The Philippines was very special

The Philippines trip was a very special one for us too. It’s an amazing place with wonderful people. We celebrated a birthday and a big anniversary with you, not to mention seeing super special critters.

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Morgan has grown up knowing the sea and knowing diving. He looks forward to those trips. I know he loves them because he wears those T-shirts almost non-stop. That’s the real clue to what is important to him because as a teenager he doesn’t say a whole lot sometimes. He does want to keep learning and the KSC PADI DM program is a likely path for him too.

There is plenty of appreciation to spread around for the Philippines trip. I really wasn’t kidding when I said our family is bigger (and still expanding) thanks to you and Kids Sea Camp. We count you both among our best friends.

See you in Dominica if not sooner! Cheers! Beth