Kids Sea Camp Honduras Parent Poems

Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures  Family poems..  Dive Honduras, Bay Islands Utila

Laguna Beach Resort


K- ids having fun every day
I- n the water bright and early
D-olphins for all
S-harks for some

S-un shine abounds
E-el’s down deep
A-ndrea rocks!

C- alderone rocks too!
A-nd rough seas
M-akes for
P- lentiful FUN!

– By: Denice Tappero


Our family came here from the “Highlands”
To spend time in these beautiful islands
Drinking beer by the glass, here in hon-dur-as
And will leave these good islands a smiling
Rotten Ronnie is the best his pirate name is Rogest
We think at times he’s lost his mind!
You’ll Think he’s crazy but he’s really kind!
Our family loves it by the sea
We are as happy as can be
scuba diving is so much fun
We won’t go home until we are done

– By: Robert Parker


R-eef diving in search of colorful fish
O-cean clear and blue greatest wish
A-bstract art with rotten Ronnie he’s the best
T-ropical island –so much to do no time to rest
A-nimals – paco the parrot and peter the monkey
Our new best friend
N-ever enough week sad to see the end

– By: K. Van Dike


The same kid, from Bermuda
Who wanted to see a barracuda
Went diving one day
and got lost on the way
and ended up in Cuba

– By: Holly Wakely


There was a young man from Bermuda
Who wanted to see a barracuda
He does the best that he can
he went to Utila
At Kids Sea Camp he learned
How to scuba

– By: Zebedee Wakely


The sea is blue and Quaid eats glue
Kash likes paint
but still says the word ain’t
Sherri loves the trip
but still doesn’t give A flip
Jason enjoys no phone but all he can
Hear is reeds fingerless moan,
We have enjoyed all of the doctors and a few of
The loons
The Roberts all hope to see you
Again soon

– By: Jason Roberts


To Bay Islands we made the trek and got
To dive on a big wreck
But the best part for our whole group
Is the Kids Sea Camp troup
About the ocean the kids learned much
Seeing dolphins, fish, turtles and such
To Rogest and Margo and everyone thanks
So much

– By: Doris & Bob Schaffer

Palau Family Dive Adventure Parent poems

Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures Palau with Sam’s Tours and Palau Royal Resort.

These are the poems the memories and bits of inspiration from families that travel with us.

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Roses are red
Bat meat is blue
Leaving Palau
Makes me feel blue too

By Sisney family (yes they really ate a bat)

Old divers, old fins, new friends
We dove we ate we learned
Times were grand because we dove with Sam’s
The strobes were flashing the diving was smashing but
Now it’s time to return to the grind
I hope we can all find the money and time
To return and do it all over again

By Norlund family

It’s a heap of fun
We love to dive & we love to swim & we love to sit in the sun
Sam’s Tours Palau been fun
There’s not one thing that they can’t do
But please don’t mention Yap!

Diving through the blue
There’s sharks & mantas too
It’s your lucky day
If Dave’s not in the way!
Costa’s briefs aren’t short
Palau’s history he’s taught
Dave’s sausage stands a lot more firm
Than Sean’s undulating worm!

Teen divers back roll in
The sharks are chasing Quinn
There are cameras everywhere
Bri’s Shu brushing her hair
There are now five divers more
Than in the bait ball we first saw
Five extra kids been certified
Congratulations- you can dive!

And now it’s time for home
As around the world we roam
Injecting sickly ferrets
And checking the world wide markets
Will look up facebook pages
And Kids Se Camp .com
We’re planning next year already
So Utila here we come!

By Wakely family

So- off we went to the Island Paradise of Palau
With the KSC crew there, there’s no better time than now.
With Margo & Tabitha all flights were made ready’
Our room & schedules were all set, everything was ready.
Upon arriving we were met by the islands best team; Sam, Dermont,
Marc and Laura on board, what a dream!
Then diving with stingless jellyfish on our first island day-
Our kids snorkeled with them so gleefully-couldn’t help but say Hooray!
Boat diving then followed and each day was an absolute blast!
From channels and caves to seaplanes from the past.
Our boat crew was the best- JC & Robin somehow made sure that mantas & sharks
Would be there without bringing a lure!
But what makes this trip even more so endearing is that for sure each child would learn
About scuba diving, sea animals & ocean life, Oh so inspiring!
So now with new friendships made and our taste for adventure fulfilled to the brim-
We look forward to our next sea camp with a smile and a grin.
So till then our dreams will be filled by manta rays & jellyfishes as we plan to be at
Next year’s Kids Sea Camp to fulfill our summer vacation wishes.

By AbadSantos family

Who wants to travel “round the world
Come to Palau w/ me
Let’s make new friends who share our love
For the creatures of the sea

Mantas, sharks and turtles
Rays and fish galore
So many treasures lay in wait
For those who leave the shore.

So many creatures, great and small
Swim right before our eyes
I feel so blessed to have seen this place-
A place too beautiful to describe

Bento’s boats and beaches
Did wait for us each day
Along with friends and memories
That we’ll all take away.

Tonight we depart our island dream
To start our journey back
But lets first applaud our new divers
Ellen, Hannah, Liv and Jack!

Palau is oh so beautiful
Found at the Rainbow’s End
But even more beautiful are all of you
Who I now consider friends

So don’t worry-don’t fret
Do not shed a tear
For Kids Sea Camp we don’t say goodbye
We say see you all next year!

By Weller family

KSC Grand Cayman Parent Poems 2007

We’ve traveled here from far & wide,
To experience Grand Caymans underside.
The ocean here is ever so blue,
With turtles, eels & a shark or too.

It’s great to experience Kids Sea Camp again,
Everyone’s having fun & learning all they can.
Rogest brought his paints & canvas,
To bring out the artist in all of us.

We’d like to thank the staff & crew,
For making this week a dream come true.
Tomorrow we head out to Stingray City,
It’s our last dive this week & that’s a pity.
No worries, best wishes, it’s been great
We hope to see you’ll in 2008



I came to Cayman to have fun
All beneath the beautiful blue sun
To dive each day beneath the sea
The sharks, the rays, the fish & we
When I see all the colorful fish
To stay even longer is my wish
We set free a turtle named Dipper
#339 was the tag on his flipper
We hope we see him again someday
With him we will swim & play
The days were long but filled with fun
We were tired & burned from the hot sun
Friends were made & fish we saw
Some day we hope to see them all
This poem is long & really bad
But we will always remember the fun we had



Our dreams come true…

To McKinna & Riley

To see the light that is in your eyes
When you emerge from the ocean blue.
There really should be no surprise
As we have felt it too.
For many years your Mom & I
Have known it to be true
Our love of the ocean is a gift passed on
From us to both of you.
Our hearts are full of love & pride
As we watch you grow & learn.
Our love of the ocean we can always share.
You make our dreams come true
From Mommy & Daddy



Diving is fun, diving is cool, but paint with Rogest & your wife will leave you!
This may seem extreme, & may seem bad,
but 2 hours of painting makes her not so mad!
Rogest is the man & volunteers his time, but keeping her from downtown shopping makes me a big fan! She comes back covered in paint & happy on her face,
Rogest shirt matches, but it must be coincidence!
This must not be right, but $4,500 for her first painting…Who cares



Grand Cayman is fun as was Curacao the blast
Kids Sea Camp is #1, we’re here at last.
The kids are excited same as us,
6 months of planning everyday past is a plus.
We counted our days one by one
Till the day we arrived to begin our fun.
The kids can’t wait to get in the water,
But little they knew I threw in my daughter.
The Sasy’s, the Teens & even the Seals
Have the biggest smiles from head to heels,
A week of fun they will never forget
& I hope next year will be better yet.
Almost time to go home but no long faces
Because thanks to Margo, we can visit new places.



You’ll find us at the Cobalt Coast,
Arie is your gracious host.
This pretty resort sits on Cayman’s northern tip-
The destination of our summer trip.

Dive Tech is our pro dive shop,
A small & very well run shop.
Nancy & Eleanor, Steve, Lee & Josh:
The staff are just great, it’s really quite posh!

The dives we take are cool, blue & gorgeous,
We all want to see who can I.D. more fish!
Hepp’s Wall, Round Rock, Doc Polsun, Chain Reef-
We dove each of these & hated to leave!

Who saw a ray, a lobster, a shark?
Dipper the turtle no more at the park….
Tiny gobies, so bright, Rock beauties & more,
We try to I.D. them back at the shore!
Whose computer is noisy, whose weight belt fell off?
Whose rebreather sounds like a Star Trek take off?



Rotten Ronnie is such fun,
He rants & raves,
& generally misbehaves.
But we love him for his eccentric ways.

He teases,
But always pleases.
Dot by dot, day by day,
He starts each day a lovely way.



There once was a man named Rogest,
Who everyone thought was a pest.
He taught all the tots,
How drawing with dots,
Might help them to become all the best!




My daughter is just like me,
She loves to go diving under the sea.

Ocean encounters are so much fun,
Underneath the big, big sun!

Fish & fish galore
Swimming above the ocean floor.

Things to do & things to see,
It’s a fishy world around me.

I see dolphins in the ocean,
Putting on some sun-tan lotion!

Fish always seem to be school
Swimming in a great big, blue pool.

Sunlight filtered through the water
Where, oh where is my daughter?

Suddenly I see my daughter,
Getting her C-card & graduating under water!

Now we have a new Sylvia Earle
To explore & find the ocean’s pearls!




By the sea, by the beautiful sea.
I’ve come here to see what’s under the sea.
Of turtles & lobsters & undersea urchins,
To tarpon & tuna, we just keep on search’in
We dove in the morning, we dove twice a day
We dove so much, we even saw a ray
We dove with our buddies & all our friends too
We had so much fun, how I wish I brought you!
We hope to return one day to this beautiful place.
A place to preserve & to share with the whole human race.




Dots, dots & the deep blue sea
Turtles released so they can swim free
Watching crabs crawl
Diving deep on the wall
Watching kids take their first breath
Getting ready to dive in the depth
Diving at night
Pitch black, no light
Colors of coral seen
Makes your senses keen
Artists are budding young & old
Maybe some paintings will be sold
Spending a lot of time outside
Taking a submarine ride
Making many a new friend
With letters & e-mails to send
Dots, dots & the deep blue sea
Kids Sea Camp is the place to be!!!!




Hustle & bustle of busy lives left behind
Water & silence envelops me as I drop slowly & calmly into the sea
I greet the busy sea creatures inhabiting the coral tops
Little cities of color, darting about, oblivious to my visit.



Morning coffee-black brew
Hurry to eat-too early
Gear checks-octopus, BC, fins
Computers on
Bungee off
Cool blanket surround
Weightless floating
No worries
Beauty surrounds
Porgy, grunt, dog snapper, schoolmaster, angelfish
Tarpon, stingray, turtle
Jawfish up-down-up-down
5 at 15
Sun, dry
Dock, lunch, heat, Caybrew



Saphira swims in the deep blue sea.
She wishes for a pair of knees
& then that night she finds a coin
She dropped that coin & it went bong
& then she got her knees & then she goes to sea




Priorities change
We rearrange
Children come
We’re on the run
Memories are faint
Of poetry & paint
Years have passed
Since I dove last
Passions rest
But we are blessed
Family vacations
For his recreation
Bring us here
To waters clear
With happy glow
I watch him grow
He wants his space
I find my place
Now its me
My time is free
Poetry & art
Even I take part
Rested then energized
Life is revitalized
People I meet
Make evenings complete
I get the urge & dive
Old passions thrive



The Precious Sea

The sea, the precious sea
With lobsters, crabs, coral, fish, turtles, jelly fish, stingrays, & sea urchins
In the wonderful sea that you can see.

– By: ANNA ABAD SANTOS 7 years old


Ruby the Shark

Ruby swam in the deep blue sea
All alone without company
She wished & prayed for a pair of feet
That would take her out & set her free
To walk & run amongst the woods & trees



Cobalt Coast is the best
Dive Tech & crew do the rest
Kids have fun all day long-
With Kids Sea Camp you can’t go wrong




Tiny specs of color
Under guidance of the artist
Working together they take shape
Oh what a beautiful picture they make
You & I
We are the dots
Every one counts
The artwork would not be complete without us.



At the opening supper, Rogest
Came across as quite a pest,
With his British accent
He came & he went
So we entered his silly contest.



our introduction to KSC was Curacao
So our expectations were quite high that you know
We arrived in the Caymans form the North cold & white skinned
After 1 day cold had turned to heat & white to pink
& what do we have to say about KSC
Well Margo Steve & Zelda kudos to you
Cause Marie Eves’s eyes are even more blue.
So it has to end, like all good things must
But to future destinations we look to with trust
Roatan, Fiji Or Curacao, we don’t yet know
But rest assured we are good to go:



We came to Cayman just a short week ago,
Now sadly it’s time to pick up & go.
We dived the great walls & swam with the rays
We ate, we drank, & partied for days.
Sea Camp is about kids, it’s about scuba no doubt
But building character & forming great friendships, is what it’s most about.
There’s Bruce & his wife, such a handsome pair
She darns pink swim, while he dives with “great flare”
Bob & Holly, they make an odd pair
They dive, they play, & the wife doesn’t care!!
& then there’s our French pair, she takes care of the kids
While he serves tea in a speedo, which we hope never tears!
Elizabeth & JP, the boys from Jersey’s favorite pair
Who rev up their scooters & scare all the fish on that reef way out there.
Dive tech & Javin provided great care, but to those who come after please heed our advice, if you seek out a night dive of Javin beware!!!!
And so as we all pack our gear & prepare to depart
Lets not forget the person who brought this about
Lets give a cheer & a great big scuba hug
MARGO we all thank-you from the bottom of our hearts


KSC Bonaire Parent Poems 2008

Can’t Hardly Wait

We can’t hardly wait, to jump into the big ocean blue.
It’s been a long time getting here
dealing with long winters, colds and flu.
We got our gear, cameras, and buoyancy vests.
Airline is all booked, we hope
our flight’s the best.
After 11 hours of travel, arriving so sleepy.
We finally get here on the sandy beach, so pretty.
Boat dive is all set and Carlos is our guide.
He gets us to our dive site with dolphins swimming by our side.

So many beautiful animals we get to see with wonder.
From tarpon to turtle, to frogfish and flounder.
But today, what a day, such a big super surprise.
A manta ray swam with us, 6 minutes total, no lies.
So forget about theme parks with long lines and dizzy rides.
Bring the whole family to Kid’s Sea Camp,
a vacation they will remember for the rest of their lives.

By: The Abad Santos Family


We dived, we played

We dived, we played
New friends we made
Have fun, no fear
We’ll see you next year!


We go to the Islands with thoughts in our minds

We go to the Islands with thoughts in our minds
No, no, no!
Try again- with feeling.
We go to the Islands with love in our hearts
Try again-with rhyme.
We go to the Islands smiling!
One more time-with passion.
We go to the Islands with family and friends.
We go to the Islands with dreams.

By: The Colon-Bonet Family


We’re at our 3rd Kids Sea Camp,

We’re at our 3rd Kids Sea Camp, this time in Bonaire.
So in comparing them, we must be fair.
The Curacao Sea Aqurium was really great
But in Roatan the dolphin encounter- first rate.
In Bonaire, the shore diving is the best,
And our new friends are as great as the rest.
So making comparisons, I’ll just have to forgo,
And take this time to thank Margo!

By: The Sciortino Family


Squirrel fish are red

Squirrel fish are red
Parrotfish are blue
You can pee in your wetsuit
But you better not pooh!

By: The Diemer Family



Dave jumped in the water as I finished my fanta.
Then his head popped out and said “hey there’s a manta”.
We all looked around with Dave’s tendency to joke,
No one was sure if they could believe the bloke.
We dawned our gear as fast as we could,
With this opportunity, we knew we should.
We got off the boat in record speed.
Cause logging a manta is just what we need.
The manta swam into the blue and we thought we missed him,
Then turned around, and for Joe’s birthday, he kissed him!
For six minutes or more, she circled around us.
We were so excited, we almost cussed.
He sailed gracefully away, great story for later,
A truly great experience above the equator.
We finished the dive and headed to shore.
More memories from Kids Sea Camp- we can’t wait for more!

By: The Diemer Family



We’re tired and worn out.
Our muscles are sore.
We’re running on empty, and can’t take much more.
But one thing is certain, most definitely true…
Despite it all, we had a blast with you!
We’ve shown you our island and the mysterty’s below.
We’ve taught you some new things and seen your confidence grow.
It isn’t too often that we get to be role models,
 who contribute to a younger community.
So thank you for letting us be part of your stay.
Your smiles and successes reminded us everyday,
That no matter the many aches we have in our body parts.
The time spent with you, keeps us young at heart.
Thank you!

By: The Wall Family


We came to dive all week in Bonaire,

We came to dive all week in Bonaire,
No work, no phones, no carpool, only fare.
Blow bubbles or not, go deep or go shallow,
Meet new friends who may be anything but mellow.
Kids learn new tricks and new sayings
Dive buddies and friendships here for making.
A week of painting, lots of dots and swirls,
kept us all on our toes and heads in a whirl.
Kids Sea Camp Bonaire, went by so fast,
but we’ll all meet again and have a blast!

By: The Gross Family


Mask, fins, and snorkel to,

Mask, fins, and snorkel to, diving & swimming is what we do.
Kids Sea Camp is where we go, for kids to learn scuba, don’t you know?
On the boat and in the pool, everybody thinks it’s very cool.
The turtles and rays are very keen.
There are so many fish to be seen.
Here we come with a splash, nobody wants to be the last.
On the reef and in the deep, I think it’s so very neat.
The week has come and gone, but we will remember all we’ve done.

By: The Spichiger Family


I sent Margo my money to come to Bonaire, in search of the frogfish,
I knew they were there.
On the second day there were spotted, looking coy as can be,
But if you were tasty they’d slurp you with glee.
Red ones, green ones, but none of blue hue.
They hid in the sponges where I could not swim through.
While I was searching for some frogfish to see,
I spotted a green moray eyeballing me.
Perhaps he was thinking I was his next meal,
“no” I shouted, “I’m to tough to peel”.
“You might like my son, he’s tender and young,
just got his Jr.Open water,
he’s much more fun.
“Let me go get him, you wait right here”,
but my son had already seen him and wouldn’t go near.
So my son had learned something, it was quite clear,
when you see a moray do not get that near!

By: The Voris Family



My wish in Bonaire, is to see, starfish and turtles looking at me.
My wish as I go down to the sand,
Is to look through my mask and see all that I can.
See octopus, frogfish, tarpon and more all looking at me.
From the bottom of the sea floor.
I’ve worked real hard to do my best,
I learned my skills and passed my test.
At Kids Sea Camp my wish came true, as a SEAL Team member
I can dive the deep blue!!!

By: The Ando Family


At last oh me!

At last oh me!
It’s great to be free.
Deeper, deeper, that’s for me.
Into the dark and cold salty sea.

This week went by really fast, too bad it can’t last.
Thank you Kids Sea Camp for a job well done.
You’ve made this week so much fun.
We hope to be back next year.
To great food and good cheer.


As we stepped off the plane & into the hot air,
We got a great look at the people of Bonaire.
They were smiling and laughing: (we couldn’t understand a thing they said)
But we soon got the drift and longed for a bed.
When we got to the resort, we unpacked our bags,
And met some new friends, though we all had jet lag.
We put on our scuba gear and jumped into the water
We floundered at first, but soon swam like an Idaho otter.
We saw seahorses, turtles, dolphins galore
We longed to see octopus, bright corral, frog fish and more.
We slathered on sunscreen & headed for the pool,
in hopes that we’d see the wheat hair colored fool.
Ron taught us to paint with a brush in each hand, in hopes that our paintings would turn out just grand!
We’ve seen donkey’s, done blow carting, seen the sites, from a truck,
This entire week the food has been yuck, yuck, yuck!
But for our first time at camp we’ve had tons of fun, we hope to return to have even more fun in the sun.

By: The Chamberlin Family


We came to Bonaire to have fun with our boys…
And show them the world, of undersea joys.
Chris and Cameron played in the water like others…
and learned to dive in the islands clear waters.
The week went too quickly,
We leave with regret.
Will we do Kids Sea Camp again?
The boys say “you bet!”

By: The Fain Family



Mister seahorse, where can you be?
They say you live here, in this sea.
I search and search down deep below
Where your home is, I don’t know.
So quiet and sweet in a home so indiscreet
We finally meet.
Oh what a treat!
Mister seahorse of the deep blue sea,
you are a sweet sweet memory!

By: The Bucher Family

KSC Grand Cayman Parent Poems Wk 1 2010

Grand Prize Winner- Week 1

To the tune of “Rock around the clock”

1, 2, 3 o’clock, 4 o’clock dive
5, 6, 7 o’clock, 8 o’clock dive
9, 10, 11 o’clock, 12 o’clock dive
Gonna dive our way around the world tonight

6 o’clock and we’re up and around
Wetsuit, mask, fins & snorkel to find
Lotion to smear & shades to put on
It’s off to the dock with a spring & a song
Only then we find out we should have been on the bus!

It’s a giant stride entry into the blue
There’s puffer fish, sting rays & turtles too
There’s twenty other divers all fighting for the sport
But that’s OK with us ‘cuz we love them all a lot
Kids Sea Camp is the only way to dive!

Cobalt Coast is the place to be
Divetech can dive you to eternity
The food tastes awesome & the staff are fab
And best of all its  Kids Sea Camp’s tab

Kid’s Sea Camp, you’re our rock around the dock!!!

By: The Wakely Family


Seafans sway back and forth through the waves.
Seahorses swim by as quiet as a fly.
The ocean is such a beautiful blue.
Manta rays swim by, this is true.
In the great ocean blue.

The tides go in and out
There is no need to shout.
Jellyfish buzz by
As high as the sky
As far as you can see
There is an ocean or a sea.

So protect it.

By: The Martins


When I was a turtle,
The oceans were quite fertile.

When I was a Seal,
They always provided meals.

Now as a diver upon the reef,
I vow to eat more beef.

By: Mark Rice


Kids Sea Camp Caymans

Caymans, KSC in the middle of July
11 students, the instructor’s nerves they were sure to try.

The location is Cobalt Coast.
In the future, the stories they will boast.

6 girls, 5 boys
Lots of laughs, lots of joys

With that size group some names were sure to be double
2 Ashleys- sweet, 2 Zachs- trouble

The Shahs were Shalin and Shivan
Then there was Tyler, Casey, Sophia, Jamie and Jacqueline

Sunburn and rash, sea salt in their eyes
As our time ends together, there will be some sad good byes.

With everyone passing and as happy as can be
We know about their future, they’ll be diving and protecting the sea.

Deciding on the “Angel Rays” as their team name
These special 11 divers will never be the same.

From Emma, Art, Matt and September
We hope this week you will ALWAYS remember!

By: Matt Slaughter


Off to Kids Sea Camp
We went in July
To the isle of Grand Cayman
The 3 of us did fly.

Brooks waited for years
To take this cool trip
Jacqueline learning to SCUBA
And thinking Dad’s so hip!!

We arrived on the 10th
For our week long stay
We went to bed early
It had been a long day.

The next morning up early
There was so much to do!
Classroom and pool time
Out in the ocean, too!

Jacq’s having fun
She’s made a fast friend
A sweet girl names Ashley
Gread buds ‘til the end!

Brooks task this week?
Become a rescue diver
So much to learn, so short a time
The pressure couldn’t be higher!

Margo, Nancy and Arie
Here every single day.
Keeping everyone happy
In every single way.

Rogest was oh so funny
His artwork just amazing
But watch him with those turtles,
I think they call that hazing!!

Junior Open Water was great
With Art, Matt & September
They learned so much, had so much fun
Truly a week to remember!!

Anton took Brooks & Katherine
And whipped them into shape
If you’re in the water and in trouble
From them you can’t escape!!

The Turtle Farm and Sting Ray City
Two adventures that we had,
Mom? She loved the shopping
Hope Brooks won’t be too mad!!

Alas, like all things good
This week must also end,
Rest assured my friends,
To Cobalt Coast and Kids Sea Camp,
We’ll return again and again!!

By: The Garrisons


There is a resort called Cobalt Coast
They have a beach parties, bonfires, s’mores & marshmallow roasts

The dive staff is stupendous
The meals just tremendous

At the sunny summer seaside,
On the Cobalt Coast.

By: Bonnie Everett


SeaLife by the Summer Sea

Sea sand and salt and SeaLife at a camp by the summer sea, On a coast as blue as cobalt,
On a holiday made for me and mine and families near and far, where rain falls in sunshine on the thatched umbrellas, and on all the ships at sea.

See C.J.., feet clamped tight on Tenata’s deck, And hear him yell starboard:
“Mr. Christian! They’re bringing more SeaLife, all of them are, dozens of SeaLifes. We’re up to number 14 already!”

Mr. Christian surveys the bounty before him:
“I’ve never seen so many cameras- SeaLife is everywhere!
We’re going to need a bigger boat!”

And see Sally, she of small stature but who drives a mean stick shift, calling to port:
“No more weight, Mr. C.J.! We’re loaded as it is with MD’s and PhD’s and BSN’s and D.I.’s, and we can stow no more.
But stowed it is in the sea camp by the sea, And SeaLife sparkles on the cobalt coast, On the summer sea.

And all the megabytes
On all the magic cards
And all the painted dots
On all the magic sheets
See what we see in the silver sea
And bring it all back, to see once more, In this camp by the summer sea, in this land by the cobalt shore.

See smiles all around; see Margo, see Lee, See Ronnie, see Nancy, see Arie, and see SeaLife as it should be, In the summer sun, in the silent deep, By tomorrow’s sea, in a land on the cobalt coast, at a camp by the summer sea.

By: Jim Everett


There was once a family named Fiest
Like pirates, they set off on a grand heist
To the Caymans they flew
All the riches there, they didn’t have a clue
Except Andy, who suspected the jewelry could be a shiest!

The seas they were turquoise galore
The turtles, the fish & OK, the s’mores
It couldn’t get any better
Until Ron’s face go even redder-
This dotting is part of our family folklore.

Put your diving & scooters aside
And I’ll tell you the real reason we come for the ride
It’s a bond that never will end
For our friends Margo, Tom, Ron, Robbie and Jen
Our love for you is what gives us most pride.

By: The Fiests



There once was a painter named Ronnie
Who endeavored to speak like a limey
His line edges were raw
So with dots he did draw
And his sea pictures turned out quite sublimely.

By: Robert J. Schmidt


Up at dawn by the rooster’s clarion call,
Rush to breakfast, lotion a gear for all,
You need the right Atatude
Lee, Carl and “Tony” sure do,
Hurl yourself off the stern
Into the blue sink
Into the deliciously cool 4,000,000 ft. depths
Clicker trained we find turtles, rays, morays and such
Reluctant we ascend
Orange lipped we wait to hurl ourselves again.

By: Robert J. Schmidt


By: The McClintock-Sink Family


A Lifetime of Memories

By: Dhiren Shah

I am a child of “Kids Sea Camp.”
Since then sixty years have gone away
I have become aged and grey
But I get great consolation
In knowing that my life has been immensely fulfilling

I ponder why I have been so fortunate
Many reasons- parents, teachers, unique experiences
One burns vivid in my mind
A treasure called “Kids Sea Camp” did my parents find

At first I was curious
Then I was furious
Here I was near a beautiful beach
And where was I?
In a classroom with an instructor ready to teach!

Finally at week’s end, I was a certified PADI diver.
And did begin a life of discovery and wonder
A life of respect and admiration
A life of hard work and accomplishments
A life of joy and rewards
A life of fulfillment

We often ponder at the end of our years
What made our lives so dear?
We wonder what was our guiding light?
What helped us to keep our sight?
In the darkness there was a lamp
And it was for me called “Kids Sea Camp”

It taught me to appreciate everyday life- the glowing lamp
For tomorrow the brightness called life may go damp
It taught me to be amazed by the grandeur every day
Like a passing manta ray
It taught me not to turn away from life’s hurdles
Like becoming a certified diver at age twelve or
Like avoiding becoming a shark’s meal as do sea turtles

It taught me to take the time to appreciate
the little things which are so easily missed
Like the smell of fresh flowers in spring that
Can bring you so much bliss
Or like a carpet of garden eels which if you
Do not look down to see
You would pass over them and miss the
Almighty glee.

It taught me to work hard and cherish my accomplishments
Like my career, family and friends
Kids Sea Camp influenced all of this as it provided me with vision
Like a shark who is all but blind can hunt as if on a mission

It taught me how very precious is life
To capture and hold onto each moment in my brain
As if from a SeaLife camera picture frame
As I look back I am so grateful
How bright has burned my lamp
Thank you Margo, Ron and Kid’s Sea Camp!


Bliss was watching the world cup on Sunday after a great day of diving. Sadness was watching Arie and his beloved Netherlands lose in the waning minutes. Sorry Arie but Spain was the better team!

Happiness is watching your two daughters grow into two beautiful young women while they develop their love for the sea and all of its wonderful attributes. I hope that they can help the old man and old lady when they are unable to reach down and put on their own fins!

This is our fourth year in the sun with Margo and her vision of a week of family, new found friends and what we are all here for… Diving, drink and food…. Not always in that order.

The week has memories of fun and adventure. A swim through the tunnel where the body was ill equipped to fit through the ensuing passage and the resulting blood and skin  left behind on the jagged coral ledge. Ooh. That really hurt! Watching your daughter, the seal, jump in with her mass of jacket, hoses, fins and mask and marveling at the patience of the instructors. One cannot say enough about their attention to detail.

As we reflect through four years of Caribbean family diving adventure, one has to believe that our family has grown from the experience. Sea sickness in Curacao made for a more hearty soul. One cannot forget diving with dolphins in Roatan and being free from Radio, TV and the ubiquitous Blackberry. Bonaire is my favorite. Driving the pickup to each site along the road, Klein Bonaire and watching the baby turtles make their first foray into the sea and some of the most beautiful sunsets. Cayman for the turtles, stingrays, and magnificent blue water. But especially for our friends the Brits and their wonderful use of the English language. What will I do when I return to work on Monday and fail to hear, “Hello Mate. Ready to dive today?”

We look forward to many more years in the sun. Maybe the South Pacific. Maybe Bonaire again. Or maybe some newly discovered destination and the excitement of chartering a new dive adventure for the family. Whatever the future has in stock, it will certainly include more waves, more sun and more fish. Remember, a family that dives together stays together.

By: The Shaw Family


We live in the Pacific Northwest,
And were all feeling quite stressed.
We needed a break,
A decision to make,
Which vacation choice is the best?

Water and beaches and diving and more,
With friendly people and sunshine galore!
An easy choice.
We all rejoice.
Kids Sea Camp’s the place we go for.

The kids are all having a blast,
And making new friends really fast.
They swim in the pool,
To try and stay cool.
And make lots of memories that last.

On Wednesday, poor Ryan fell in a hole!
Away to the hospital we urgently roll.
Nothing was wrong
The bones are quite strong,
His leg was unbroken and whole.

Our boat, Atatude, was something to see.
Our wonderful guides were Karl and Lee.
Who else did we get?
His name I forget!
Oh! Add Albert, and our guides make three.

Margo and Arie are great!
About Ronnie we’ll have to debate.
No double dipping?
What’s he been sipping?
But we love to watch him create.

The week’s almost over and we’re feeling bad,
The end of Kids Sea Camp is very sad.
There’s always next year,
Again we’ll come here.
And relive the great times the this year we’ve had.

By: The Bures Family



Enormous mushroom-like iridescent
Bubble emerge to the surface
Dispersing into an infinite number of
Perfectly irregular shapes.

I watch, perched from above as I
Observe my children exhaling raindrops
Of thoughts, dreams and emotions.

And for the first time, I don’t see the
People who they will become, but the
People that they are.

Indispensable parts of all that surrounds them,
Glorious creatures of the deep,
Guardians of the future.

But, no one is more fortunate than I.
The one who bears witness to the
Miracles below… millions of them
Dispersing into our being in perfectly irregular shapes.

By: Andy Fiest

KSC Belize Parent Poems Wk 1 2010

June 26-July 3, 2010

It was so fun to celebrate our 10 year anniversary with some really great families this summer in Belize. This was the perfect way to start off our 2010 Kids Sea Camp season. We are just sad that it all went by so fast. We had a wonderful time with all of the Kids Sea Camp families and these poems bring back great memories and make us smile. It is amazing how many poets attend Kids Sea Camp each year (and some get started as young as age 6!). There were some really amazing prizes given out this year including a SeaLife DC 1200 Digital Underwater Camera which was awarded to our first place winners! We cannot wait to see everyone again next year! Our 2011 Belize weeks are June 11-18 & 18-25. Call us today to find out more- 1-800-934-3483. Is your poem missing? If so, be sure to email it to us ( so that we can post it! See you all again very, very soon!

Week 1  Grand Prize Winner!!! 

Kids Sea Camp Rap  

We left our home – our first time –
Heading off to kids sea camp
But when we final –ly touched down
Everything was very damp

Due to rain – and hurricanes
We could not leave – from Belize City
With no hot water – and no A.C.
Man, this is really…. Lame

We finally left – and made it to
Our private island paradise
Where everyone — is catered to
And, boy, the staff is oh so nice

On the island – there’s soaring birds
And hermit crabs are everywhere
The only crabs – the Princess has
Are those found in your underwear

At Kids Sea Camp – the food’s first rate
And all the meals have all the trimmings
But late at night – when shots ring out
Beware! You might see Michael swimming

Every morning – at 8 o’clock
The boats are loaded up with gas
And at the elbow – you best take care
The current might just kick your … butt

But now it’s time – for us to go
Let’s pack up all our gear and tanks
And at this time – I’d like to show
Our deepest gratitude and thanks

To Margo, Sven – and Tabitha
And Nanette and ex-banker Matt
Each of you is just so cool
It’s true that you are just all that

To Island Matt – and all his crew
Always smiling and never flustered
Your attitude and constant care
It’s clear to me you all past muster

So thanks again – to one and all
I feel my eyes are getting damp
There’s nothing left – for me to do
‘cept plan my next trip to – Kid’s – Sea – Camp

By: Josh & Nate Comay


Second Place Winner!!!

Life is good

Life is good when you stay at the Princess Hotel due to Tropical Storm Alex. Yes, life is good when your AC goes out, shower is out, TV is out and you find that everyone is still alive after one night and not killed each other.

Life is good when you arrive at Turneffe Island to see familiar faces and know that this is now home for one week. From the fresh cut flowers on our bed, to the view to die for, and a bonus that the AC worked, shower worked, and there was not a need for a TV!

Life is good and got better when we found out that we did not have to clean our BC’s, do any laundry, or even shave.

Life is good even if your someone gets seasick or drinks too much! The reason life is good is because each challenge and opportunity makes us realize that it’s good to be alive!

By: David McKee


Honorable Mention!!

As the sun starts winking at the tallest palm
I am still from dusk to dawn
I extend my welcome to the day
To the cobalt blue and amber gold turquoise rays
The sea is my constant companion at once my friend and my foe
She soothes and rocks me to and fro.
But when she and the driving wind conspire
They beat, battle with and injure me dire
But alas I am wiser than their folly
And I know full well we need & are nothing without each other
Day after day, I am constant while the island evolves
I watch as trees grow tall and coconuts fall
As children play & the faithful pray
As cormorants nest and Jr. Open Water kids do their best.
I am blessed with wonderful companions
Tarpins, tangs, parrots, manatees
Dolphins who glide by and entertain me
As for the stealthy and slithering crocs
Well, I am bound to silence as they stalk
I listen by day and by night – I’m all knowing
I try to sooth as mothers pace and await their brood.
I smile as lovers kiss and dangle their feet
And make plans where the sea and stars meet
I am your gateway to diving wonders
And your welcome when the air is spent
I feel sad when Bella departs for a farewell dive
But offer up my warmth when new friends arrive
But of all the island wonders why am I the least appreciated
I am your bridge to the magical sea
I soak up your fears & joys as you walk on me
I am the first to open myself to you
and the last to say adieu
That you never notice me, I fret not.
For I am only so honored, so happy I can be your dock.

By: Corinne Dufka


Honorable Mention!!

I was so excited to come to Belize
And Turneffe Island made me so pleased.
My dad was upset about the England score
But at least the USA went out the day before.
Margo said hermit crabs were plenty to see
I found one that fit just right with me.
My SASY training was a great adventure
with Jet, Andrew, Tristan and Spencer.
Carlos was great at the snorkel tour
And Gorges bar tricks had my mom in awe.
The staff was great to my parents and me
Thank you Matt, Morag, Deb and JT.
So to my new friends, Cheerio
Tough luck, buddies, I have another week to go.
But don’t be sad and have good cheer
I am sure I will you all next year.

By: Sophie Purdon


Day by Day
Kids Sea Camp – Belize 2010

Rain, Rain — please go away,
Matt and some guests — will just have to stay.

The Manager says — “yes, it is done”
Again and again — to every one.

Nothing is done — everything is broken
But you can go bowling — and have a game token

A long night — with no AC to be had
We do not sleep well — and we get very mad.

A breakfast buffet — the Island still far away . . .
What’s this? Hooray! — We will go today!

We climb on the boat — with hopes in the sky,
Turn to the Princess — and wave happily good bye.

After a while — an island comes into view . . .
I’m so excited — how about you?

Met on the dock — with bright, smiling faces
A friendly manager — showed us our places.

A good hearty lunch — prepared with grace,
Then off to go diving — to dock how we race.

In the ocean — the fish do abound
And back on the boat — there are smiles all around.

Dinner is served — and the pasta is grand
Then the adults all relax – with their drinks in hand.

George is the man – in command of the bar
And at the ring toss — he is king by far.

Sound asleep in a room — that is as cool as can be,
Dreaming of all — the things we will see.

Good coffee and chatting — and new friends to be had
The kids off to camp — with the parents so glad.

Diving again — we just can’t get enough
Turtles, rays and spadefish — man this is tough.

Back to the lodge — and a peek at the pool
Our kids in SCUBA gear — is so very cool!

Sven and Matt in control — and driving the bunch
I think they’ll learn diving — I just have a hunch.

A new Matt arrives — after many tough hours
He dives right away — for all its healing powers.

Marcel and Brad — lead the troops underwater
For the lion fish out there — the stakes can’t get much hotter.

Fraiser is happy — to keep cameras on hand
And downloads the photos — when we get back to land.

The ladies in the kitchen — keep us fueled up with food
Always smiling and laughing — with good attitudes.

Carlos is the best guide — on the snorkeling boat
He finds all the lobsters — and keeps the kids afloat.

Friends like Michael and Monty — keep the pace nice and light
As we chill and relax — after dinner each night.

The little ones chase crabs — race and run all around
But funny, not one — single teen can be found!

JT is the master — with fishing pole in hand
And I’m sure that he knows — Nate’s his biggest fan!

Matt and Morag – run a tight ship
They keep us happy and safe — even when they take some lip.

Margo’s the one — to make Kids Sea Camp fly
And I still can’t believe — how fast it all flew by.

To all of our new friends — we’ve enjoyed meeting you so much
Hope to dive with you some day — and do keep in touch.

Thanks to Kids Sea Camp staff — and the whole Island crew
It wouldn’t be half as good — without all of you.

By: Liz & Melea Comay


Belize Kids Sea Camp  

On Arrival:  Welcoming, Beautiful
The Resort: Pampering, Wonderful
The Diving: Explorating, Spectacular
Kids Sea Camp: Educational, Exemplary
The Week: Love of Family, Love of New Friends

Betsy and Joe Bachety


Alex changed our plans
Blue Hole was elusive
Crabs were plentiful
Diving done well
Eagle Ray spotted
French Angelfish found
Grouper gazed at
Hot days, cool nights
Imaginations stirred
Junior Open Waters passed
Kids laughing
Lionfish hunted
Made new friends
Nudibrachs noticed
Often eating good food
Princess wasn’t fun
Quintessential Kids Sea Camp
Reefs visited
Sunburn gotten
Tubing in the caves
Underwater world
Visions of next year
Windy days changed plans
Exactly as desired, if not quite as we thought
Yellow sponges seen
Amazing time for all

By: David Binns-Loveman


Kids Sea Camp 2010
Belize it or not

We all climb on planes from near & far
For rest and relaxation, we only go 5 star.
To Turneffe Island Resort
For fun-in-the-sun and a little SCUBA sport.

But Tropical Storm Alex had another plan,
Your vacation now goes down the can.
Accomodations were 1 star at best,
But, at least (maybe) it is a place to rest.
Belize City’s only entertainment center,
The Princess Hotel-
Wasn’t the stay really just swell?
And, oh by the way, what was that smell?

The next day, the sun shone over the blue
Maybe dreams really can come true.
The ride was a bit choppy, but alas,
A little Dramamine helped the time pass.

Dive gear, luggage, Don’t worry, Don’t fret.
Let’s get everything together quick, it was time to get wet.
Through trials and training, they went through the paces;
But in the end, Jet won all the hermit crab races.

The week went on with-Seal Team and SASY who could want more
With Margo is charge Kids Sea Camp’s never a bore.

Jr. Open Water students studied hard, they can’t miss
They’re revved and ready to explore the great abyss.

The teens bob around on the Eagle Ray
For in one place they can never stay.

Miss Bella rocked us adults to and fro
And from her stern we jumped right in.
Hey Josh- don’t forget your fin!
Marcel and Brad guided us below
Follow drums to morays it was always a show
And at seven minutes deco, it was up we go.

Sad are the lionfish, what a terrible plight.
They want to live, they want to fight.
But in these Caribbean waters
It is shot to kill on first sight.
Liz was ready for the hunt
Kill one, kill all, even the runt
Seven in one dive,
And yet they survive.

A jail fish and candy cane shrimp
What can these strange creatures be
A grunt of some sort and red banded
Coral shrimp- quite obvious you see!

From SASY to SCUBA and time in the pool.
We really stay in the water just to keep cool.

The kids watched “Up” while we went down
At night the reef becomes a different town.
Slipper lobster, blood worms, and urchins
Seem like creatures from the past.
The dives, the day have gone by so fast.

Strangers we came to the Caribbean Sea so blue,
Friends we became, the old and the new.
Now is the time to depart,
However, please take heart.
Though we say Goodbye, Adios, and auf Wiedersehen
It is not the end-
Simply farewell, ‘til we meet again
My dear friend.

By: Karen Binns-Loveman


The sharks are swimming
The lights are dimming.
The crocs eyes glow in the night.

By: Spencer Henry


We saw lots of fish in the sea
A few even saw a manatee
Drums, angels, jaws and a doc
Permits, trumpets,  trunks and a croc
Departing will cause great misery.

By: Shellie Sandel


Day one of our trip began,
Four fair travelers looking for tans.
The Belize flight so smooth and so nice
No need, really, to think twice.

Hmm, well… the luggage is here,
But what of our dive gear??
No worries, or frowns for equipment not found,
Only smiles all around.

On, on to the Princess we go,
With Matt and JT whom we now know.
Alex met us with blowing gales,
And what to think of those 8 foot swells?

One room with hot water, but no sign of air.
In another the smell was beyond compare.
But all met and laughed and made the best
Of what some would say was a royal mess.

The blues, the greens of the ocean scene
Erased the nightmare of the Princess dream.
Sand crabs on the run from kids having fun.
Why even manatee and crocs come here to enjoy the sun.

Real enjoyment comes after the breakfast bell has rung
We ride, we splash, we dive to thrive
Because it makes us feel so much alive.

What surprises await us under the sea
We anxiously want to see.
From the minute we enter till the moment we leave
God’s creatures come out and greet us with glee.

Back at the island with tummies so full,
The grown ups gather and shoot the bull.
Morag and Debbie tend to the guests
Making sure to give their best.

Jorge and Omerylon serve up the drinks
To refresh the weary divers and help them to think.
As we drift off to sleep to the sound of the waves,
Thoughts of Kids Sea Camp fill kids’ brain waves.

By: Mark Brown


Margo and the crew
Have taken us some place quite new
A private resort
Or something of that sort
An awesome paradise
That’s amazingly nice

Beaches of sand
That when you hold in your hand
Remind you days of full of fun
Except the fun is here in the sun
With palm trees California wishes they had.

The staff is very polite
You come home to a clean home each night
And food almost as good as a mom’s
Spectacular diving

The fish here are thriving
Theres so many species to go “Woah!”
Hermit crabs at night
Give some quite a fright
But truly they aren’t all that bad

Where the teens go
No one really knows
Sometimes we wish we had an intercom

The bugs are pretty bad
But that doesn’t make me mad
I can deal with a few mosquitoes.

So thank you everyone
Its been so much fun
Don’t want to go
But we have our own lawns to mow.
Yet, I am glad for this once in a lifetime trip.

By: Jeanne and Jane Colon-Bonet


Sitting nude in our cabana
Puffing on my big Havana
Looking out over the ocean,
I think to myself, “This is the life!”

By: Michael Simmons


Hermit crab
Hermit crab
Scampering in front of our porch
At night I can only see you,
If I have a torch

Hermit crab
Hermit crab
Races each and every day
You help make camp fun.
I just can’t wait to play

By: Jace Hirsch


I was really happy that we came to Belize. The Kids Sea Camp was the best. I really loved seeing all of the hermit crabs crawling in the sand. I liked when we went Scuba Diving in the ocean. I loved it when we used the cameras and took pictures underwater. I am sad that we are leaving tomorrow.

By: Hannah Geoffrion

Stay tuned for more poems….!