Palau Family Dive Adventure Parent poems

These are the poems the memories and bits of inspiration from families that travel with us

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Roses are red
Bat meat is blue
Leaving Palau
Makes me feel blue too

By Sisney family (yes they really ate a bat)

Old divers, old fins, new friends
We dove we ate we learned
Times were grand because we dove with Sam’s
The strobes were flashing the diving was smashing but
Now it’s time to return to the grind
I hope we can all find the money and time
To return and do it all over again

By Norlund family

It’s a heap of fun
We love to dive & we love to swim & we love to sit in the sun
Sam’s Tours Palau been fun
There’s not one thing that they can’t do
But please don’t mention Yap!

Diving through the blue
There’s sharks & mantas too
It’s your lucky day
If Dave’s not in the way!
Costa’s briefs aren’t short
Palau’s history he’s taught
Dave’s sausage stands a lot more firm
Than Sean’s undulating worm!

Teen divers back roll in
The sharks are chasing Quinn
There are cameras everywhere
Bri’s Shu brushing her hair
There are now five divers more
Than in the bait ball we first saw
Five extra kids been certified
Congratulations- you can dive!

And now it’s time for home
As around the world we roam
Injecting sickly ferrets
And checking the world wide markets
Will look up facebook pages
And Kids Se Camp .com
We’re planning next year already
So Utila here we come!

By Wakely family

So- off we went to the Island Paradise of Palau
With the KSC crew there, there’s no better time than now.
With Margo & Tabitha all flights were made ready’
Our room & schedules were all set, everything was ready.
Upon arriving we were met by the islands best team; Sam, Dermont,
Marc and Laura on board, what a dream!
Then diving with stingless jellyfish on our first island day-
Our kids snorkeled with them so gleefully-couldn’t help but say Hooray!
Boat diving then followed and each day was an absolute blast!
From channels and caves to seaplanes from the past.
Our boat crew was the best- JC & Robin somehow made sure that mantas & sharks
Would be there without bringing a lure!
But what makes this trip even more so endearing is that for sure each child would learn
About scuba diving, sea animals & ocean life, Oh so inspiring!
So now with new friendships made and our taste for adventure fulfilled to the brim-
We look forward to our next sea camp with a smile and a grin.
So till then our dreams will be filled by manta rays & jellyfishes as we plan to be at
Next year’s Kids Sea Camp to fulfill our summer vacation wishes.

By Abad Santos family

Who wants to travel “round the world
Come to Palau w/ me
Let’s make new friends who share our love
For the creatures of the sea

Mantas, sharks and turtles
Rays and fish galore
So many treasures lay in wait
For those who leave the shore.

So many creatures, great and small
Swim right before our eyes
I feel so blessed to have seen this place-
A place too beautiful to describe

Bento’s boats and beaches
Did wait for us each day
Along with friends and memories
That we’ll all take away.

Tonight we depart our island dream
To start our journey back
But lets first applaud our new divers
Ellen, Hannah, Liv and Jack!

Palau is oh so beautiful
Found at the Rainbow’s End
But even more beautiful are all of you
Who I now consider friends

So don’t worry-don’t fret
Do not shed a tear
For Kids Sea Camp we don’t say goodbye
We say see you all next year!

By Weller family