This was my first experience snorkeling and I LOVED it!

You were extremely helpful with all your advice before we got there. As non-divers, Andre and I were clueless as to what was involved.I also wanted to thank you for the whole Kids Sea Camp experience. Annalise had the time of her life. She was all smiles every day. What a gift you have provided for these kids and their parents! She is now certified and waiting for her next chance to dive.

Andre and I brought along books to read thinking there wouldn’t be much for us. We ended up reading only a little bit, mostly to be in the comfy hammocks! We went snorkeling off the snorkel boat almost every day. This was my first experience snorkeling and I LOVED it! Andre also took a Discover Dive one morning and really enjoyed it. He’s thinking about getting certified so he can dive with Annelise. Ron Rogest was very nice and gave me a quick instruction on diving… snorkeling with the dive equipment. It isn’t for me but I’m glad I tried it.

Margo, thank you for providing this opportunity. You have done a fantastic job finding a beautiful setting and a place that catered to divers and non-divers with a great staff!

Many thanks, Cathy