It’s official; Kids Sea Camp has another sellout!

Coach Peyton designs a play during last year’s KSC Turkey Bowl.

A record number of request for KSC Turkey Bowl tickets have driven the Kids Sea Camp Thanksgiving week at Buccament Bay to capacity.  That’s right folks, it’s not just the diving that has sold out the week in St. Vincent it’s the great American pastime.

There will be a total of 60 Kids Sea Campers at Buccament Bay over Thanksgiving break and 54 of those are divers. It is 25% growth in attendance over last year’s week. The reaction to all the attention has been mixed during a press conference yesterday at the office of Kids Sea Camp.

“I love playing to a full house,” Coach of the Kids Sea Camp Cowboys, an excited Tom Peyton said,” There’s more energy and life on the field. It just makes the game better.”

Will Travis, coach of the Happy Campers responded, “Well, It doesn’t matter if we play on an empty soccer field on a island in the middle of the Caribbean. We are gonna beat the KSC team this year.”

“Will,” Tom laughed, ”But we are playing on a soccer field on an island in the middle of the Caribbean?”

“Right, right,” Will paused and laughed,” It’s still doesn’t matter.”

Margo Peyton, owner and CEO of Kids Sea Camp was clearly confused by the interest in football over diving, “I guess it just goes to show you, you can’t compete against Americans love of football over the Thanksgiving. But I’ll take it, I love football, too.”

Other Kids Sea Camp news

The new schedule is up and continues to evolve. Some of the information on the resorts is incomplete and here’s why.

“We are in the early stages of expansion of Kids Sea Camp and Family Dive Adventures and travel.” Margo spoke during the press conference, “As with any growth it’s always a two-steps forward and one-step back. We have added Little Cayman, Florida mini-weeks and are in negotiations with resorts in the Philippines. We feel by adding new resorts we will be giving new experiences to our devoted KSC clients.  Some of these families have traveled with us for over ten years. We love creating new adventures them.”

“The balance is not to be too enamored with the new,” Margo continued, “All our Kids Sea Camp resorts are unique and special in their own way. It’s hard to say, which KSC week is the best one, because they are all. It just depends on the family’s dive and vacation needs.”

“Well, over Thanksgiving,” Coach Tom Peyton added, “Kids Sea Camp is playin’ some football.”