2013 Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl

Controversial call changes the final score of the epic thanksgiving game.

(St. Vincent, December 8th) In an action-packed game from start to finish the Will Travis led Happy Campers edged the Kids Sea Camp Cowboys 24-21 in the second annual Turkey Bowl at Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week. That’s right, Kids Sea Camp families the final score has changed.

In a rare and unthinkable move the St. Vincent Football (soccer) Association stepped in to change a missed touchdown by the Cowboys center, Brandon Rustin. At the time of this article the St. Vincent football association could not be reached for comment.

Early in the second quarter, Tom Peyton KSC coach/ QB, found Brandon rumbling wide open over the middle of the field. Brandon grabbed the ball and twisted to the ground just short of the end zone, at least that was the ruling on the field by Margo Peyton, the unofficial referee of the Thanksgiving bowl game.

The Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl 2013 gallery

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“It was clear he was short of the goal line,” Margo said after the game,” I’m surprised the Soocer association overruled me on the call. But they have the instant replay. It’s their field and their island. But I’m standing by my ruling. I don’t think they know the rules of American football. They probably work for Liat.”

” I was in! That’s just the facts,” Brandon Rustin responded after the game,” I have no doubt, I was in. I’m glad the St. Vincent Association stepped in. It was a bad call. Bad call.”

Brandon, the cornerstone of the aging Cowboy offensive line and won the first ever All-Teflon award later that evening. With rumors of his pending retirement, Brandon was clearly emotional after the hard fought game as he limped up to receive his award.

“I gave it my all,” Brandon said holding back the emotion as he was handed the award, “It’s how I roll. I’m glad the sponsors of the bowl saw how much the game still means to me.”

Even with the controversial call, the game was one of the highlights of a great week of vacation at Buccament Bay resort.  Kids of all ages played from 7 to 68. Football experience didn’t matter, kids and adults who had never played before, loved it. Moms, Dads, Grandmothers, sisters and brothers in truth, almost everyone played who was part of Kids Sea Camp week. Even, three Indigo Dive Masters could be found running up and down the field. Two of the Dive Masters had never even throw an American football before.

Buccament Bay was a marvelous host for the game and the entire KSC week. Under the guidance of the GM of the resort, Micheal Ibrigham, Buccament Bay had a before and after tailgating party and cooked up a halftime barbecue. Michael even contributed numerous photos to the KSC Turkey Bowl photo gallery. 

The game was hotly contested, mainly because the blazing temperature on the artificial turf soccer field. It’s was a beautiful day to swim in the ocean not run around in the sizzling Caribbean afternoon heat, but that’s what almost 65 Kids Sea Campers did on Thanksgiving day. And with so many  families wanting to play, recruiting became an issue at the start of the game.

Although the teams were drafted by coaches Travis and Peyton it was clear some illegal recruiting was done by Tyler Durck during the days leading up to the game.

“Yeah, I recruited for Will. I don’t deny it,” Tyler defended himself, ” Where does it say I can’t. Show me the ruled book! Show me the rule book!”

When asked about the recruiting violations Happy Campers coach, Will Travis retorted,” Did you see the size of Cowboys offensive line? Come on man. They were huge! How did that happen? How did that happen? Somebody got paid, that’s all I’m saying. Both teams broke the rules.”

The younger and quicker Campers zipped up and down the field for three quarters taking a lead of 24-7 into the fourth quarter. The Campers used a west coast  system of short quick passes over the middle to dominate the game. The bigger,  but much older and slower Cowboys just could not stop the pinpoint accuracy of quarterback Will Travis.

The play of the game came in the middle of the second quarter when an errand pass thrown by Will Travis bounced off three Cowboys defenders and landing in the outstretched hands of Rachel Schmidt. Rachel later won the MVP award with the game changing catch. Rachel was all smiles after the game and was excited about winning the award.

” I remember Will saying in the huddle,” Rachel said,” I don’t know where the heck the ball is going half the time. So, everybody should be ready to catch the ball. It was good advice. He’s a great coach. I love playing for the Happy Campers.”

” Travis had it going. His team was ready to play. No doubt about it. ” Peyton responded,” Plus, he had the sun to his back almost the entire game. Did anyone notice how well our team moved the ball when the sun wasn’t in my eyes looking down field.”

In a rare Romo-ish day for the normally superior quarterback, Peyton threw three interceptions in the first three quarters. Time and again when Peyton need to make a play for his team he threw an interception, got sacked or had an errand pass fall aimlessly to the ground.

“He can blame the sun all he wants,” DE, Neil Seltz for the Happy Campers said during the post-game press conference,” We had him running scared. Our D-line had him running all over the field all afternoon.”

In fact the Happy Campers defensive during the first three quarters recorded two sacks, three interceptions and even had a safety. ” We had them cooked and fried,” Tyler Durck said who had two of the interceptions,” But I knew Peyton would try to make a comeback.”

Tyler was right with the change of field in the fourth quarter and with the sun now at the Cowboys backs, Peyton lead his team to two quick scores in the fourth quarter. Peyton used a new form of offensive called “Mayhem”. The offense appeared to work, but half the time his team looked confused by the hyper-speed chaotic no-huddle system.

Andy Snyder made a clutch catch on the second scoring drive.  Indigo Dive master Alex made a diving catch in the corner of the end zone on the final drive. And with the sun setting it looked like the Cowboys would come back to win the game. Then Margo stepped in and called the game because of darkness and the families desire to eat the Thanksgiving day feast.

“It’s clear if we had made the change of field after halftime the game it would have been a much closer game.” Peyton said  at the Turkey Bowl feast after the game at Buccament Bay,” Come on, Man!”

“The sun was not factor. It’s part of the game.” DE, Neil said,” If he can’t handle the pressure, Peyton shouldn’t play the game.”

After the game both teams gathered in the center of the field and took a group picture. There were tears of joy for the winners and tears of defeat for the losers. Both teams agreed they can’t wait for the third annual Turkey Bowl back at Buccament Bay in St, Vincent in 2014. The 2014 game has already been named TB3.

“I can’t wait for TB3,” Rachel remarked, ” Maybe next year I can play QB!”

“It was a great day for football,” Thor Erickson, the Cowboy’s mythical, H-Back said after the game, “People from all over the world gathered on this field and celebrated the fun and the beauty of not only football, but family.”