Giving back is part of our corporate mandate

Kids Sea Camp and Family Divers are active partners with numerous charities and research centers.

Here’s a list we highly recommend, promote and support.  Make a wish that matters to our kids and our oceans.





The Turtle Hospital is our friend and we love what they do.

 Advocates for wild, healthy oceans.

Paws to save a life( don’t buy a dog, adopt!)
Hundreds of dogs and puppies are waiting for a home!
Ways you can help: Foster, call your local rescue and be a foster home, there is no cost to you,
Donate to your local rescue or SQ rescue, drop off food to your local shelter. Most important
Stop breeding! We have 1000’S of dogs that need homes.

The Center for Coastal Studies: Dedicated to research and protection of marine mammals and coastal ecosystems.

Cetacean ByCatch Resource Center: Joining fishermen, scientists, environmental organizations and the public to find solutions to cetacean bycatch.

IFAW: The International Fund for Animal Welfare.

The International Whaling Commission: The IWC was set up under the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling.

NAMMCO: The North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission.


Sea Shephard

Kids Sea camp supports Sea Shepard and their work world wide:
Assisting in the enforcement of international law under
authority of the United Nations World Charter for Nature.



SMM: The Society for Marine Mammalogy.

WDCS: The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society.

Woods HoleDedicated to the study of marine science and to the education of marine scientists.

Whales on-line: Is a reference and news site dedicated to education for the conservation of whales and their natural habitat. Woman Divers Hall of Fame Training grants, Scholarships and more

Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation




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