Robbie C (8 years old) – SASSY and PADI Seal Team

My name is Melissa, and I have been going to Kid’s Sea Camp for 3 years. Some of my favorite things about Sea Camp are scuba diving, the dolphins, the treasure hunt, stingrays, pizza & movie night, Chee-Chee the sealion, and the ostrich farm. Two things I like about scuba diving are when you are 10 or older, you can get certified, and if you are younger, you can still try it.

My favorite things about the dolphins are that you go in groups of 5 and swim with them! Cool! They also take a picture of the dolphin kissing you. Last year I used my picture of the dolphin and me as a Christmas card! The treasure hunt was cool because if you collect so many coins you get a bigger and bigger prize….(and you get to keep the coins)!

What I think you might like about the stingrays are we get to walk in a tank with them barefoot and they tickle your feet. You also get to feed them by hand!

Chee-Chee the sealion is special because whenever you are sad you can go to his pool and talk to him. Also he does tricks for you. FUN!

The best thing about the ostriches are that you can SIT ON THEM. Also, you can hold the baby ones.

I have had a lot of FUN at Kids Sea Camp!

Melissa – PADI Seal Team