Grand Cayman poems 2013

Grand Cayman poems 2013

“Short and Sweet” By Lorie Johnson

The warmest of welcome from Arrie when we arrive

Under a gorgeous blue Cayman sky.


To the dive shop to meet,

The most knowledgeable divemasters found on the Cayman beat.

No offense Atatude peeps

But the Tanata gang will make you laugh to weeps!


There is Christian, historian, skippers, artist and so much more

Then you have sweet Toni with divemaster joke galore.

With pirates, presentations, photos and smores,

No one really wants to stay in doors.


Great dives, stories and unforgettable memories while dine.

Eagle rays, turtles, coral, tow lionfish culls and bonding on the “pee” tow line.

Kids Sea Camp at Cobalt Coast is a quaint, friendly and relaxing vacation.

The sounds of children playing adults laughing most certainly will make it a future destination.




“Cobalt Blue” by Vivian Rogers

Cobalt Blue

Tanata with Attitude

Everyday we’re diving


Down below

There we go

Making memories to cherish


Kids Sea Camp

Grand Cayman Isle

Bless these deeps walls forever


Cobalt Blue

DiveTech too

Missing all y’all forever.


“Here Here” by James Gerdt

A run in the morning, two dives before noon.

Has anyone seen our kids?

I’m sure we’ll see them soon.


Another dive or maybe a beer,

I wonder how long, we could stay here.

Now I’ve seen my son, but no sign of my daughter,

I’m sure she’s diving a wreck or snorkeling or something in the water.


Catching lionfish with Toni sure was fun,

We’re her first students who didn’t get stung!

Rescue diver. . .that’s what we now call David and Jim,

When I grow up I want to be just like them.


I’m hungry again —Cobalt Coast has good food,

Add a coffee smoothie and friends to brighten your mood.

It’s been a great week, but it’s time to head back to work again,

Though I’m not sure I can find my way without a drawing from Christian.

I finally found bath of my off spring.

One’s almost sleep and is that both have a new turtle thing.


Farewell friends, we’ll see you next year.

Let’s all raise a glass and shout “Here, Here.”


“Twinkle Camp” By Allison Ameo

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,

Time to go very far.

Playing, laughing and making friends,

The fun at Sea Camp never ends.


The Ocean by Chloe Mei

The ocean is a great place to swim.

You can snorkel, dive and sassy.

It’s fun to do all those three but especially with your friends.

And all you can see are fishes and trees and all the other sea animals.

It’s really cool to go in the ocean and so it’s fun for me.


“Graduation Time” by Jocelyn Ameo

When I am in the water

I tell my father

Five more minutes to go

Before my graduation show.

The time I had was very fun,

I laughed and played in the sun.

I had fun making friends

And I am sad because it’s about to end.


“Kids Sea Camp Lane” By Nick Arnel

In Grand Cayman there’s a place that they call Cobalt Coast,

Where Kids Sea Camp is having great fun everyday

All the families like to come and play

It’s an awesome stay.


On the corner there’s a dive shop they call DiveTech

Where the staff is always happy to oblige.

When you say you want to go and dive

They say A-O-K

That’ the way.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


At Cobalt Coast there is a boat they call the Atutude

It will take you to the sites you want to see.

Ghost Mountain and the Kittiwake

And the Half Pipe too.


There is also a fun place that they call Turtle Farm.

Where the Sassys and the Seals went to play

Conservation is the point of view, very cool.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


Nanette and Fraser set their sites on “Sting Ray City.”

Where we’re guaranteed to have a great ol’time

We got to feed the stingrays bits of squid,

It’s great to be a kid.


Now the time has come for us to sing a fond farewell

To all the new friends that we’ve made along way.

We’ll be planning our next holiday

Maybe Utila Bay,

What d’ya say.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back