A love of diving, travel, and the ocean runs in the family

Sydney, Todd & Kendal Williams

Kendall Williams age 21 understands focus and discipline. The New Mexico native in her senior year at Emporia State University, where she is majoring in nursing and competing as a long distance runner.

Kendals’ first Kids Sea Camp family vacation was at Cobalt Coast Resort on the Island of Grand Cayman. ” I was 13 years old when I took my PADI Jr. Open Water Course” She says. ” I had always been in love with the ocean and swimming, but I discovered that with diving its the only place on Earth where I can enjoy zero gravity and just soak up the colors, the warmth and the beautiful marine environment around me.”

A love of diving, travel, and the ocean runs in the family. William’s dad, Todd, got certified as an 18-year-old, and it quickly turned into a passion for him. “once he met my mom, he talked her into getting certified to scuba dive too,” She says. “When my sister and I were born, they had less time to go on scuba diving vacations, but I remember a few times when they went anyway and left us with our grandparents so they could go diving.”

That was until mom and dad discovered Kids Sea Camp. Kendal and sister Sydney both were certified and have returned to the Cayman Islands multiple times as a family with Kids Sea Camp over the years. Kendal and Sydney went on to become PADI Advanced Open Water divers at Buddy Dive Bonaire, PADI Rescue Divers and they have attained a host of PADI specialties. Kendal became a PADI Pro Dive Master in Cayman Brac with Brac Reef Beach Resort under PADI Instructor Margo Peyton and Kendal completed her Dive Masters in St. Lucia at Anse Chastanet also with Margo Peyton. Kendal and Sydney also interned with Kids Sea Camp to Palau, Philippines, and will continue to be apart of the next generation of PADI Pros with Kids Sea Camp.

“There is a lot of unexplored ocean out there, but being at 100 feet deep and looking out into the blue, it really kicks in how little we are in this big world and how little we know about the underwater world.” Williams says. ” The Kids Sea Camp dive trips have tought me so much about the world and so much more about the underwater world. Im a more observant diver. I find it extraordinary that the oceans are the biggest ecosystem on the planet, yet we know so little about them.”

Williams plans to work at a nurse after college, but she also plans to further her dive education with Margo Peyton and Kids Sea Camp. She plans to become a PADI Open Water Instructor in 2021. She also has a passion for Tec diving which she learned about from Rob Peyton and Buddy Dive in Bonaire. Kendal says that in todays virtual world, there are few activities in her life other than running and diving that keep her in the present moment.

Kendals favorite dive destination is Cabilao and Dauin in the Philippines, she said diving with her family has truly created life-changing memories she will cherish forever.

Kendal & Sydney 2019