Yap Manta Ray Bay

Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap 2017

Special dive deal for families summer 2017:


  • Hands-on Workshop
    Includes all meals and activities
    7 night / 10 dives
    Village visit and traditional dance
    Beach BBQ and fire circle
    Babysitting and all-ages activities
    Marine biology workshops
    Pizza and burger nights w/ movies
    Airport transfers, taxes included
    Family Sea-Life Eco-Adventure and Marine Biology Week! Plankton tows, lab time looking at specimens under the microscope, dissections of different marine species, snorkel and dives in different environments important to marine ecology (snorkels in mangroves, snorkel/dives off reef), inter-active lectures and field work on different aspects of island and marine ecology. Each person receives a lab book, T-shirt and rash guard.

7 NIGHTS Packages from $1,999.00

7 night / 10 dives and all meals included
Village visit including a traditional dance
Night snorkel, plankton tow, fishing trip
Local navigation workshop and canoe trip
Beach BBQ with fire circle
Watershed hike, local buffet dinner
Pizza and burgers movie nights
Babysitting and activities for all-ages
Airpot transfers, taxes and wake-up service
Package Prices
Custom Itinerary for All-Ages:

Adult diver from $1,999.00
Adult non-diver from $899.00
2 to 4 year olds from $369.00
5 to 8 year olds from $369.00
9 to 11 year olds from $1,139.00
12 to 13 year olds from $1,259.00
14 to 17 year olds from $1,339.00

The World’s best dive deal!

8 paid divers and four are free! You read this correctly. What an amazing deal in one of the best places in the world to dive —Yap!

Only $2,350 per diver! Manta Ray Bay Group deal 8 paid 4 go free!


  • This offer is only good through Feb. 2015
  • $1,000 deposit due before offer expires
  • Book any date through December 2015
  • 7 nights, 6 days of diving
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily,
  • Mantas guaranteed
  • Shark dives, Mandarin dusk dive.
  • 3 dives daily,
  • Airport transfers, late checkout,
  • Ocean view room
  • Deposit by Dec. 31st, 2014. Valid through December 2015

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Note: Prices do not include round trip air, rates, taxes may change, please contact us for current pricing or specials.


Supersize any 6 day package with a daily 1 tank afternoon dive for just $250. Prices range from $1,490 per person 7 nights Standard View room with 5 days of diving and breakfast daily

Supersize: From $2,409 per person deluxe ocean view room / 7 nights 6 days of 3 tank diving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.

Note: Prices do not include round trip air, rates, taxes may change, please contact us for current pricing or specials.


About Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers

The Resort: The motif of the entire hotel is marine life with each of the rooms individually decorated in tropical elegance. Each room bears a fish name, and is decorated accordingly, with photographs and paintings of that fish, hand-carved door, hand carved key chains and handmade bedspreads.Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap divers

palau8The dive staff: Award winning Yap Divers is Yap’s first PADI Golden Palm Resort and is adjacent to the Manta Ray Bay Hotel thus forming Yap’s first PADI Gold Palm Resort.  With Yap Divers, you can be assured of clean, pure air, safe diving, and a full range of instruction available from Open Water through Divemaster. We also offer a number of specialty dive certifications for those who want to expand their formal dive training, and we are home to the only place in the world where you can do the PADI certified Manta Ray Awareness Course. This makes for a perfect combination to enhance the Yap Island vacation.
The dive traveler is offered all that he or she could ever ask for in terms of dive experiences with regularly scheduled drift dives, wall dives, cavern dives and night dives, as well as our specialty – giant Manta dives.
2017 YAP: Adult Rates are per diver and per vacationer in room, airfares not include:
Room types Diver Pkg. Vacationer
Single  adult -standard Room $2,155 each $1,555 each
2 adults in a standard Room $1,855 each $1,255 each
Single adult in a ocean view suite $2,425 each $1,815 each
2 adults in a ocean view suite $2,055each $1,455 each
3  adults in a ocean view suite $1,955 each $1,355 each
Single adult in a deluxe suite $2,821 each $2,221 each
2 adults in a deluxe suite $2,265 each $1,665 each
3 adults in a deluxe suite $2,165 each $1,565 each
2 adults in penthouse suite $2,821 each $2,221 each

Includes: 7 nights, 2 boat dives daily for 6 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, coffee, juices, snacks, tanks, weights, belts, 1 Scuba Pro Chromis Dive Computer per diver. Roundtrip Airport Transfers.

   Non-diver package includes; one 1/2 day kayak tour,  two 1 hour massages at Tero leaf Spa, one 1/2 day land tour, and 1 guided snorkels. 1 guided dusk Mandarine fish snorkel.  Departure taxes, not included, Round trip air not included in this package.

Govt Taxes and VAT, permits and park fees subject to changes beyond our control.  Prices are based on availability at time of booking and are subject to change until paid in full. This package is only valid when booked directly with Family Dive Adventures. 

Please contact Margo for more information.  (803)419-2556.  We look forward to diving with you.


2017 Yap – Kids Dive Rates
$750 Turtle Activity Program (8am to 12noon daily for kids ages 4-7)

From 8am -12noon daily.  Lots of land tours and activities, 3 meals daily.

$750 PADI SEAL Team Program 6 1/2 days
Seal Team kids start in the pool and end up in the ocean accomplishing Aqua Missions, where they learn the basics of diving. Many land based activities and tours included.
$750 PADI Jr. Open Water Program  6 1/2 days
Kids learn fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment assembly and diving techniques. You earn your open water certification rating by completing five pool dives, knowledge development sessions, and by making four open water ocean dives.  Includes PADI E: learning program- Access Pass.  Get book work, quizes and test out of the way and enjoy your vacation.
 $175 PADI Advanced Open water (add on to diver package) E: learning required.
Adults or kids already certified that would like to gain their  jr. Advanced Open Water or Advanced Open water certification cards during this fun filled series of dives. The dives will include Buoyancy, Navigation,  Manta dive, Fish ID , night dive, and boat dives.   PADI E:Learning required. Include call us for more information (803) 419-2556


Island history: Yap is belived to have been settled by a seafaring people from the area today known as eastern Indonesia and the southern part of the Phillipines sometime around 1500 B.C. By 1525 A.D. the portugese explorer Diego da Rocha arrived in Yap. By this time the Yapese are well known among the indigenous people all over Oceania as expert sailors and navigators.

During the 1870s both Spain and Germany lay claim to Yap. Papal intervention by Leo XIII decides the issue in Spains favor, but by 1899 they sell Yap to Germany. In 1919 the Japanse take control of Yap. They are to remain until the end of WWII, when Yap is occupied by american forces.

Today Yap is part of the Federated States of Micronesia, which also contain Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. The FSM is a sovereign nation with a seat in the UN, but is closely allied with the US through a Compact of Free Association adopted in 1986. Under the agreement the FSM receives financial aid and various other benefits, such as the US Postal Service handling the mail. US Dollars are the official currency of the FSM.

English is widely spoken in Yap, even among the Yapese. There are no less than four major traditional languages: Yapese, Ulithian, Woleaian and Satawalese. Yapese is spoken on Yap proper, the others on the outer islands.

The Yapese have managed to maintain their unique culture while selectivly adopting desirable improvements from the west. Modern schools have created a very high level of literacy and good health care is readily available.

The people living on the northernmost of the four islands comprising Yap proper: Rumung, have chosen to avoid contact with western civilization as much as possible. They generally do not encourage visitors, and have even removed the old bridge that connected Rumung to Yap proper!

Contact Kids Sea Camp directly for current information and pricing.  Pricing is not guaranteed until paid in full.  Package prices may not include some or all of the following: departure tax, round trip airline reservations, luggage fees, gov’t taxes, port taxes, fuel surcharges, and maring park fees.  These are beyond our control and generally payable to vendor directly. Kids Sea Camp and its agents act solely as a reservation service for selected suppliers and operators. It is your responsibility to provide proper documentation for international travel. We highly recommend DAN Trip and DAN Dive Insurance. Click Here for DAN Travel Insurance

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