KSC Grand Cayman Parent Poems

GRAND CAYMAN  POEMS Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures 


KidsSea Camp!

By: Sandra Phipps

 Kaleidoscope of colors

Inspirational & fun

Diving with friends

S’mores and smoothies…Yum!

 Sting Ray City Trip

Eel’s below

Angel fish slip…. Along the current flow


Caybrew for Mom & Dad

After a long hard day of diving

Making memories forever

Poor hard life…. I’m lying 

By: Rachel Grasso


From California’s Sunny Skys

To the Cayman’s white sand beaches


Underneath the table lies

Crabs cuddling with French fries


Diving with new found friends

Gave us all much pleasure

Leaving us found memories

That we will always treasure


From getting scraped on the local coral

To being slapped by the cutest turtle

 Every day a different dive

Always wondering if mom would survive

 Dive Tech and Cobalt Coast

How wonderful to find a gracious host


Parting is such sweet sorrow

Why must it be tomorrow



By: Marcie Parker


Our day starts down

At Cobalt Coast

A fun time we will have

With Ari as our host!


We can snorkel, Scuba,

Learn scooter and more

Dive Tech’s the company

With certifications galore!


Cameras by SeaLife are

Fun to use-

Thanks to Fraser we can

Capture the views!


Good times we have had

And memories we will take

It’s Margo and Tom

We owe a big thanks!


They gave us a week we’ll

Remember FOREVER

Our Family vacation-

Time spent Together!


By: Alyssa, Brenda, & Ken Maddox


A spiked yellow head through bright blue eyes

Sees families doing Kids Sea Camp as the dive banner flies.


From corners of the world come these urchins in disguise.

Excitement fills the air, you can hear it in their cries.


Some seek art and leisure books,

And some the food of the Cobalt cooks.


Through table chat adults imbibe,

While spreading tales of their last dive.


Run little hermit crabs, hide in your shells,

Little yellow Kids Sea Camper, work your magic spells.


A captive sea turtle wants the sea.

Kids Sea Campers set him free.


Cobalt Coast, a lovely site,

Adults and kids sleep well at night.


We’ll have our fun, but never fear,

You’ll bring us back again next year. 

By: Taylor P.


See the ocean blue

Exhilaration of seeing under the water not over

Awesome colors, sights and movement


Camp instructors are so nice

Amazing diving locations and more

More to take in than ever before

Pretty fish and coral                            


By: Holt Robinson

Friends, fins, French fries n fuss

That’s the start to creating a new us

The week grew on and so did they

Our new scuba week

Kids now no more fuss             



Our Trip to KidsSea Camp


By: Dennis Pigg

As I boarded the plane

These were the thoughts that went through my brain


How will the dives be

For my family and me


Will they be short and sweet

Or long and not miss a beat 


Will the water be clear so I can see miles

Or will it be murky and I loose all my smiles


Will I make friends that last forever

Or will I just hang with my kids, NEVER


I arrived at Cobalt Coast

And all my questions soon got lost


I could see the water was so clear

I just wanted to get near


I begged to jump in

But first I had to put my stuff into it’s bin


We filled out the paperwork

Before we could start our scuba work


The first day of diving would be so great

I could not wait


My family was able to split from the monkeys

And enjoy the trip from the Dive Tech junkies


The water was deep and warm

With a lot of fish in a swarm.


We had so much fun

With the machine that let us run


All I had to do is breathe

Since the staff did every thing else for me.


My wife painted with Tom

Since she is such a good mom.


She does not dive

But getting her here did not take a bribe.


She loves to spend time with Margo

And to see how deep her family can go.


My 10 year old daughter

Got her open water.


My 14 year old son

Just scooted in the sun.


The boat dive was great

Since the current did not test my faith.


I loved CJ and Lee

Since it was up to them what I would see.


The family loved the turtle release

& Alex loved the afternoon feast.


Now we are done for the week

And all my family minus one are diving freaks.


Will we come back?

As long as construction stays in the black


We will see Kids Sea Camp next year

And hopefully drink more beer

Since me and my kids have no fear.                        



The ABC’s of Kids Sea Camp

By: Rachel Fredrickson


Ari- We love you Ari!

Brady- loving on all the girls.

Chickens of course! Chicken fights, Chicken killer, Chicken nuggets, Chickens OK

Divetech of course

Equalize, equalize, equalize

Fins, fishies, fun!

Grand Cayman Island

Humid, humid, humid

Igloo- let’s go to Kid’s Sea Camp in Antarctica next year

Josh- my favorite open water diver

Kristian- Bon Voyage

Lifelong fun & friends

Margo, Margo, Margo

Night Dive- In the heat, things to see

Oceans we love to explore

PADI dude! Pictures

Quesadillas- yum! Yum!

Right, Right- drive on the right

Sea Urchins- ouch and scooter fun (of course Scuba)

Turtles- Brady, Sophie, Nick- so cute!

Umbrellas- keeping us cool

Vacation in Paradise

Water and Wall-E, Wait, where did everyone go?

Xchange rate- that’s a gazillion in Cayman please

Yippee- we had so much fun

Zach’s arm- it didn’t slow him down


By: Nancy Hara-Isa

As the blue skies meet the blue sea

The sun shines and soaks into me


I sit back and take a look around

Not sure  what to do, not making a sound


Kid swim, scream  and run all about

All having fun and giving a shout


Parents come from all kinds of places

Seeing the world, meeting new faces


Turtles, lobsters, crabs and fishes

All enough to fill a divers wishes 


As divers of all ages discover the ocean

Everyone out here is feeling the motion


Sitting on the beach and enjoying the fun

A Kids Sea Camp vacation is second to none