Manta and more manta at Kids Sea Camp

Then his head popped out and said: “hey there’s a manta”.

Dave jumped in the water as I finished my Fanta.
We all looked around with Dave’s tendency to joke,
No one was sure if they could believe the bloke.
We dawned our gear as fast as we could,
With this opportunity, we knew we should.
We got off the boat at record speed.
Cause logging a manta is just what we need.
The manta swam into the blue and we thought we missed him,
Then turned around, and for Joe’s birthday, he kissed him!
For six minutes or more, the manta circled around us.
We were so excited, we almost cussed.
The manta sailed gracefully away, a great story for later,
A truly great experience above the equator.
We finished the dive and headed to shore.
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We can’t wait for more!

By: The Diemer Family

Oceanic Manta, Kids Sea Camp, manta