Galapagos Poem

Title: Galapagos  by Marie Eve Leclerc 2014

When the plane first landed in the Galapagos,
I had tears in my eyes
I couldn’t believe that I was here
Breathing the same air as the Galapagos’s animals
That I would walk on those mythical islands
Following the steps of so many explorers before me
That I would dive with whale sharks and other giants of the sea
Tracking back the evolution of life to their roots
Those tears were just the beginning
Of something amazing and incredible
And now that I look back on what I’ve seen
I consider myself lucky
Lucky to have lived this adventure
Lucky to have seen that much in my life at such a young age
Lucky to have dived into those seas
Lucky to have met all of you
Those tears were meant to be
When I will leave
Those tears will be in my eyes again
But I will be smiling
Thinking about all those moments passed with great people
Those tears aren’t sad tears
But nostalgic tears
This another Kids Sea Camp  trip will be sealed in my memory forever
And all of this because of those tears.