The oldest divers still divingMarch 16th, 2019

Undercurrent recently wrote about the continuing diving career of 95-year-old Ray Woolley, a British-born resident of Cyprus, where he has plenty of opportunities to get into the water. But now his record as the world’s oldest diver is being challenged by 98-year-old

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Scuba Diving resorts are making better decisions on safety when it comes to kids and family.January 18th, 2019

Keeping families and kids safe should always be the #1 priority for traveling families!

For most of my 30-year career, I had been frustrated over having to plead my case to the resort, owners, for better safety provisions for

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Moments that last a lifetime in Cayman BracAugust 18th, 2018

Kids Sea Camp making a lifetime of memories in a Cayman Brac

Cayman Brac Reef Resort 2018: Sharing moments of dazzling Caribbean sunsets, salty sea breezes and night skies brimming with stars bring me a nostalgia found only in the best of memories.  These memories

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What is the difference between BPI and Air2 on a BCD. What’s right for me?July 28th, 2018

How do I know which BCD is right for me? Going hoseless or full on regulator systems, what's the difference? The BPI is best for divers that have a regulator with a first stage, second stage (primary) and the octopus.  The octopus is a backup to hand off, in cases

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Best practices and etiquette for underwater photographersMay 11th, 2018

Photographers best practices

By Josh Comay and Margo Peyton: (Professional Dive Travel Photographers)

After years of speaking to frustrated guests, photographers, and divers. I felt compelled to put helpful etiquette tips together for photographers. I have been diving for 30 years, and I

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