Galapagos Turtles

Turtles were everywhere

Every dive we dove in the Galapagos it seemed like we had sea turtles. Note I said sea turtles, normally there were at least two or three per dive. I also want to note there were almost zero jellyfish on the dives. So were the waters too cold for the jellyfish or were the sea turtles spending their days in the Galapagos eating jelly, I don’t know.

Here are some amazing sea turtles images Margo took, believe it or not, on a snorkel trip, at Vincent Roca Point on Isabela Island. On the same snorkel trip, I saw the biggest sea turtles of my dive career resting on a sandy bottom in ten feet of water.  There had to be around twenty just sleeping in the shallow, cold and green tinted water.

You can also see more images on our website gallery

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