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Kids Sea Camp introduces our diving family!

About Margo Peyton: President Kids Sea Camp Inc.

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Margo Peyton CEO Kids Sea Camp inc, PADI MSDT Instructor, Ocean Wishes President.

Margo Peyton: Wife of Tom Peyton: “Scuba Mom” Woman Divers Hall Of Fame, Ocean Educator, Professional Photographer, Artist. Margo Peyton’s ability to inspire and motivate people to go beyond their self perceived borders and discover their inner adventurer is unmatched. She is a creator
and a visionary that has worked hard to support family values through creating Family Dive Adventures and Kids Sea Camp event weeks.  Her love for her children and the ocean enables her to persevere through Kids Sea Camp, providing places where families can go and dive together “Giving them a week that they’ll remember forever.”
An avid diver since 1989, with over 5,000 logged dives, Margo loves working with and teaching kids.
She was inducted into the Woman’s Scuba Diving Hall of fame in 2009 for her dedication and contribution to diving and educating kids. DEMA Reaching Out Award Nominee 2015, Wyland Icon Award Nominee 2014.
At the time she was single mother of two, Margo spent a lot of time leading groups. And on the few times she was able to travel with her family for vacations, she was unable to find resorts or destinations with fun, suitable ocean oriented kids’ activities and programs.
Driven by the desire to share her love for the ocean with her own kids, Margo began to research and seek out family-friendly dive resorts around the world.  Having found none, she created her own and pioneered the way for others.
Margo has created the worlds largest family dive event. Spanning the globe in Palau, Yap, Bonaire, Cayman Is, Belize, Bay Islands Honduras, Fiji and the Galapagos Islands, Philippines, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Curacao, and Australia.  Her dream and friendships continue to grow connecting families, children around the world to each other and the ocean.
Margo works with local tourism boards, schools and churches to bring much needed funds, donations and education to children in need around the world.   She has continued to work with local schools, and host marine oriented seminars and educational presentations on plastics, environmental issues as well as the need to ban shark finning and whaling.
Margo through her non for profit 501c Ocean Wishes Foundation sponsors training grants and scholarships to local kids around the globe.  Margo is able to contribute to other charitable causes and schools such as, Oceans for Youth, Ocean Pals, Sea of Tomorrow, Ocean Wishes, Sea Shepherds, WWF,  Fiji Malolo School, NY Charities and SQ Rescue, to name a few.  She donates tens of thousands of dollars and a great deal of her time, proceeds, trips and art work to a variety of charitable causes. She has hosted fundraisers where funds go to her favorite charities.

Margo has created Family Dive Adventures because so many families don’t trust anyone else when it comes to their kids and diving.  Margo has been asked continually to arrange other dive trips that families do through out the year, so kids can get certified or just keep up to date with diving etc.  So Margo created  Family Dive Adventures Dive Travel to provide individual dive trips with courses and programs that are oftentimes college accredited and offered at our more exotic destinations to families that want to travel more than just the Kids Sea Camp event weeks we offer.

Margo has been a PADI diver for 26 years.
Core PADI Credentials: MSDT PADI Instructor- Diver since 1989 Special Credentials: EFR Instructor, Care for Children w/AED Instructor, Underwater Naturalist Instructor, Deep Instructor, Enriched Air Instructor, Boat Instructor, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor, Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor, Project Aware Instructor, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor, Whale Shark Aware, Zombie Apocalypse, Video, Kids Sea Camp Family Diver Specialty and Night Diver Instructor.

Margo loves kids, loves diving and is a very green environmentally conscious human being you gives far more than she will ever receive.  Please ask her about the Woman Diver Hall Of Fame training grants she sponsors, all the kids around the world including the US that she sponsors and if you have a child you know of that you would like to make a wish for, contact her through Ocean Wishes and let her make your wish come true.   Her heart is truly bigger than herself.

MARGO’S Professional profiles:


SCUBAPRO:  http://www.scubapro.com/en-US/USA/margo-peyton.aspx

DAN: http://www.alertdiver.com/DAN-Member-Profile-Margo-Peyton


PADI: https://youtu.be/3leoqD57WDE



You can reach Margo on Facebook, Family Dive Adventures or Kids Sea Camp group page. You can also reach Margo on www.linkedin.com/in/margopeyton or call (803) 419-2556 at Kids Sea Camp Inc.

About Tom Peyton: Vice President of Kids Sea Camp


ScubaPro, Kids Sea Camp, Tom Peyton, Clear mask, Mask defog

No one wants a foggy mask on a dive — especially in Bonaire.

Tom Peyton is husband and Co-owner and Vice President of Kids Sea Camp Inc. Tom is the creative and design for the company. He is also the head of sports and land based activities. Tom became a certified diver with his son Robbie and daughter Jennifer. Certified with Ocean Encounters, in Curacao, 2006, Tom has embraced diving and traveling around the world.
Mr. Peyton is also a writer and an artist who has had an off-Broadway play produced, has been a visuals editor and director of photography for newspapers for 25 years and has won hundreds of national and international awards as an art director, illustrator, and designer.
Once a gallery owner, Tom continues to create a painting of nature and marine life for our charities Ocean Wishes. Tom enjoys sharing his love and experience of art and the ocean and often can be found teaching art classes at Kids Sea Camp between dives.
He has directed many creative workshops based on the book The Artist’s Way. His work has been on display at the Ambassador Gallery in South Florida, as well as, in Soho, NY City. In addition Tom has created an album as lead singer of an acoustic rock band from South Florida. He has performed for Kids Sea Camp families in the Cayman Islands, Honduras and Fiji. Tom’s album can be heard or purchased on Itunes under “Heart of The Rose”. Tom loves to attend Kids Sea Camp where he can sing and dive with all the families.


About Jennifer Peyton: PADI Assistant Instructor

Jennifer loves Utila because of the great diving and riding horses all afternoon.

Jennifer Peyton

Born in Florida, Jennifer is an amazing free diver, photographer and rescue diver. Jennifer grew up under the fins of her mother, traveling around the world since she was 4 years old.
Jen was the idea behind Kids Sea Camp as she longed to travel with her mom instead of being put in other summer camp programs while her mom had to work. The idea to make their own camp so mom could be with her and Robbie doing fun educational activities was all hers.
 Jen thinks it’s vital for families to travel and experience the world as it truly is in order to have a more global thinking capacity to understand how we can all do our part impacting the worlds oceans in a positive way from home.  She feels that the cultures she has experienced and the children and families she has met and continued to keep in touch with around the world has made her understand and embrace difference and instead of judgment and fear, education and an open mind has expanded her world in so many positive ways.
Jennifer  became a certified diver at age 10, in 2006, at Kids Sea Camp Fiji. Even though she is a hunter jumper champion and she prefers working with animals to diving, Jen still makes time to travel with her family to Utila each year.  She has been working at a veterinary hospital part time since 2012 and is invaluable to her team.  She also works at the hospital during the summer but never misses the opportunity to join a  Kids Sea Camp week and the opportunity to ride horses on the beach.  Jen is currently attending a university as a sophomore for veterinary.  She likes the underwater world, but her desire is to become a veterinary doctor.
Jen also attends the St. Lucia Thanksgiving week with her whole family and works the weeks she attends as a Divemaster.   Jens dive certifications also include; PADI Rescue diver, Master Scuba Diver, Fish ID, Adventure Diver, Photo and Buoyancy, boat diver, navigation, digital photo, Zombie Apocalypse diver, DPV, PPB, EFR and Nat Geo certifications.

About Carolyn Pascal(Women Diver Hall of Fame) & Melissa Guarino(Director Ocean Wishes Foundation)


Melissa and Carolyn have been to over 30 Kids Sea Camps.

Melissa and Carolyn have been to over 30 Kids Sea Camps.

Carolyn Pascal is recognized as a pioneer, leader and innovator throughout the international diving community. Carolyn is former publisher of Sport Diver, Islands, Florida Travel and Life magazines. She focuses on dive market development and creates multimedia programs that contribute to industry growth.
Over her 25-year dive career, Carolyn has traveled extensively working to increase dive tourism. She is an active member of the Caribbean Hotel Association, the Caribbean Tourism Organization and has led many dive seminars and roundtable discussions. Carolyn has also played an active role in the development of Kids Sea Camp events with her daughter, Melissa Pascal-Gaurino, and has been involved in photojournalism both behind and in front of the camera.
Carolyn, also a scuba mom, has been apart of Kids Sea Camp since its birth in 2001, and is a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver.
Melissa, following in her mother’s foot steps, became a PADI Dive Master in 2011 and  has been working with Kids Sea Camp ever since.  She photographs and writes for Kids Sea Camp and Sport Diver Magazine. Melissa and Carolyn often run weeks in Grand Cayman, Bonaire and even Little Cayman.
Melissa is also a divemaster and  counselor for many of our Seal team and SASY programs. Carolyn and Melissa enjoy meeting new friends and getting reacquainted with past families, who have grown with in Kids Sea Camp over the years. Melissa has since travelled around the world and is pursuing her masters degree in Family Therapy.
She is currently the director of projects for Ocean Wishes Foundation.  www.oceanwishes.org, where she has been very successful assisting children around the world. She can be reached at melissa@oceanwishes.org

About Fraser Purdon and Sophie

Fraser and Sophie have attended over 20 Kids Sea Camp together.

Fraser and Sophie have attended over 20 Kids Sea Camp together.

Fraser & Sophie have been part of  the team since 2005. Fraser is a PADI dive instructor, as well as our SeaLife, ScubaPro, SubGear representative. Sophie is just perfect!


About Woody Tinsley: Northeast regional manager

Utila, laguna Beach resort, scuba diving, Kids Sea Canp, Family Dive Adventures, family vacations, diving vacations

Woody Tinsley is the creator of the Zombie Diver certification. Mr. Tinsley be in Utila and Bonaire creating new Zombies.

Woody, our  “Zombie” specialist instructor, has been with us since 2008. Woody is a father, husband and a PADI, IDC, Master Instructor. Woody will be hosting Bonaire and Utila.

About Zoe Funk

Zoe Funk

Zoe Funk

Zoe has been working with Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures since 2013.  A college intern who had no knowledge or experience in the sea, did not dive, or snorkel, had never the need for a passport has become our own pride and joy.  Zoe became an open water diver in Grand Cayman in 2014 and also completed her Advance Open Water there in 2015 and became a rescue diver in 2015 in Utila.   She has since also traveled to St. Lucia and has enjoyed working with the SASY kids, learning about the ocean and how important it is to all of us to take care of.  She recently introduced her mom to scuba diving through a PADI DSD.   Zoe is our office manager in South Carolina, where she is still a full time college student as well.



About Lucy Dunbar

Lucy Dunbar: s the owner of Columbia Scuba in SC.

Lucy Dunbar is the owner of Columbia Scuba in SC.

We love Lucy! Lucy Dunbar has been part of the team since 2010. She owns and operates Columbia Scuba a PADI IDC facility and is a PADI master trainer and swim school instructor.  Lucy will be in Fiji in 2015.

Lucy Dunbar:  PADI Southeastern regional director






About Sven Blank


Sven Blank has been to Kids Sea Camp weeks in Yap, Palau and the Galapagos.

Our Kids Sea Camp German rock star, “Sven” has been traveling with us since 2011.

Sven is a PADI dive instructor. Sven is also a new dad.. We love having Sven as one of our PADI professionals.

“Special thanks to these PADI professional of those who make up our Kids Sea Camp team. Without their help KSC would never be the success it has become.”