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    Why Choose Kids Sea Camp?

    A whole new world for family vacations

    Why choose Kids Sea Camp? A simple question with a simple answer, we cultivate family relationships through authentic high-quality, ocean-oriented and cultural experiences that encourage kids to engage each other respectfully in the amazing underwater world. Through uniquely customized itineraries and educational programs, we accommodate a multitude of individual family needs. We pride ourselves on award-winning, highly personalized attention to detail, that ensures safety and comfort for young divers. 

    We inspire kids to become more confident in building trust, through training and exploration. Kids Sea Camp brings together free-spirited, adventure-minded families who want meaningful interactions connecting with each other and the outdoor world.

    Your personal trip concierge: We are here to serve you and make sure your vacation is the best it can be. Our Kids Sea Camp family vacations are hosted by Tom & Margo Peyton, along with our team of PADI professionals and host families. We are here to cater to your personal needs. This may be extra support for the kids, a drive to the grocery store, a scuba tune-up, one-on-one personal dive training session, help with a camera, or demonstration with dive gear. Maybe it’s getting over fear or just need a refresher.I

    Special needs: Kids Sea Camp is special needs friendly. If you give us enough advance notice and the information we need, we can make most wishes come true. Kids Sea Camp has been able to cater to handicapped divers, high functioning autism, hearing impaired divers, disabled divers, and other special needs. The primary language spoken is English, however, we have a pool of multilingual PADI instructors around the world and with notice, almost any language can be accommodated.

    Our moral compass: 22 years of taking kids diving, without a single dive accident are not just luck, it’s hard work and dedication. Our record and reputation speak for themselves. We work with family-friendly experienced knowledgeable professionals. Yes, we have standard PADI, travel, medical and KSC waivers, like any other adventure sport, however, it does not relieve us of our moral obligation to keep you safe!

    Safety: Safety is our #1 and fun is a #2 in order of priorities. There is no other company like Kids Sea Camp because we make your vacation personal. KSC only works with kid-friendly experts that we trust in the water with our own family.

    Adventures: Kids Sea Camp has grown to be one of the only tour companies in the world to take families on advanced dive adventures to the Galapagos diving with sharks, Yap to dive with giant manta rays, Palau to dive sunken wrecks, Fiji to shark school, and the Philippines to muck dive.

    Waivers: Kids Sea Camp provides authentic experiences with real wildlife and marine interactions. It’s not Disney World, and there is no plexiglass. We provide education to families through facts and hands-on experiences, with hopes to remove fears created by false information. Our trips require participants to be respectful to each other and the underwater world we are exploring. Our rules must be followed, decisions honored and our word is final. Safety is our area of expertise when it comes to keeping families safe while enjoying their scuba vacations.

    Unplug: Put down the cell phones and the laptops. Jump into the real world with daily dives or zip-lining, jungle biking, yoga, paddle boarding, playing football, basketball, or fly fishing. At a Kids Sea Camp, you spend a complete week disconnecting from your routine and reconnecting with family, new friends, and the amazing underwater world. We think it’s one of the best family vacations in the world.

    Special occasions: Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or reunions. Let us know how we can serve you better 803-419-2556.

    Benefits of booking with Kids Sea Camp & Family Dive Adventures

    • Biggest selection of high-quality family-friendly dive destinations around the world
    • We have the largest liveaboard private charter-only vessels to choose from for families such as; The Arenui and the Pelagian in Indonesia, the Rocio Del Mar in Socorro and Sea of Cortez, and the entire Explorer Venture fleet.
    • We promise to give you our unbiased neutral advice on the safest and the best-suited place to make your family vacation the best it can be.
    • We cater to every member of your family with activities they can enjoy.
    • We do not book large-scale franchised hotel chains. Kids Sea Camp only works with small local and family-owned operators that are family-friendly and family-run.
    • We have over 50 years of combined dive travel expertise
    • Our scuba travel experts are all divers and have personal experience and knowledge in every dive destination we offer.
    • Take out the risk of traveling alone or booking on your own. Be smart. Book with us and get our 24/7 customer support and have your own private guide throughout your trip.
    • We provide exquisite concierge service to our guests.
    • Get help from our experts to plan every aspect of your trip and ensure your group has a fantastic experience.
    • A global network of  PADI Pro dive instructors that speak French, Spanish, German, Russian, American Sign language, English, and Dutch.
    • Benefit from a global network of adventure tour guides, marine biologists, scientists, photographers, and videographers that present and serve on our group trips.
    • We personally customize menus Itineraries, excursions, dive training, dive site selections, private boats, and instructors best suited for each child and adult.
    • We handpick the hotels, resorts, and liveaboard for each Kids Sea Camp family dive trip.
    • We have spent the last 31 years traveling around the world exploring and experiencing the world’s best dive destinations for your family to enjoy.
    • We have certified over 7,900+ divers through Kids Sea Camp, with zero dive accidents.
    • We are the experts in family dive travel and rated #1 worldwide in what we do.
    • Our staffs are all travel experts and PADI Pros.
    • Safety is our #1 priority and fun is #2.
    • Kids Sea Camp is for big kids too.
    • Our dive vacations are more than diving with activities such as fly fishing, charter fishing, soccer, volleyball, hiking, sailing, kayaking o entire family.
    • 2017-21 was our largest year of grandparents taking their kids and grandkids diving with us.
    • We have 15 college accredited courses we teach.
    • We have private boats for young divers age 10-12 and separate boats for kids age 13-16.
    • We even cater to young adult divers age 14-17 with their own boats, citizen science, mentor programs, and learning to be part of the team of ocean advocates.