Be part of the Manta Movie 2014

The “Manta Movie” trailer from Yap in 2013

Seeing a Manta Ray in Yap is commonplace at Manta Ray Dive resort.[/caption]

Last year at Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap our Kids Sea Camp families saw Mantas every day. That’s right every day. Bill Acker, the owner of Manta Ray Bay Resort, now in the diver’s Hall of Fame leads Yap Divers and has created some of the most memorable diving at any of our weeks.

I put together this little “iMovie” based on one dive in Yap from Margo’s SeaLife DC1400. The diving in Yap and Palau is some of the best in the world. So these large encounters are not usually at all when you are on a Kids Sea Camp week.

If you have any footage you want to share post it on our “Kids Sea Camp” youtube channel called Margo Kids Sea Camp.