Galapagos Family Adventure poems


The Stookey Bunch (to the Brady Bunch theme)

This is a story
Of a family named Stookey
That was sailing with five very crazy kids
Christian and Nelson were so frightened
Until the KSC staff walked in
The kids were whining-
Putting on their thick wet suits
And the water was choppy, rough and cold
But when the sharks, rays and dolphins swam by
It was all worth while
Then the whale shark
Took our breath away
As he silently glided by
Then much too quickly the dive was over
And the strong panga guys arrived
Back to the ship for coco and snacks
We’ll  need to add more weights to our belts
But it’s all worth it to dive at Darwin
We wish it would never end
This is the end of our story
But not the end of our diving adventures.
Teaching our children to love the oceans
So they can protect it!     The End
By  Ken. Michele, Izzy Stookey


The Quest

We came to Darwin’s Arch from far and wide
Hoping to see a whale shark, but so far been deprived.
The current is strong,
Our wait has been long.
We’ve seen eels, hammerheads. Tuna and even an eagle ray,
But our quest has been held at bay
Our parents promised us at least one
Before our trip to the Galapagos was done.
Nelson’s videos are awesome but not enough,
We want the real stuff!
We will listen closely for Christian’s shaker,
Only that won’t be a faker.
Tomorrow will for sure be the day
That  whale sharks did pass in the blue and made us say     HOORAY!!!!
By John Coniff, (12)  & Vanessa Clark


The Galapagos
A long time dream
Finally enjoyed
With my kid
and all the members Of the friendly crew
Are showing us the wonders of this beautiful sea.
Hammers, “Galapagos” turtles and seals, dancing with the dolphins’
Surrounding me!!
And coming out of the blue, here is what we see,
A whale shark  for me.
By  Cristina & Carlos Castello


Grand Moon
Grand moon
Beacon in the night
Mother Moon
Matron with the light
Bring  the whale shark home.