Top Ten Kids Sea Camp travel tips!

The top ten dive tips for your Kids Sea Camp week!

These are some of the things most travelers have forgotten on of our trips.

1. Check you equipment!

Make sure you have it all! Mark your equipment with your name or symbol before your on the boat. iIt all sort of looks the same once your on the boat.

Don’t forget toothpaste, for your mask. And just in case get your defog before heading to the island.

2. Pack your Cerification card and log book.

3. Bring your boat items, like sunglasses, rain gear and comfortable boat shoes of some sort.

4. Bring your medical items

5. Passports

6. Check your flights the day before.

7. Credit cards; call before you leave and tell them your in a foreign country.

8. Ziploc bags

9. Passports (in case your forgot already)

10. Have fun, but expect delays. Traveling to any island really is a delay waiting to happen. So have fun, be patience and enjoy Kids Sea Camp.