Comments about Margo Peyton

Good Morning Margo!

I love reading about you-you have done a fantastic job, with your life! ???? Very inspiring as I sit here drinking my coffee. Congratulations on the Woman Diver Hall Of Fame  Induction last year, I had no idea ???? That is truly deserved with all that you have done. You have a zest for life which is evident in your photos and what you write! ???? I think I have found my new ‘role model’! And I was lucky enough to dive my very first dive with you (and Brad) on the Oro Verde back in the day.

I hope one day I will be able to join a Kids Sea Camp or some type of dive event that you are having. I am now booking travel on the side! ???? Yay..That is where my passion is for sure. Would love to help promote anything you are needing more people for. Was so hoping to make it ..maybe one day? 

Love the ranch photos, horses, dogs. I am so happy for you. ????
Thank you for all the good you have done in the world. I am honored to know you.

K-that all looks a bit mushy and sentimental? But it’s the truth.