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Laguna Beach Resort in Utila

August 9th to the 16th, 2015 (Only two rooms left!)

Caribbean Pearl II: KSC Leadership week with Woody Tinsley;

August 15th to the 22nd.

This is a fantastic family vacation! Divers enjoyed wild dolphins daily in Utila this past year. We swam with the dolphins and enjoyed watching them swimming alongside our boats heading to and from all the amazing dive sites. We enjoyed wrecks and reefs, rays and sharks; it is truly a wonderful dive vacation.

Captain Kerri took us to his mom’s house on the key each day for homemade snacks between dives and found dolphins for us to jump in and swim with every day. The kids enjoyed horseback riding on the beach and diving with new found friends each morning. Our favorite was diving as a family every afternoon.
We truly enjoyed Laguna Beach Resort. I enjoyed seahorses just off the dock and a beautiful white sand beach outside of your room with private dock. There was something for everyone as non divers and divers enjoyed Yoga classes on Tues and Thurs afternoons. Fire dancers showed up on friday night to entertain all.
Adam gave a fantastic whale shark presentation and Margo Peyton fills the week with photos and video for all with the families. Don’t miss out on this exclusive little hidden jewel of an island. Tucked away and unassuming its truly perfect for families.
Welcome to Laguna Beach on the island of Utila.

A new location has been chosen: Utila, located in the Bay Islands of Honduras, I have been diving here since 1997.  Laguna Beach  is owned and operated by Troy Bodden & family.

Troy is my friend, a great dad,diver  and an amazing visionary who is environmentally concerned and focused. He has worked hard to make Laguna Beach a divers paradise, This resort maintains  a high quality of service with a strong focus on safety and education.  He is environmentally conscious efforts and  influence show through not only with his resort, but throughout the local community of Utila.
Troy’s love of the Ocean, love for animals and desire to work with kids combined with his global thinking and local action have made Laguna Beach a great location for your families to dive not only this summer but anytime.”

Margo Peyton  

The three-mile by seven-mile island of Utila is set between a fringing coral reef and a 2000’ deep continental shelf. Utila sits on top of the second largest fringing coral reef in the world.  The positioning of the island makes it a Mecca for divers. Utila is also famous for its many whale shark encounters which occur throughout the year. Pristine snorkeling, fishing for tarpon and bonefish, horseback ridding are among other offerings

This elegantly designed property is set on a palm fringed peninsula dividing a tranquil mangrove lagoon and the warm Caribbean Sea. This quaint resort provides much privacy with their bungalow style accommodations nestled on the lagoons edge, for a perfect view of Utila’s tropical sunset. The beautiful ocean view restaurant and bar, built from natural woods, continues the resort’s rustic theme that compliments the island ambiance Utila is famous for. The outer banks are home to dolphin and more than the occasional whale shark.

We invite you to explore our tropical paradise . . . where nature abounds.

Adult Package includes: 7 nights 6 days of activities, 7 nights bungalow style cabanas. Adult Divers package includes 6 days of diving and activities, including 5 days of 2 tanks boat diving, 1 night dive, 3 meals & snacks daily. Roundtrip airport transfers from  International Airport.  Week hosted by Margo Peyton and family.  Demo Cameras, Zombie divers, Sea Signs, Sasy, Seal Team, Adventure Diver and black light diving with Woody Tinsley.

Courses for Kids: PADI Jr. Open Water Course 9AM – 3PM. This program is for kids that are not currently divers, are 10-14  years of age before they arrive on Utila and would like to become certified divers:
They will earn their PADI Jr. Open Water Diver certification over 5 days and join their parents for a proud graduation dive on Friday. Kids will be making 4 open water ocean dives. Their certification card is good for a lifetime of diving! Maximum depth of 40 feet for 10 and 11 year olds, 60 ft for 12-14 year olds.  Kids age 15 and up will earn their PADI Open Water Diver rating.  Accommodations with parents is included in their price along with 3 meals daily, and all rental gear for the week, night light for night dive, horseback riding.

Certified diver kids programs: Those kids already certified divers have fun diving together with their friends, family and instructors. Diving this week will include a whale shark presentation, 3 dives per day and a night dive. Kids will work on improving buoyancy skills as well as reviewing safety standards and some fun zombie dives with Woody Tinsley.  Accommodations, all meals, and all rental gear for the week is included along with a T-shirt hats and. Kids can also enjoy an afternoon boat dive, with parents while learning Sea Signs with Kevin Vaughn.

SEAL TEAM: Age 8 and up- 9AM – 3PM- This program includes activities for 5 days. The course focuses on PADI Seal Team Aqua Missions 1-5, which are underwater adventures where kids learn the basics of diving- such as buoyancy control, mask clearing, regulator recovery, etc. The second part of the course focuses on salt water fun, with Creature ID specialist, Navigation specialist and so much more! Kids will enjoy the SeaLife mini camera, T-shirts, hats and PADI treasure hunt.  Seal team kids get a night mission as well as a zombie mission with Woody.

SASY Program: KIDS Age 5-7 8am-12noon, daily- Program consists of Kids Sea Camp educational activities for 5 days, snorkeling/SASY everyday, pizza/movie night & accommodations with parents. All the equipment for the week is included. T-shirts, hats and Sport Diver treasure hunt.  Sasy and Seal Team kids will also enjoy Sealife photo fun.

All guests arrive on Sat. night orientation and dinner. All diving and activities start on Sunday morning at 8am. Parents and kids eat breakfast together and parents go diving, snorkeling and kids begin their programs for the day. Thurs is the last day of classes and we have a big graduation. Friday is family day at where families can all dive together or snorkel etc. SAT is the departure day say good bye.

All itineraries and schedules as well as activities and other inclusions are subject to cancellation and change at any time. We create a fun, safe week full of diving and activities for the whole family. Due to any number of reasons some parts of the program may be changed, cancelled or new activities added. Please contact Kids Sea Camp directly for up-to date information.

Family divers handles all your family dive trip travel year round.  We offer 5% discounts on regular weeks.                                Call us 803-419-2556. Packages booked online are subject to availability. You will be contacted by a booking agent upon completion of your booking. We are not responsible for errors in typesetting on forms.