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Kids Sea Camp Inc. offers a full range of dive related programs and services. The flagship program is Kids Sea Camp, which is over 18 years of operation has contributed to over 7,000 diver certifications. In addition, Family Dive Adventures, a division of Kids Sea Camp inc., offers customized dive travel planning for individual families and groups that want to travel any time of year. Our dive programs and services are considered some of the best for families in the world.
What is Kids Sea Camp? Kids Sea Camp is a family scuba diving vacation for like-minded families that want more than just a vacation. Kids Sea Camp is a family vacation that brings together adults from age 18 to 80 and kids from age 4-17 from all around the world, with two common threads; their love for the ocean and diving and their love of family.

In 2000, Margo created Kids Sea Camp as a way to cater to families wanting to share their vacation experiences with each other or with other like-minded families. There was a huge need to assist families in the scuba diving community and Margo wanted to fill that need. She realized that many parents and grandparents wanted to take dive vacations with their families. They wanted beautiful destinations where the kids would be safe, have fun and be able to create memories that would last a lifetime. Kids Sea Camp provides all of this, we offer safe environments where families learn to dive and experience the underwater world together, a fun place to build friendships and bonds with other families from around the world.

Below is a list of family Divers Programs and Services

Facts and information: Kids Sea Camp is a sponsored PADI diving event. KSC is celebrated its 18th anniversary in 2018. With over 6,000 certifications, Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures is the fastest growing dive event for families. All of our dive operators are PADI operators. All instructors and Dive Masters are PADI certified, rescue trained and active teaching status.

Kids Sea Camp is a dive training and educational family event held at select PADI resort destinations around the world. Resorts and operators must meet certain requirements and standards for families to dive and learn in a safe environment, well within the guidelines and mandates set by PADI.

We have approximately 1,600 divers that come from all around the world to travel with us each year to different destinations. Generally, our group size can be from 20-50 kids and 25-60 adults.

Exclusive itineraries, exceptional service, amazing adventure and expert training.

Duration of trips: 7 nights with 6 days of diving and activities. Generally, arrival is on Saturday and departure is the following Saturday. Liveaboard weeks may differ, please check with one of our professional dive staff for detailed information.

Meals: Kids have breakfast with parents, lunch with dive staff and dinner with parents except for the pizza/movie night when parents or teens are participating in the night dive. This again may differ with liveaboards.

Family day: Thursday or Friday is the family day where all divers dive as a family. This also differs in some locations.  Adults can dive with kids any day of the week with guided shore dives in select locations or even daily afternoon dives such as in Utila and Yap, contact us for more information.

The resort/dive operator provides staffing for the events.  Kids Sea Camp hires the resort staff and dive operator staff, who then support KSC family weeks. 100% of the programs are run by dive operator and hotel staff, not Kids Sea Camp staff. The dive operator staff required includes PADI active dive master and instructor staff who will work with kids each day while they are involved with dive programs, normally while parents are out diving.

Our ratios for instructors and kids are generally 2 kids per instructor in a course for kids up to the age of 12. 12+ ratios are based on PADI standards such as 1 instructor with 4 kids in a course and with certified kids 1 instructor for every 5 kids not in a course.

Kids Sea Camp teaches kids to be responsible, safe and confident divers. We create adventures for families of all ages, sizes and cultural backgrounds. Here families can come together and embark on journeys to places they may never have dreamed of and in ways, they could have only imagined. At Kids Sea Camp parents and kids can dive safely and spend time together and apart.

Kids Sea Camp family weeks offer all PADI dive programs for kids. 15 of the PADI courses are ACA accredited (college credits)

Click on this link for a list of all PADI courses for kids

Padi programs are now offered online through eLearning. Go to and click on eLearning to start your diving certification course now. Get the book work and tests out of the way and we will do the rest when you arrive. Click on Kids Sea Camp as your dive store.

Programs and services we offer at Kids Sea Camp

The Kids Sea Camp Family Diver!

PADI has approved its first Kids Sea Diver Specialty course. The certification developed by PADI and KSC founder Margo Peyton is designed to make families that dive together to become better dive buddies.

The certification is to assist parents and other adult family members who want to update and refresh some of the basic skill divers learned during previous dive training. The program provides education for those wanting to become more aware of environmental issues and concerns impacting the regions they are currently diving.

A KSC reboot, by going through the course a new Kids Sea Camp Diver will show mastery in both diving and be a well-trained and confident parent and child buddy team. Divers will have training and education in environmental stewardship and watermanship. There will be an emphasis throughout the course on safety, teamwork, and conservation.

The goals of the Kids Sea camp Diver distinctive specialty training

After almost a 20 years of helping and caring for your families and the ocean, we are encouraged that PADI has seen value in our goal to update and educate families to become better ambassadors of our underwater world.

Other PADI Specialties – Taste the fun and adventure

In addition to PADI dive courses, we offer marine art painting with local artists, guest speakers, and presenters. Marine conservation topics are scheduled throughout the week. Photo & Video clinics and free demo cameras with SeaLife, featuring the newest line of digital underwater cameras, are available with some packages. Poetry is also apart of our family time at the end of each week. Parents present a family poem and may receive prizes. Photo contest and sponsor supported treasure hunts are also part of our Kids Sea Camp program weeks.

Outreach programs with local kids: Contact us for training grants 1-803-419-2556

Other Services

Our partnered PADI dive operators encourage parents to be responsible and confident divers while diving with their children. During Kids Sea Camp, students are given multiple activities and the enthusiasm of a staff dedicated to teaching new and fun facts about the oceans. The learning takes place both in a classroom environment, as well as, with hands-on programs that teach age appropriate curriculums.

Curriculums: We will examine the similarities and the differences between fish and marine mammals, discussing shape, color, and texture of various marine life. We will identify space, color, and movement underwater while distinguishing the differences between animals with bones and without bones. Discussion topics include function morphology, marine habitats dazzling color, light, and motion.

We will answer questions and review best practices such as;  What do sea creatures feed on? Are all animals friendly? What must animals do to survive? How can we help? And what can you do to protect the oceans and its environment? 

Students will experience unforgettable moments while they have direct contact with animal replicas, such as dried bones and skin. A variety of fun activities and games aid in educational messages about the ocean.

Kids Age 5+ 

The wonderful world of invertebrates: Kids learn about anemones, jellyfish, and corals. Students learn how anemones fight off dehydration and what those weird tentacles are for.

The fantastic world of marine mammals: Youth learn about the way these once land animals adapted to an aquatic environment and learn about their mysterious and elaborate forms of communication. Did you know that sea otters are the only marine mammals that use tools? Did you know that sea turtles come out of the sea to lay their eggs?

Ocean Explorers: Participants learn about the oceans and how were they were formed? Come meet the animals that dwell in the ocean and learn how animals that live in the open water hide. See why pollution is so dangerous and understand how you can identify an animal by looking at its dead remains on a beach?

Kids Age 10+

Learn all about different animals and how they adapt to their environment. Compare shape, color and external features; a habitat’s temperature, sounds, and smells are fundamental while identifying their main characteristics, habitat and organism diversity; types of movement, rays, sharks, turtles and more; Types of coating; diversity in shape; different environments; diversity feeding and behaviors; reproduction; adaptation to environment. How do species behave when their environment changes? How species develop and change with human interaction? What can we do to conserve the oceans? Kids learn about the diversity of sharks and rays in a fun way. Their multiple shapes, their teeth, their skin, reproduction and even incidents with humans are all approached in interactive and positive ways.

Animal exploitation: We’ll explore how and why some ocean animals are being exploited and we’ll help kids learn what they can do to assist in conservation efforts.

Come play mathematics with us: It’s fun! Scuba math is part of our daily routines and we don’t even realize it. We use it to measure how much air our tanks hold, how bodies are affected at different depths, how much time we can spend diving at certain depths and how long a turtle can hold its breath.

Teens 12+

The diversity of relationships between man and ocean: We will uncover human need that impacts on our oceans. Teens will learn about food chains and food webs.

Predators vs prey: Participants gain an understanding of the importance of predators, their role in keeping the balance of ecosystems and about their sneaky strategies to capture their prey!

Energy transfers along the food chain: We’ll discuss food chains predator/prey relationships and topic titles such as; To hunt or to be hunted: Man and marine life; Reproduction and survival of the species; The multitude of marine animals; Our responsibility to the ocean and Man’s interventions on the delicate balance of nature.

Please contact Kids Sea Camp for more information 1-803-419-2556

Family Dive Adventures is a division of Kids Sea Camp Inc.

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