Remember the Kids Sea Camp Turkey Bowl in 2013

It started as a dream . . . a Turkey Bowl

It started as a crazy idea. Let’s play some football on Thanksgiving in St. Vincent at the lush Buccament Bay resort.  We only had a couple of problems:

  1.  It’s a soccer island.
  2. There’s no American football field.
  3.  There’s was no American football.

We so adapted to conditions is it were and used a soccer field with a rugby ball and a new Kids Sea Camp tradition was born. We played in the afternoon before the feast at Buccament Bay resort. There were mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and I think a couple grandfathers running up and down that super-wide soccer field that beautiful Caribbean afternoon. We played with passion and smiles until the mountains of the island turned dark.

I, for one, am looking forward to the 2nd annual Turkey Bowl at Kids Sea Camp this year. We have T-shirts for the event and Margo has promised to do some video. Which I planned to cut up and make into a keepsake video.