Kids Sea Camper’s diving experience

I’m going SCUBA diving for the first time in all my life and I’m only ten!  I’m so excited. My mom tells me all about it after she comes back from one of her diving trips.  It’s going to be my mom, my brother and me going on the trip. We are leaving tomorrow!

Family Dive Adventures, Family vacations, Kids and diving, Family dive tripsWe are at the airport now and we are just sitting here bored as can be. It was kind of starting to take the fun out of the whole trip. I’m just sitting here playing on my laptop again and very bored.  My mom told me to start packing up because we were about to leave. So with that, I’m packed up and excited to leave one of the most boring places in the world.

We are FINALLY landing on the dry soil of the Grand Cayman Islands. I was shocked at how little their airport was but man, it was a lot more fun than the one we took on the way here. We are now at our hotel, Cobalt Coast. The ground looked dry and the bricks felt rough. I met all the people in my group…there were only four people in my group!

Today was the first training day for our class.  At first, we trained in the pool.  I soon found out that that was the easy part.  The next day we started to review, but this time it was in the ocean!  I should actually be kind of glad that I was in the ocean, even though it smelled like nasty salt water.  Either way, the sights were glorious.

Today was the day that I had to take the final deciding test. I’m taking the test and I can’t hear a sound. I’m so nervous. The test was fifty questions and I passed.
We then used this tiny computer that told you how long you could stay underwater for certain depths. I’m taking the diving test and I couldn’t be more nervous.  The next day I got the results back…I PASSED!!! I can’t believe it, I was now a CERTIFIED SCUBA diver!  Me, Jack, a certified scuba diver…I’m so proud of myself!

Since the tests were over and all four people in my class passed, we decided to just go free dive as much as we could.  Whenever I came back from a dive I could still taste the salt water from the ocean on my lips.  The water seemed so much bluer and the fish more colorful.  It was probably since I didn’t have to focus on my dive masters and I could roam around with the group. Whenever I saw my favorite fish, the Hogfish, I always got overjoyed. This is probably the proudest moment of my life.

By, Jack, age 10