittiwake snorkel tripBoatswain Beach water park and turtle, shark, predator, crocodile, aviary tour.

Kids dive PADI courses

Lighthouse Point exteriorSasy/snorkel is for the younger kids who are interested in learning basic snorkel/scuba dive skills in the pool and the ocean are offered. A surface supplied air system that resembles a scuba unit with a small tank and regulator to “float” on the surface and breathe through the 1st stage is used.
The “BCD” is in effect a life jacket and does not permit the child to descend underwater but does provide a safe and comfortable snorkel system. The child must be somewhat comfortable in the water and be able to put their head under the water and swim unassisted in the pool. Also, the kids must possess an interest in being in the water and be able to follow the instructions of their supervisor.
The class will begin in the pool by teaching kids snorkel techniques using a scuba mask and fins. Kids will learn how to equalize their ears as well as “blast” clear their snorkels. Kids will then be introduced to the SASY unit, taught how to set up a scuba unit, breathe through a regulator and other basic scuba skills like clearing their mask and recovering their regulator. It’s a blast for the kids, while parents get to explore the walls and learn all about the children’s diving afterwards. So the kids can share the adventure and become new ambassadors for the oceans.
  • PADI Seals (from age 8)
  • PADI Open Water Diver (from age 10-17)
  • PADI Jr. Adventure Diver (from age 10 & 11)
  • PADI Coral Restoration Diver (from age 12+)
  • Includes ScubaPro mask, snorkel/fins and rashguard


$1575 Includes Scubapro mask and snorkel & rashguard
Seal dive courses match the times that parents are out diving on the boats. The kids are taught how to scuba dive in the pool and then in the ocean in calm shallow waters filled with marine life. Divetech take the dive training at their pace, so if there is something they are not ready to try they are not required to do it. A general comfort in the water and the desire to explore the sea is a must! We can take the kids in the ocean to do photo, fish ID, or navigation dives etc. – a wide range of options and tons of fun. 2-3 1/2 days are needed to get the kids diving in the ocean.

ready to dive


$1675 includes Scubapro Rebel or Drift  BC, mask and snorkel to keep. Kids 10 and up can learn to scuba dive and earn their Junior Open Water certification, and diving no deeper than 40 to 60 feet (age dependent). The kids can do E-learning online in advance or take the entire open water course with Divetech over 3 days. Kids graduate as certified divers, earn a college credit and learn about the ocean and marine life.

  • PADI Jr. ADVENTURE DIVER $1875 Includes Sealife HD Micro underwater camera
  • Once certified as a Jr. Open water diver, kids can continue their underwater adventure by doing 3 Specialty dives and earn their Adventure diver certification. As 10 and 11 year olds cannot do the deep dive or night dive, these 3 dives put them on their way to becoming an Advanced Diver once they turn 12. Specialty dives include Fish ID, Navigation, Buoyancy, Photography, Search and Recovery, Wreck and Naturalist to choose from.
  • PADI Jr. ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER $1875 Includes Sealife HD Micro underwater camera.
  • Divetech will take the kids on 5 PADI different adventures, choosing from Fish ID, Navigation, Buoyancy, Photography, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Deep, Night, Scooter and Naturalist dives. Continue the adventure!
  • CERTIFIED KIDS DVING Kids no courses: $1875 already advanced certified (age 12-16)Includes SeaLife HD Micro underwater camera, Kids will do Coral Restoration and earn specialty.
  • For the younger kids that are certified and restricted to 40’ in depth, Divetech offer guided shore dives to explore the reefs with an Instructor. And of course kids can join in on the Kittiwake, Stingray City, and shallow reef boat trips too!

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