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    EQ-PRO Essential

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    Seac Eq-Pro Screen Essential is a scuba diving equipment kit consisiting of Seac Eq-Pro BCD available in 5 sizes, Seac MX100 INT regulator + Seac Synchro octo, Seac Screen dive computer and a compact pressure gauge available as a console or wrist mount unit + SPG.

    Seac Eq-Pro BCD is easy to put on: simply fasten the flat center buckle and adjust the straps. The bladder slides along the harness and, when inflated, the pocket area rests comfortably along your sides, so it won’t squeeze your abdominal area. .

    This package includes Seac MX100 INT 230 bar first stage and second stage regulator, plus the Seac Synchro octopus. These regulators are also suitable for cold water. .

    The Seac Screen is a dive computer for scuba and freediving with a large, readable screen, with adjustable contrast and brightness. Management of 1 or 2 mixes (air, Nitrox and other mixes with O2 max 99%). Available as a wrist mount unit or in a 2-gauge console version with a pressure gauge. .

    Compact pressure gauge with 80 cm high pressure hose, luminescent face, scale 0-5000 PSI. High resistance polycarbonate glass.

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