My Favorite Diving

(Sung to “My Favorite Things”)

Black banded sea kraits and large tiger cowries

Leaf fish and stonefish that scoot cross the floor seas

Whip coral

Gobis and yellow jaw fish smiles for all

These creatures ive traveled the miles.

Schooling black snapper and chromis wearing jammies

Bubble coral shrimp and anemone fish families

Hawksbills and spotted rays that fly if on wings, these are a few of my favorite things

When the dive ends, when its surface time, when we need a break, I cant wait to go back to  the restaurant resort to eat what the staff has baked.

Pancit and dragon fruit and fresh tuna poki

Josh Comay’s photo tips, our

Kids singing karaoke

sarong tying lessons and a village tour stop

Kids Sea Camp Wakatobi really does rock.

So if you’re thinking bout a family trip and really want to dive, Ask Margo and Top about Wakatobi resort for an adventure to come alive.