Day 3, Utila, Kids Sea Camp: Zombies attack Kids Sea Camp office.

Zombies are coming! Zombies are coming to Kids Sea Camp, Utila!

Few could believe the unbelievable, Zombies walk among us!

It’s Sunday afternoon, I have not heard from Margo since the last posting almost 24 hours ago. I’m still stuck in the Lexington hospital with a mild to severe concussion. I awake with the same thoughts in my head I went to sleep with; “Woody has a plan and the Zombies are heading to Utila with Kids Sea Camp families. Man, talk about a strange day for Family Divers and the Peyton family.

My mind zooms to a warp speed of worries; How, why and when would the Zombies get there? How would humans not know? Will the Kids Sea Campers families be safe? And last but not least will my family, Margo and Jen be safe?

I pushed myself up to the sitting position and notice,  I was no longer dizzy. I sat there for a few minutes waiting for the affect to show, the dizziness so severe yesterday I had to rest. I sat waiting, hoping for no effect at all.

Just then Tyler, my daughters boyfriend, Michael and Manny burst into the hospital room. I smile. I’m a step-dad and although we are a family of four with Jen, Robbie and Margo, these guys are have been adopted also into the Peyton clan. They are first-year college students, full of energy, full of life, quite simply young, brash, good-hearted, good-humored and at times beyond stupid. And maybe, just maybe fearless enough to help me with my Zombie problem in Utila.

“Tom, what’s with the hospital?” Tyler laughs and comes closer to the right hand side of the bed, “We thought you were dead.”

“Hey chief,” I respond happy to see them, ” I need you guys to get me out of here.”

“We tried to get to see you yesterday,” Michael added moving to the end of the bed,” But they said, no visitor due to the nature of the accident. The doctor said they wanted to observer you.”

“Dude,” Manny said as he moved to the side of left side of Michael, ” You did a real number of the office. What was up with that?”

I noticed what I was suppose to not notice. No dizziness. I moved to the edge of the left-side of the bed. My feet touching the floor as I slowly placed them firmly on the cold tile. And I slowly rose with Michael quickly moved to my right side and helping me stand.

“Tom,” Michael added,” You don’t look so good.”

“Yeah, well,” I responded by not answering. I thought to myself. “don’t look so good,” I felt terrible but at least as, I looked around the room there was no dizziness not even standing. OK, good, I knew right then I was leaving. I knew, because I didn’t have time to sit in the hospital room any longer. I knew Kids Sea Camp and my family need my help. I didn’t trust Woody and his plan. Plan? I thought to myself how do you stop a Zombie Apolypse?

“Manny,” I pointed to the chair where my clothes were laying in a neat pile,” I need to go. I need my clothes.”

I slowly walked to the bathroom and changed into my old clothes. To my surprise and horror, I noticed blood on the white Kids Sea Camp company shirt. The clothes were covered with dirt. What happened Friday?

I walked out of the bathroom, ” Guys take me to the KSC office.”

to be continued…..