So have you finalized your Kids Sea Camp forms?

Margo and I know the forms take a lot of time. We are working on making the whole sign-up for one of our weeks a lot easier. But in the meantime, the first “real” Kids Sea Camp week is Utila in early June, so we need all those time consuming forms. Time is running out.

I will say, I want to create more of a KSC membership so once you join KSC or FDA we have all your information already to go. The information would have to be updated yearly; such as age, street address (if it changes), and sort of status at all. But at least you would only have to sign-in, change what is need, then Hit save and we have it all ready to go. No PDF’s. No pen to paper at all.

I would love to hear your ideas or response to this little blog. It is time to get those forms in. And it’s our time to change how we process them to make it easier for you to enjoy your vacations with Family Dive Adventures.

Please email us with all thoughts, ideas or concerns about a membership?

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