Kids Sea Camp one of the greatest vacations ever!

Kids Sea Camp the greatest vacation ever! 

Kids Sea Camp, Family Dive vacations, greatest family vacations, baby turtlesDearest Margo and Kids Sea Campers,

I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Kids Sea Camp the greatest vacation ever. For this trip, of course, but mostly for devising such a wonderful program that enriches not just the kids but the adults too. My wife had one of the greatest vacations of her life (and is begging me to bring them back next year), and my daughters both cried when we left saying they wanted to go to Kids Sea Camp next week.

I hope my updates throughout the week were appropriate and good. I will be working on my story over the next couple of weeks, and if I have time I hope to put together a video of footage I took mixed with some photos from the week.

I trust you’re recovering nicely and that you’ll be able to dive in Utila.

Best regards,
Dave Espinosa, Editor of Sport Diver magazine