From 12 to 20, my first dive trip was the Galapagos

The Lavinsky family. Rob, Max, Kylie, Bailey, Logan

Max Lavinsky’s first open water dives were with his dad Rob Lavinsky in the Galapagos, on a Kids Sea Camp liveaboard dive trip. Max was only 12 years old then. Lavinsky says. “The amount of marine life that I experienced all around me on every dive was mind-blowing. From playful sea lions blowing bubbles in my face to having giant manta cruise by and jumping off the boat into hundreds of schooling hammerhead sharks was not your average family vacation, but it was the type of family vacation my dad planned for my family every year for the past 8 years.” Max, now 20 years old and a Sophmore at Texas A & M Galveston spends his summers diving and traveling the Kids Sea Camp world as a PADI divemaster.

Like many Kids Sea Camp attendees, diving vacations are a family affair for all of the Lavinskys. “My dad, my mom, my sister are all certified, and my little brother who has done SASY from age 3-7 and Seal Team age 8 & 9 will be turning 10 this year and will join the family in being a certified diver,” he says. “As a kid, I had always been interested in animals and I love the ocean, so scuba seemed like a perfect fit for me.”

Since his first trip to the Galapagos with Tom & Margo Peyton, he has logged more than 450 dives, attended 20+ Kids Sea Camps all around the world including Palau, Philippines to Cabilao, Dauin & Amun Ini, Yap, Bonaire, Belize, Roatan, Utila, Grand Cayman, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac, St. Vincent, and Australia. “Dive travel with my family has created stronger bonds, insane memories, and really broadened my perspective of the world in ways I never could have imagined. I have so many friends from different cultural backgrounds, that have truly helped shape who I am and how I see the world today.” Max Says “I have so much gratitude for my dad and mom for encouraging me to follow my passion, which is marine sciences. I am now 20 years old and became a PADI Divemaster last year. I plan to pursue becoming a PADI Instructor next year with Kids Sea Camp founder Margo Peyton as my career influencer. “Kids Sea Camp holds a special place in my heart as the source of my inspiration that catapulted me into the diving world.”

After earning his degree, Max plans to work in a lab on conservation and continue traveling and diving with Kids Sea Camp as an adventure guide instructor teaching the next generation of divers.

Max Lavinsky PADI Divemaster