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At Ocean Wishes we are dedicated to teaching our youth and their families how to responsibly enjoy, preserve and protect our underwater world. Each year Kids Sea Camp contributes over $20,000 to a variety of selected organizations. We encourage you to make a difference too. Through your financial contribution, you are giving the gift of education to youth and their families providing knowledge and skills on how to enjoy, preserve and protect our underwater world.Through your help and our message of awareness, we can make a difference.

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On behalf of the Charles Darwin Foundation,We would like to thank you for your  gift to support our work.

At CDF we devote our research to finding solutions to protect the unique array of animals, plants and people that make Galapagos so special.  CDF’s core mission is scientific research and technical assistance that informs sound management and decision making for the long-term conservation of Galapagos. Our supporters are a vital part of the team that help  CDF continue to meet the challenges of the changing social and environmental landscape of the islands.

We thank you very much for your commitment and enthusiasm for our work.


We support these organizations making a difference:

Woman Diver Hall Of Fame

Education, Exploration, Philanthropy and Fun!

Shark Water
DAN- Divers Aware Network

A not-for-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness of our oceans

Nearly three quarters of the earth is covered by ocean. Changes to the marine environment have a direct effect on the planet, the environment, and ultimately, our lives. Yet, mankind continues to dump, pollute, overfish and in a variety of other ways, contribute to the demise of the ocean and the lives of its inhabitants.

The Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research, and Education seeks to enlighten people, young and old, to the plight of the oceans, to change the way they think and act, and to encourage them to create positive and lasting change.

It is troubling that over the last century commercial fisheries have drastically reduced fish populations and altered the world’s marine ecosystems. On a global level, most fisheries are poorly managed and fish stocks have been fully exploited (52%), over-exploited (16%), or depleted (7%). The world’s capture fisheries peaked in the late 1980s and, despite increased fishing efforts, catch rates have dropped. More hours on the water for fishermen have yielded fewer and fewer fish.
Put simply, what we take out of the ocean as seafood or by-catch is greater than what the ocean can sustainably provide. We are not only facing a decline in the capacity of our oceans to provide a sustainable food source but we are destroying the basic ecological processes and food chains that we and marine life depend on.