Reservation and waiver forms

All the forms & waivers you love to fill out

The forms below are required to confirm your reservations. Please complete each form and email or fax forms with your payments to confirm your space. (fax# 843-353-2537).

Call us if you have any questions or concerns. 803-419-2556

E:learning (Click this link to start your PADI course today.) E:learning fees are not included in your package and are paid directly to PADI once you sign up.


Forms 1-4 must be printed, completed, and received by Kids Sea Camp to confirm a reservation. Documents will not be provided without signed forms being received prior to travel. Form #5 for stated destinations only.
1. 2017 FAMILY APP
2. 2017 Terms & Conditions
 3. 2017 Credit Card Authorization Form
4. PADI_KSC_Waiver(1 per certified diver not in a course)

5. Advanced adventures WAIVERThis waiver needed for Fiji, Philippines, Palau, Yap, Galapagos, Mexico, Australia and Grand Cayman.(Big animal dive waiver)


Kids rental gear is free:

Equipment Rental Request Form: (if adults need to rent gear, or we are providing gear for your kids, please include this form for sizing 1 per diver. Kids gear is included on all land-based destinations, Adults dive gear is not included.)


Forms 1-4 must be printed, completed, and received by Kids Sea Camp to confirm a reservation. Documents will not be provided without signed forms being received prior to travel. Form #5 for stated destinations only.
1. 2018 Credit Card Authorization Form
2. 2018 Terms & Conditions

3. 2018 FAMILY APP


FAMILY DIVER RESERVATION FORM This form must be completed with the deposit to secure the FDA reservation. (Required for an FDA booking)


2017 FDA Credit Card Authorization Form Please use this form to secure your trip purchase or product purchase from Family Dive Adventures products and services.
Family Dive Adventures is a travel service offered by Kids Sea Camp inc.  Providing families with a dive travel specialist to assist and serve you in making your individual family or small group reservations on a year-round basis.  We represent and sell all destinations and PADI operators and hotels that are listed on our Family Dive Adventures dive deals pages. For more information or to book your next trip, give us a call today.  803-419-2556.
PADI DIVER FORMS & Waivers: These forms must be printed, completed and brought with you to be turned in at the PADI dive shop you are diving with.  If you do not bring these forms with you, you will be required to fill them out upon arrival, prior to participating in any dive activity.

Below are links to the (PDF) PADI forms and waivers for each course offered on your family dive vacation weeks.  Each link contains the PADI forms required for each PADI course you have requested. We are providing these forms for you to review, ask questions and check with your doctor about any concerns or requirements.

PADI forms are mandatory for each student participating in PADI programs.  Please download, read and complete, bring the original forms with you and turn them in at the dive shop upon arrival.  If you have any questions please give us a call 803-419-2556.

Seal Team 1 set per child participating. Kids must be 8-year-old prior to the start of course.  Print and bring original forms with you to dive shop

SASY  kids must be age 5+ (PADI SASY Forms required 1 per student)  Print and bring original forms with you to dive shop

(Download for PADI Adventure diver age 10 and 11, Jr. Advanced open water age 12-14 and Advanced open water age 15 up through adults)                   Merged Files_AOW Print and bring original forms with you to dive shop

(Download forms for PADI Open water or  PADI Jr. Open Water course adults or kids 1 per student        Merged Files_JOW  Print and bring original forms with you to dive shop

The Continuing Education form is required for any specialty classes, including Zombie Diver, Photo, Nitrox etc. One set per participant adult or child.

Adult certified diver forms:  Adult divers who will be participating in a PADI course.  This is a statement in which you are informed of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and of the conduct required of you during the scuba training program. Your signature on this statement is required for you to participate in the scuba training program. Medicalform16

This form is a statement in which you are informed of the established safe diving practices for skin and scuba diving. 10060_Statemen16 (1 per certified diver must be completed and originals brought with you.

Emergency Release (Parents need to fill this form out for each child that is a certified diver not in a course. This form has already been included in the above-Merged files for courses.) required to be filled out by parent or guardian print out, complete and hand into dive shop.

COLLEGE CREDIT: Receive College Credit for up to 15 PADI courses learns how.  Click here

PADI Instructor intern: click here

PADI InstAppl (Kids Sea Camp IDC at Buddy Dive Bonaire 5 Star CDC center Aug 2017)


Traveling with Kids outside the US, be informed.  Read our travel with kids documentation information required.

Payments, Promotions, Discounts and Special offers:

Kids Sea Camp occasionally create special offers to sell last minute unsold space in garden rooms, or studios etc.  We will also run last minute specials if for some unforeseen reason a family needs to cancel and we need to resell the space.  We try to help out resorts and families with last minute changes. No promotions, discounts, special can be combined. Offers and promotions have started and stop dates and are for new reservations. Countries often have VAT taxes, marine park fees, and departure taxes. These are not included in any pricing unless otherwise stated on your invoice and price quote.


Destination  Brochure Trip info  Know Before You Go Itinerary Forms & Waivers
Dominica 2017DOMFLYER
Cayman Islands  DiveTech Waivers
Philippines 2017Phillyflyer  
Palau 2017PALAUFLYER   Sam’s Tours Dive Waiver

Sam’s Tours Non-Diver Waiver

Sam’s Registration- Waiver Form_Rev 12_E-form

Mexico Quino  Sea of Cortez 2017QuinoFLYER    
Mexico Rocio Del Mar  Socorro    
Galapagos Galapagos Sky    
Wakatobi  2017WakaFLYER    
Roatan 2017RTBFLYER    Mayan Divers Diver Information/Equipment Rental

Turquoise Bay Sign-in Sheet

Turquoise Bay/Subway Watersports Dive Waiver

St. Lucia         July & November 2017ST.LUCIAFLYER Dive Site Descriptions 2   July :2017/2016 KSC St.lucia Schedule July – Sheet1  SLUWaiver

REMINDER: ALL US PASSPORTS MUST BE VALID FOR UP 6 SIX MONTHS PRIOR TO EXPIRATION DATE TO LEAVE THE COUNTRY.  All payments are non-refundable please make sure to take trip cancellation insurance.

Contact Kids Sea Camp directly for current information rates and pricing 1-803-419-2556.                                                          Prices are not guaranteed until packages are paid in full.

Package prices differ per destination, and may not include the following: Departure taxes, round trip airline reservations, luggage fees, gov’t taxes, VAT taxes, port taxes, fuel surcharges, marine park fees, service charges, change fees or permits.  These local taxes and fees are beyond our control and generally payable to vendors directly. Kids Sea Camp and its agents act as a reservation service for selected suppliers and operators. It is your responsibility to provide proper documentation for international travel. We highly recommend DAN Trip and DAN Dive Insurance, ,