Kids Sea Camp

By Melissa Guarino, Age 13

If you could pick anywhere in the world to go where would you choose? I would pick any of the locations where a Kids Sea Camp is happening! I have met some pretty amazing people and they are now my really good friends. I have been to at least one Kids Sea Camp every summer at a variety of islands including Fiji, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Bonaire, and Roatan. I was at the very first Kids Sea Camp and I will be at the very last one too! During the school year when you are doing your homework, do you stop and daydream about where you would rather be? I think about how much I can’t wait until the summer to scuba dive and see my friends. Last year in Fiji, I got the opportunity to dive with sharks. My friends and I were terrified but we lived through it and it was an amazing experience

In Curacao and Roatan Kids Sea Camp, we swam with dolphins and they kiss you on the cheek. Photographers are there to take your picture and they are available and we use it as a Christmas card.