The kids simply love Kids Sea Camp! Thanks again for another great week

Kids Sea Camp is love

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Our family just got back from Bonaire and had a fabulous time and just loving Kids Sea Camp.  Your crew, as usual, do a great job hosting the week and everyone seemed to have a really great time!!  We are all thinking about where to travel to next year.  We have quite a large group of people that are all interested in finding a place for us all to travel to next summer.  Many of us still have small kids so we really all want to still do a camp with you.  The kids simply love Kids Sea Camp!!  Thanks for another great week & look forward to another trip with you soon!


Josh and Wendy, Grant, Reed, Clair and Katie. We love kids Sea Camp & Family Dive Adventures.

The dive weeks our family have done with Kids Sea Camp: Costa Rica, Bonaire, Grand Cayman, Bay Islands Honduras, and Utila.