A decade of excellence

Kids Sea Camp creates decade of growth for family

The Wakely family have done over 20 Kids Sea Camp trips in the past decade. This is a short note expressing their joy in the diving skills in their family. 

Decade of growth, Kids Sea Camp,

Dear Margo and Tom,

We’re here in Maui – and it is absolutely stunning and magnificent.

We’ve done a couple of dives – the lava tubes of Lanai (stunning), just amazing – and saw so much life, so much colour, dolphins on the way home in their hundreds, and whales – just incredible – but one of the stand out moments was when we had all got back on the boat – and Mike our instructor said “Wow, you’re a fabulous family to dive with, I just turned round and thought “I don’t need to worry about my divers”  I beamed with pride and credited you with our “well lubricated” diving family. I really enjoyed that comment – more than I realized I would.

Then last night we did a night dive – the most stunning night dive I’ve ever done (not being a night dive fan!) – but we saw an eel eating a huge sergeant major – just gulped it down – was incredible – but we came up – and a completely different guide said “Your family is such a pleasure to dive with, you never know how it will be, but I”ve really enjoyed it” – oh wow – Kids Sea Camp absolutely rocks.

It’s so delightful to watch Zeb and Holly sort out their kit, know their marine life, and be so great at spotting life.
Margo Peyton – you absolutely rock! – you are a part of our family – we dive with you whenever we dive, and we love you dearly.

May you have 2016 which is all that you hope for and a little bit more.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us over the past 10 years. A decade of growth, a decade of excellence and here’s to the next decade with Kids Sea Camp.

Looking forward to the Philippines,
The Wakely family