Galapagos Poem

Title: Galapagos  by Marie Eve Leclerc 2014

When the plane first landed in the Galapagos,
I had tears in my eyes
I couldn’t believe that I was here
Breathing the same air as the Galapagos’s animals
That I would walk on those mythical islands
Following the steps of so many explorers before me
That I would dive with whale sharks and other giants of the sea
Tracking back the evolution of life to their roots
Those tears were just the beginning
Of something amazing and incredible
And now that I look back on what I’ve seen
I consider myself lucky
Lucky to have lived this adventure
Lucky to have seen that much in my life at such a young age
Lucky to have dived into those seas
Lucky to have met all of you
Those tears were meant to be
When I will leave
Those tears will be in my eyes again
But I will be smiling
Thinking about all those moments passed with great people
Those tears aren’t sad tears
But nostalgic tears
This another Kids Sea Camp  trip will be sealed in my memory forever
And all of this because of those tears.

Utila, Kids Sea Camp poems

Perfect 10

By The Ward family,  Week one winner

Oh, beautiful Utila, what an adventure you’ve been,

Laguna Beach resort has earned a “perfect 10.”

The whole staff was so kind, the crew second to none,

Underwater or on land we couldn’t have had more fun.

Critters and creatures everywhere, with no rhyme or reason,

They even found us Whale sharks and it’s not even the season.

The mosquitoes and no-see-ums tried to spoil our dives,

Bu the Zombie Apocalypse had them running for their lives.

Every dive was amazing, there’s no way we couldn’t win,

Kids Sea Camp Utila, we can’t wait to do it again!



Whale Shark

By Annie Myron

Whale shark, Whale shark

What do you see?

I see a human snorkeling by me.

Whale shark, Whale shark spots to and fro,

Whale shark where did you go?


Utilean Waters

By the Schaffer family

Up from the depths of the Utilean waters,

A majestic spotted beast glides past.

Up on deck of the boat we sought her,

Mask, fins and snorkel put them on fast.

Jump into the water and follow her down,

Hold our breaths with cameras steady.

Aim, point and shoot for the best picture in town

But if you blink your eyes, she will be gone already.


Passport in pocket

By The Myron family

Come divers, come snorkels,

All family and friends.

It’s off to Kids Sea Camp,

Where the fun never ends.

Passport in pocket,

Dove bag in hand.

The adventure begins,

When our feet touch the sand.

A sweetheart named Margo,

Is there from the start.

A smile so big,

And a magnificent heart.

A bold guy named Woody,

Takes our kids for a dive.

We all think ourselves,

Please bring’em back alive.

A Whale shark, a seahorse,

Our week comes to an end.

We leave Laguna Beach resort

Having made a new friend.

She walks on four legs,

And Coco’s her name.

She surely belongs,

In the Dog Hall of Fame.



By the Tappero family

U: Unlimited fun diving, fishing, kayaking, horseback riding and four-wheeling.

T: Terrific times seeing whale sharks, rays, turtles, eels and many exotic fish. A special Thanks to all who work for Laguna Beach resort for all the hard work and great service this week.

I: Intense pressure, learning the Zombie Dive and Water signs. Thanks to Woody and Kevin for all the hard work.

L: Landing and having fun with all the interesting familys from all over the world. Hope we see you all again at another Kids Sea Camp.

A: Awesome time on a great vacation thanks to Margo for all the hard work to make this such a wonderful vacation for all of us.



Grand Cayman poems 2013

Grand Cayman poems 2013

“Short and Sweet” By Lorie Johnson

The warmest of welcome from Arrie when we arrive

Under a gorgeous blue Cayman sky.


To the dive shop to meet,

The most knowledgeable divemasters found on the Cayman beat.

No offense Atatude peeps

But the Tanata gang will make you laugh to weeps!


There is Christian, historian, skippers, artist and so much more

Then you have sweet Toni with divemaster joke galore.

With pirates, presentations, photos and smores,

No one really wants to stay in doors.


Great dives, stories and unforgettable memories while dine.

Eagle rays, turtles, coral, tow lionfish culls and bonding on the “pee” tow line.

Kids Sea Camp at Cobalt Coast is a quaint, friendly and relaxing vacation.

The sounds of children playing adults laughing most certainly will make it a future destination.




“Cobalt Blue” by Vivian Rogers

Cobalt Blue

Tanata with Attitude

Everyday we’re diving


Down below

There we go

Making memories to cherish


Kids Sea Camp

Grand Cayman Isle

Bless these deeps walls forever


Cobalt Blue

DiveTech too

Missing all y’all forever.


“Here Here” by James Gerdt

A run in the morning, two dives before noon.

Has anyone seen our kids?

I’m sure we’ll see them soon.


Another dive or maybe a beer,

I wonder how long, we could stay here.

Now I’ve seen my son, but no sign of my daughter,

I’m sure she’s diving a wreck or snorkeling or something in the water.


Catching lionfish with Toni sure was fun,

We’re her first students who didn’t get stung!

Rescue diver. . .that’s what we now call David and Jim,

When I grow up I want to be just like them.


I’m hungry again —Cobalt Coast has good food,

Add a coffee smoothie and friends to brighten your mood.

It’s been a great week, but it’s time to head back to work again,

Though I’m not sure I can find my way without a drawing from Christian.

I finally found bath of my off spring.

One’s almost sleep and is that both have a new turtle thing.


Farewell friends, we’ll see you next year.

Let’s all raise a glass and shout “Here, Here.”


“Twinkle Camp” By Allison Ameo

Twinkle, Twinkle little star,

Time to go very far.

Playing, laughing and making friends,

The fun at Sea Camp never ends.


The Ocean by Chloe Mei

The ocean is a great place to swim.

You can snorkel, dive and sassy.

It’s fun to do all those three but especially with your friends.

And all you can see are fishes and trees and all the other sea animals.

It’s really cool to go in the ocean and so it’s fun for me.


“Graduation Time” by Jocelyn Ameo

When I am in the water

I tell my father

Five more minutes to go

Before my graduation show.

The time I had was very fun,

I laughed and played in the sun.

I had fun making friends

And I am sad because it’s about to end.


“Kids Sea Camp Lane” By Nick Arnel

In Grand Cayman there’s a place that they call Cobalt Coast,

Where Kids Sea Camp is having great fun everyday

All the families like to come and play

It’s an awesome stay.


On the corner there’s a dive shop they call DiveTech

Where the staff is always happy to oblige.

When you say you want to go and dive

They say A-O-K

That’ the way.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


At Cobalt Coast there is a boat they call the Atutude

It will take you to the sites you want to see.

Ghost Mountain and the Kittiwake

And the Half Pipe too.


There is also a fun place that they call Turtle Farm.

Where the Sassys and the Seals went to play

Conservation is the point of view, very cool.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


Nanette and Fraser set their sites on “Sting Ray City.”

Where we’re guaranteed to have a great ol’time

We got to feed the stingrays bits of squid,

It’s great to be a kid.


Now the time has come for us to sing a fond farewell

To all the new friends that we’ve made along way.

We’ll be planning our next holiday

Maybe Utila Bay,

What d’ya say.

Chorus: (Penny Lane)

Kids Sea Camp is in my heart and in my soul

There beneath the deep blue ocean sea

I swim and meanwhile back


The Galapagos song

Pack, Pack, Pack Our Gear

by Lloyd and Brenna Kaufman  (to the tune of Row, Row,
Row Your Boat)

Pack, pack, pack our gear
We’re headed on a trip.
To the Galapagos,
It’s on our bucket list

One, two, three plane rides
In Ecuador we arrive.
We board the mighty Wolf Buddy
It’s run by Buddy Dive

Board the ship, stow our gear
Get ready for our first dip.
Diving with the sea lions
It really was a trip!

Off, off ,off we go
To Wolf we are bound.
Just like promised by Peter,
Schools of hammerheads we found!

Then it’s on to Darwin’s island,
Whale sharks we desire.
In two days we found seven in all
Salon and Peter they’re on fire!

On last dive in shark bay,
It was a little rough
We lost Bruce,
but then found him floating in the sea so rough!

Next it was back to Isabel,
A cold dive we did do.
Sea horses, sea lions and a bullhead shark,
Punta Vicenta Roca we love you!

Onto Fernandina Island,
To swim with the iguana.
And on the way back to the boat,
We saw the fin of a mola mola

Our journey continues,
Back north of the equator.
The captain stopped at 0 0 0
We’ll show the pictures later.

Land, land, land we touched
On Punta Albamarle.
Lava flow, mockingbirds
And remnants from the world war.

Then we had one last dive,
At little cousin’s rock.
Sea lions, white tip sharks
still sleeping in the reef rock.

Bartolome Island,
we did go.
Penguins blue footed boobies,
It was quite a show.

Off to Santa Cruz we went,
To the highlands.
Nice walk to Darwin station,
mojito and cerveza it ends.

Love love loved this trip,
What a beautiful time.
Wolf Buddy Crew hats off to you,
It’s been worth every dime!

Kids Sea Camp poems from Costa Rica

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica at Kids Sea Camp.

Ode to Ocotal

By the Sutherlands family

Diving days, sharks, eels, enormous rays,

even turtles in the haze.


Hot and cold, cold and hot,

Thermoclines in every sport.


Pat Patel, rain like hell,

Can’t get a towel in Ocotal.


Neighborly sounds through the door,

Hope to god we didn’t snore.


Up and down the steep incline,

could have used a zipline.


Volleyball in the pool,

all the kids acting cool.


Surfing beach, youngster good,

Parents doing what they could.


Meeting early, leaving late,

Next time let’s just plan for eight.


Mud spa, riding horses,

Zooming down the zipline courses.


Margo home with her back,

Nanette kept it all on track.


No Wakely’s here to make a rhyme,

We’ll all have a chance this time.


Now we’re dome with river rafting,

Last activity poem crafting.


Enjoyed the time we all spent here,

Perhaps we’ll see back next year.


Kids Sea camp again

By the Olsen family,

Summer again, Kids Sea Camp— it’s now five years,

Lots of diving, beautiful fish and never a fear.


Food, friends and fun—much to learn and share,

With Nanette and “Scuba”, we have a care!


White tips, puffers, starfish and eels galore,

Great diving, many photos, new sites to explore.


Beautiful country, nice people, sunsets of very hue,

Great week all-in-all, except for the early curfew.


Up the hills we went, fine horses to ride,

Then to the bottom we zipped—a total glide.


Rafting last day, great week for all,

Flying home tomorrow —safe travels to all!



Costa Rica Pura Vida

By the Suwczinsky family

A pool with a view; a bar with drinks,

Smoothies made whats on hand; rum tequila and coconuts found in the sand.


Up hill, down hill; diner breakfast and lunch,

“What, there was a shuttle?” asked a tired diver from the bunch.


Visilibity is clear, no surge at times; great dive masters and a little thermocline,

Four boats, three dives a day, sharks, eels and lots of rays.


It’s raining, it’s pouring; surfing is anything but boring; push up stand up, ride the waves, guys,

Keep your balance, for the Tamarindo vibes.


Slather on the volcanic mud; Jacuzzi spa, then rinse with suds,

A horse ride up a scenic hill; the thirteen ziplines for a thrill.


Whitewater rafting with a 12 foot drop,

Paddle backwards, forwards and then a stop.


We talk to teens via morse code,

Then brought them home, although they had to be towed.


A slamming bathroom door made long trips on the bus,

After all that — “All-inclusive” is a plus.


As the week in Costa Rica ends,

We say goodbye to new and old friends.


We are all so different, but share our love to dive,

And agree on one thing — curfew is 8:45.





By Grant Kobes

Lionfish must die,

Into the pan they will fry,

Oh, how fine is thy.

Kids Sea Camp: B-O-N-A-I-R-E

By Morgan Burkhard

B: Beautiful

O: Outstanding

N: New

A: Amazing

I: Inspirational

R: Rocky reef

E: Beautiful

E: Exciting

We are family

By Karen Binns-Loveman

(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Buddy Dive is cool as can be.

House reef just offshore

with endless coral and fishes galore.

I’m not telling no lie.


Learning is extra fun, playing beneath the sun.

Seals and sassy make a splash

While juniors and teens have a bash.

We’re loving diving in Bonaire the most, Yeah.


(Chorus) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.


Bonaire breeze and green sunset flashes,

Complete with flounders, puffers, eels, turtles and octopi

As they all swim on by.


All of the people around us to say

Old friend and new

Through Sea Camp we gather near,

We ‘re loving camp until we meet next year.


(Chorus, repeat twice) We are family.

I got all my dive buddies.

Kids Sea family.

Get up everybody and dive.

The Symphony of the Sea

As the salty water flows

I hear the musicians of the sea . . .

The drummer fish on percussion.

The brass are trumpet fish.

The starfish is the singer.

The yellowtail snapper snaps to the beat,

as the sargent major leads the band.

More Bonaire poems

Facing Fear

By Peter Sam

Deep, dark ocean. You scare me.

I don’t like swimming in the sea.

I don’t like carbs or eels or fish.

To be home in my bed is what I wish.


Day 1,2,3,4 even 5.

I’m just trying to stay alive.

No matter how they plead and beg.

I won’t touch that water, not even with one leg!


On Day 6, the final day.

A spark springs out and I’m OK!

Snorkeling along without a car.

I’m finally a water-lover in Bonaire!